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    Gilets Jaunes Protests – France24 Skips Key Issue! 

    A retrospect on the Yellow Vests today, on the very leftist France24…

    …in which one interviewee declared there were no less than 9 million people classified as ‘poor.’

    I don’t know if that’s accurate, but there are plenty of decent folk in France suffering hardship.

    As to the Yellow Vests, we refer you to a previous post…


    Marine Makes Sense On Yellow Vests – France, Beware Far-Left Manipulation! 


    As it happens, France24 omitted one of the essential problems facing French people.

    How many alien parasites, fake ‘asylum’ seekers, has Le Muppet allowed into France, many of them ingrates, some of them primitive savages..

    ‘State Of Siege’ In Carcassonne’s “Sensitive” Zone! 

    …and while many also entered before Le Muppet was elected, he has done little or nothing to deport the horde that has made life hell, in Paris…

    ..in Seine-Saine-Denis, some 80 percent of students refused to honor the moment of silence, saying that the Charlie Hebdo staff “deserved what they got”

     Paris’s Midwich Cuckoos – Primitive Pigs Dishonour Hebdo Dead! 

      ….and in Toulon and Nantes and Nice…

    More Blood On Macron’s Hands! 

    …..like those we have written about.



    Nor has he stood up tp the malevolent robed rogues on the EUSSR’s court..

    Let illegal migrants go free, EU court orders..

    ….nor pardoned brave young French folk who were jailed by his own country’s court curs…


    Free The Gap Three – And Can The Pro-Crimmigrant Judge-Jerks! 

    …for their patriotic protest.

    The drain on French resources, tax-funded hand-outs lavished on the parasites…



    …and the immense cost to law enforcement, consequent on the huge crimmigrant influx, has long diverted money that could be used to help needy French.



    Yet Macron is inert on the issue, just as France24 didn’t even mention it today


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    Spain Woke Up – Now Portugal’s Turn? 

    “Instead of demanding progress and social justice, they are supporting extreme-right positions aimed at societal and civilizational regression,” Arménio Carlos, general secretary of the biggest labor union and a Communist Party central committee member…https://www.politico.eu/article/yellow-jackets-head-to-portugal-gilets-jaunes/

    The Portuguese Yellow Vests may not be very numerous but they must be a worry to the worst elements in their country, to get drenched with marxist bile.

    communism tyranny

    Communism, rather than anything in the Yellow Vest protests, is infamous worldwide for its societal and civilisational regression – or more precisely blood-stained record of oppression…



    …and the fact that a card-carrying CP member can hold an influential position also tells us a lot about how much Portugal needs radical change.


    Related image

    We here were in the habit of being vexed that Spain, Portugal’s next-door neighbour, lacked a significant patriot party, but happily the Spaniards have finally begun to catch up….

    Vox Pop, Vox Dei? Spanish Resistance Rising! 

    …with France and Italy and Germany, where Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini and the AfD are strong and valorous champions of their peoples.

    The author of the January article in politico.eu initially offers us slim pickins.

    Almost alone in Europe, Portugal has no significant far-right party. Still, small ultranationalist groups joined Friday’s protests. One Yellow Jacket Facebook group only recently changed its name from

    “Portugal First — No to Refugees.”


    Related image


    A seemingly reliable poll last month raised doubts over Portugal’s immunity to far-right populism ahead of elections scheduled for October. It indicated 27 percent might vote for a new party that’s tough on corruption and illegal immigration, should one emerge.


    Early days yet.

    However, if those various ‘small ultranationalist groups‘ can get their act together in the months ahead, who’s to say that a patriot party might not make an impact?

    After all, Portugal is a land with a proud history. 

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    Marine Makes Sense On Yellow Vests – France, Beware Far-Left Manipulation! 

    Since the Yellow Vest movement is fundamentally a popular revolt, against the Elysee elitist, it’s no real cause for surprise that polls suggest their potential electoral support draws more voters from Marine Le Pen’s patriot party than from Muppet Macron’s.



