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  • ross1948 17:01 on September 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Sorry, Macron’s Pravda, But Poland WAS ‘First To Fight!’ 

    France 24’s eternal eagerness to turn anything…France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! ….and everything, into leftist propaganda is well-known…

    Which Is More Biased? NYT Or France24? 

    media bias

    …but this morning when we tuned into the channel we could not unfairly call Macron’s Pravda, given its consistent pro-crimmigrant messaging and Trumpophobia…

    ….we saw them try out another means of leftising their news service, that of choosing which part of their stories get priority mention.

    Over to the Westerplatte peninisula, where 200 Poles faced the full fury of German aggression in 1939.

    The gallantry of Poland’s hopelessly outnumbered and out-gunned fighting men is being remembered by a grand sound-and-light show, here- https://muzeum1939.pl/en/multimedia-show-poland-first-fight/2577.html

    Yet F24 chose to cover this by highlighting a wretched woman, representing ‘liberal city authorities,’ the Mayor of Gdansk. Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, a comrade of Donald Tusk’s left-liberal alliance, is ‘not happy’ about the ‘Poland, First to Fight’ theme designated by the government in Warsaw…


    Image result for poland first to fight

    She told F24 that was not how she would prefer to see the heroism of the defenders remembered.

    “I really don’t think that’s where the emphasis should be.”


    Related image

    Gdańsk’s liberal mayor, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz,  said government messaging over the war was wrong-headed and inflammatory. (Guardian)

    She did not specify what her preferred theme might be, but then she didn’t need to!


    Gulliver Cragg, F24’s man on the spot, had impartially described the commemoration she dislikes as ‘jingoistic’ – please note, HIS word, not hers.

    We’ve met Cragg before…

    Media Bias – Polish President ‘Widely Regarded As A Puppet?’ 

    …when he insulted Poland’s President.

    One has to conclude that, as a Europhiliac ally of Turn-Coat Tusk, the mayor finds vibrant patriotism, ‘jingoism,’ as Cragg’s prejudice  defines it,  disagreeable.


    merkel v poles

    I imagined Tusk and Mama Stasi Merkel’s collusion with Brussels’ anti-Polish vendetta might have something to do with it, but, ever-fair, I went a-searching, to clarify

    And guess who F24 was echo-chambering?

    The Guardian!

    Their report goes into detail about how the ever-so-wicked Polish Government’s newly appointed historian in charge at the Gdańsk Museum has disgracefully tried to remind visitors that the Poles were heroes.

    . At the entrance to a hall featuring hundreds of photographs of Jews murdered in the Holocaust, the new curators inserted a wall-sized photograph of a Polish family executed for hiding Jews,

    Some pinko klutz named Machcewicz, who was ( evidently wisely) replaced as museum director, is quoted saying that’s “totally inappropriate!” 

    What’s inappropriate about it? 

    The wicked Poles go even further!

    A display showing the number of deaths in each country was also amended to give deaths by percentage of civilian population, in order to show that Poland proportionately suffered more than others. About one in five Polish citizens were killed during the war.

    What the HELL is wrong with that?

    After the way the West colluded with the Soviets at Yalta in 1945, to betray Poland, the dirty deal that saw a brave nation consigned to decades of marxist quisling tyranny.


    Related image


    …the Poles deserve recognition and honour for their sacrifice.

    The percentage figures make that clear to visitors who might otherwise not realise how Poland, as a small nation, suffered disproportinately.

    As Mr. Nawrocki, the man who took over after the pinko Machcewicz was removed, puts it,  the original museum had left out many “unquestionable Polish heroes” and said the focus on Polish heroism was unsurprising.



    “It was only in the 1990s that we had the opportunity to talk truly and objectively about Polish history. After 50 years of two totalitarianisms we should be allowed to talk about our own history…”

    But what the Guardian and I agree is ‘perhaps the biggest change at the museum’ has to be the very welcome transformation of what awaited ‘visitors at the end of their visit.’

    Whereas BEFORE there was a very short video which –

    traced history since the end of the second world war and ended with images of wars in Ukraine and Syria and the refugees they created…

    For God’s Sake!

    Are the Brussels Bunch so obsessed with ‘refugees’ that they had to try and mar the memory of national heroes like that?

    ….this was replaced by a computer-generated video of stylised, heroic Polish soldiers in combat, changing the message from one of reflection on the horrors of war to one of patriotic glory.


    And just to show how the cause of multicult counts for more than pride in Poland, the self-righteous ‘city authorities plan their own, separate commemoration event on Sunday, where guests will include the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.’


    London Has Fallen – Defender of Evil Declared Mayor! 

    Of course Polish soldiers were heroes, but on the 80th anniversary this should not be the most important message…” said Dulkiewicz.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/30/truth-is-a-casualty-80-years-after-start-of-second-world-war

    Of course it should, you rotten leftist cow!

    It’s what today’s ALL about!


    • Thomas 20:09 on September 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Every Pole who reads this will thank you.
      You care about what happened in 1939 and 1945 and what is happening today. Most English-speaking people do not care because they do not even know about it. .


    • Ken Kasic 09:31 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      American pilicy toward Poland in 1945 was awfully wrong but that Communist traitor Alger Hiss held sway over the President at that time. .It was Nixon brought hin down and that was why rhe media left hated Nixon so bitterly.