    But Marine is wise to be cool and calm about this. As with the UK ‘split’ we wrote of, in a proportional voting system, the likelihood is, even if the ‘Yellow Vests could receive as much as 13 percent,’ those would transfer to her National Rally (RM). ‘
    But the patriot leader has recognised the danger of far-left manipulation of the protest phenomenon.
    Note well, how Hayk Shahinyan, who used to be with the Young Socialist Movement, has emerged as their ‘campaign director.’

    Image result for Hayk Shahinyan socialist

    Hayk Shahinyan


    It is of course possible for far-left youth to grow up and switch allegiance to patriotic movements. I don’t know a lot about Shahinyan, or where he comes from, but Marine certainly has her concerns.
    “It’s not a problem for me to have a list of Yellow Vests, yet the next question is whether they will keep their independence and their autonomy…“When we see around former socialist activists on such lists – this danger, it exists…” https://www.rt.com/news/449656-yellow-vests-european-parliament/
    Marxists always seek to infiltrate anything they think might promote their cause, so why would the YVs be any different?
    We have already seen the vicious Red Nazi Antifa type of violence in French streets, as well, of course…


    Banlieue burning


    …as scenes reminiscent of past years’ mayhem committed by alien ingrates in the banlieues.
    However, according to the RT report, many YV followers are not prepared to follow those who may pervert their reform agenda.

    Far better, surely, if they channel their energies into Marine’s campaign to represent the long-suffering French people.

    referndmlet peole vote

    She too, like them, sees proper democracy, referenda, as a way forward. And unlike Macron, she would never talk down to her fellow-citizens and tel them what they are or are not permitted to vote on.

    PS I see in the news that Shahinyan has stepped back – he says he’s taking time to think about his options, but the concerns expressed by many good French folk have undoubtedly made him hesitant.,

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    Rettmann-Watch – EUObs Pinko Hack Caught In MORE Bias Bleats 

    French president Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen have both reached out to the ‘yellow vest’ movement ahead of EU elections.


    That would be a normal mainstream biased journalist’s intro, the nasty mislabelling ‘far-right’ par for the course in the Lugenpresse.

    So we can’t tell if it’s EUObserver’s Little Andrew Rettman writing the story or not…

    More Bias! EUObs Headline – Poles’ New Leader ‘Worse!’ 

    Hasil gambar untuk andrew rettman

    EUObs Pinko Rettman Churns Out Bias 

    …UNTIL we reach the next part, where Le Muppet is once more given the factual treatment…


    Macron did it via a long (2,330 word) letter published in French newspapers on Monday (14 January)…

    …whereas patriot champion Marine…

    …while Le Pen did it in a rabble-rousing speech on Saturday.

    ….is venomously denounced for ‘rabble-rousing.’

    In other words, she is good at telling it like it is, and did so again last week.

    I’m sure Macron, Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, and left-liberal elites throughout Europe would define any patriotic leader’s expressions of solidarity with common folk confronting their arrogance as a ‘rabble-rousing speech.’

    But for anyone purporting to be an impartial reporter to deploy pejoratives is a disgrace.

    Why doesn’t EUObserver sack the little bigot?

    • Jeanne 10:51 on February 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Marine can make speeches that rouse people.
      Macron speeches make people sick or sleepy.
      He is a very peculiar little leftman, this Rettmann.


    • Edward Lamont 13:37 on February 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Rettmenn is unable to restrain his hatred for people whose politics he disagrees with and that’s his hang-up, but his editors should be keeping his biased reporting in check if he can’t.
      If he wants to abuse good leaders like Marine Le Pen, he should be a blogger like you, not pretend to be a reporter.


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    Lousy Loiseau, Hypocrite Macron’s Snarling Lap-Dog, Lashes Out! 

    Muppet Macron’s “Minister for European Affairs” aka Nasty Nat, given-name Nathalie Loiseau, has been ranting, again.

    We gave her a modicum of attention late last year, but had hoped she would slither back into well-deserved obscurity.


    But Italian patriot leader Matteo Salvini and his coalition colleague Di Maio last month had the temerity to show sympathy with the Yellow Vest  protesters who have been telling off Le Muppet for his arrogance.


    Such impertinence was too much for Nasty Nat!

    She lashed out wildly, furious that they were ‘commenting on her nation’s state of affairs’ –

    “France refrains from giving lessons to Italy,” she tweeted. “Salvini and Di Maio should learn to sweep their own door”



    Only last October Salvini was conscientiously doing just that, devoting himself to keeping his country neat, clean and civilised, when the mangy madame started shrilling…



    Her verbal aggro on Signor Salvini was entirely based on his position on migrants.. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/french-minister-likens-italy-apos-073134533.html

    Lousy Leftist Loiseau was ranting back then on French state radio RTL, a hissy-fit about the bludger-boat Aquarius.

    “Mr Salvini today, he’s like Pontius Pilate. It’s obscene,” she railed.

    If it’s obscenity that upsets this obnoxious bint, there’s been enough obscene offences carried out by crimmigrants, on the high seas…

    Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 

    …and also in Salvini’s country.

    AND in Lousy Loiseau’s’s own country!

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 


    But you all know what kind of atrocities occur when ‘migrants’ are admitted without vetting and are not detained but allowed to run wild.

    The point is that the hypocritical middle-aged battle-axe DARES to complain about decent Italians showing solidarity with angry French people having…




    …only a few months ago, herself waded in with grossly offensive jibes when Salvini was doing his best to do what her one-day sneering, next-day snarling boss..


    macron bankerUntitled-23


    …has so significantly failed to do – defend the people he’s there to look after –  from savages who should never have been allowed into his country in the first place.

    Is it not sickening that Loiseau’s master takes draconian measures against French protestors…-

    French police under fire as ‘yellow vests‘ casualty toll mounts

    …yet prevents police dispersing and detaining those primitive packs who prowl the environs of Calais and other communities along the French side of the Channel, whose anti-social mayhem makes the lives of French citizens wretched and who have no right whatsoever to be there.

    What the French need is somebody as patriotic and energetic as Salvini.


    And that somebody is waiting to be called.

    • Jeanne 22:19 on January 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If Macron can order the police to use such very strong violence against the Yellow Vests, yes, you are timely to ask, why Calais cannot be cleaned of illegal immigrants who cause trouble again and again.
      This president is now becoming hated all over France.


  • ross1948 21:30 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Parisian Piglets And Other Gallic Brats! 

    I haven’t yet commented on the Yellow Vest phenomenon, simply because I’m observing its development.

    Obviously it would be tres bon to see Le Muppet ousted…

    macron bankerUntitled-23


    …but at the same time, it looks like Antifa Red Nazis have attached themselves to respectable protesters and are out to injure or even kill cops doing their duty.




    However, the BBC last night featured spoilt brats, whom it described as ‘students’ – though its full report revealed the young louts were merely schoolchildren!

    Spoilt brats, ’striking,’ ’blockading’ their schools, and even setting up road-blocks!

    AND burning cars, for God’s sake!

    Seven teenagers were arrested after riot police were called to the Jean-Pierre Timbaud high school in Aubervilliers in the northern Paris suburbs where a car was overturned and bins were set alight.


    And what sort of penalties will be imposed?

    We know French courts are often weak and gutless.

     In France, As In America, Judges Betray Their Country 

    Enough is enough.

    Those squealing Aussie piglets we wrote about a few days ago…

    Brats Demonstrate…Their Ill-Disciplined Irresponsibility! 

    ….seem to have gone unpunished for their truancy. France should show more sense.

    If these callow clowns refuse to attend their classes, and use the time that such indiscipline affords them to engage in lawless mayhem, they should be at once expelled  – and prevented ever sitting any exam for academic qualifications.

    • Jeanne 22:20 on December 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Macron has bowed to the protest people. So there is no reason for more violence. If there is more trouble on our streets, we will know it is the left gangsters as you say.
      I agree with you, the children who participated in breaking laws must be punished by exclusion from the schools they blockaded.
      They do not deserve free education and it is better they are put to work on repairing and cleaning the communities that have been damaged.


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