    • orion 14:16 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Note that it was Poland who mobilized first half its army o 30th March 1939 then the rest on 31st August of the same year. The mob was against Germany. Germany hit them on 1st September. A mobilisation at the time like in WWI was considered a declaration of war. Britain and France (reluctantly) quickly declared war on Germany but not against Russia in the East. Poland fell for the trick and never received a bullet from its glorious allies in the West. When the Russian invaded nobody in the West remembered the infamous guarantee. Had Poland accepted the peace plan offered by Germany instead of stupidly going to war, there would have been no war. But the Poles believed the French who told them that German tanks were made of cardboard and would be no match for Polish cavalry. The alleged Polish losses are fictitious according to former President Gen. Jaruselvsky. Poland shifted west after the war losing some 6 millions Belarussian and Ukrainians in the East and gaining former German territory whose population was expelled or massacred in the West. All the rest is propaganda.


  • ross1948 14:47 on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Warsaw! War Hero’s Daughter Speaks Up – Might Noble Poles Rescue Britons? 

    Just as help was sought and sent in World War II to resistance movements fighting the Third Reich, so too, in 2019, are patriotic Brits, resisting the Fourth Reich…



    …asking for succour in the struggle for deliverance.


    Story image for farage salvini from EURACTIV

    While Nigel Farage is not likely to get help from Italy, because the government there is a coalition in which patriot leader Matteo Salvini’s League party is only one part, it may be that the visit to Warsaw by some of the minority of Conservative MPs who favour freedom may have had an impact of sorts.

    God knows the Poles’ national memory must be not un-affected by the post-WW2 betrayal by Britain at Yalta, when Churchill went along with the dirty deal that saw brave Poland consigned to decades of marxist quisling tyranny.


    Related image


    Yet there is an instinctive attachment to the principle of self-determination among those Poles, and of course an on-going, active involvement in fighting the intrusive oppression that the EUSSR imposes on nations that think for themselves..


    Brussels Wants War? Send YOUR Solidarity ToPoland Today! 

    Having got rid of Moscow, why would any Pole, except deplorables like Turncoat Tusk, welcome Brussels as substitute alien master?

    I quote from a near hysterical article by a Europhiliac bigot in the Guardian who is clearly consumed by fears that the Law and Justice Party government may forgive Yalta..




    …and be the first constituent state of the Brussels Empire to extend a helping hand to British freedom-fighters. Interestingly, and not necessarily irrelevantly, the Polish minister quoted happens to be the daughter of the late General Wladislaw Anders, who served in the forces that fought the World War II enemy.


    Related image

    After receiving her friends, Anna Maria Anders, the Polish minister for international dialogue, opined that she was “definitely against deferment and another referendum….”.

    One swallow does not make a summer, although she is the second that I know of…

    Poles Break Brexit Ranks, Defy Brussels Backstop Bullies – Eire Quivers! 

    …but to hear that voice, from far away Warsaw, dismissing the demand that the British be made to keep voting till they return a result acceptable to the Euro-Commissars and their UK running-dogs, is refreshing, this sunny morning in a suburb of Jakarta.

    • Petra Malley 20:01 on March 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The Poles don’t owe us a lot, because of Yalta, as you say.
      Even so, in the present day they are up against it due to Brussels acting like the Soviets did for all those years, preventing them running their country in accordance with the Polish people’s wishes.
      They are a brave nation, so who knows, Ms. Anders may get her government to help us out.
      In the end, though, it is for the British people to stand up to our enemies in Brussels, even though our MPs will not, as we’ve seen.
      We can only hope, but I have started to wonder if the spirit that saw us through the war passed away along with the wartime generation.


  • ross1948 19:36 on November 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Polish Independence Day, Yalta, Święto Niepodległości   

    Święto Niepodległości – Hurray For Poland! 

    Hasil gambar untuk poland independence day

    It’s Polish Independence Day today, so we want to wish our Polish readers well, and reiterate our admiration for their nation’s heroism in standing up to the vicious hostility they face from their Western neighbour, or at least the evil woman who rules there.



    Napoleon Complex? Little Corporal Macron Scolds Poles! 

    ….oh, and her French muppet, Macron!


    Good luck to Poland!

    They have faced similar enmity in the past, and did not get the support they deserved from either the UK or the USA.

    Never again Yalta! Once Britain is free from the Brussels Empire, let Brits not turn their backs on those nations that remain shackled to the Fourth Reich.



    Solidarity against the EUSSR!

    • Andre Forwiczk 19:48 on November 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Glad you remembered.
      It was a terrible thing done to Poland at Yalta, that red sh-t Alger Hiss earning his roubles and selling out a faithful ally.
      I hope they make Hitler’s Little Miss Echo in Berlin back off. I feel sorry for the good Germans too though.
      Hard to beleive she was re-elected.


    • Greta Bonner 22:37 on November 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Between fifty and a hundred thousand patriotic Poles came onto the streets of Warsaw for a pro-Polish parade today.
      The reds got about one tenth of that for their counter-demo.
      Poland is so much healthier than the countries of Western Europe..


    • Ben Baniek 21:21 on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wanted to read more about this but there was not a lot of news about the patriot parade at all.
      If it was a ‘gay pride’ parade the mainstream media probably give it big biased coverage.


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