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  • ross1948 16:33 on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Laughable LibDem Just Can’t Get It! 

    It’s a recipe for an epidemic of mayhem, molestation and worse!

    .…predominantly adult single men from Syria, Iran, Iraq and Eritrea being sent to Linton….they could live there for up to six months…..

    We’re talking about 1500 unvetted aliens!

    I say unvetted….

    …because even the gumptionless Tory government does not accord these crimmigrants ‘refugee’ status until they are vetted, usually inadequately but even so.

    As you would expect, ‘asylum-seekers’ are SEEKING ‘refugee’ status, so have to be vetted before they can get it.


    In other words, they remain an unknown quantity, possibly genuine, very possibly (given how so many destroy their ID docs!) fakers…

    ….maybe just parasites, maybe jihadist monsters!

    AND YET…



    ‘Don’t forget, Osama, back by 10 o’clock, right?’

    ‘Yessir, of course… but if I am a little bit late?’

    ‘You’ll get a talking-to, dear boy!’


    The point of all the above?

    To make it clear that the primary objection to putting this holiday camp for 1500 illegal unvetted aliens in an English village (population 500)…

    …is all about security!

    Ask the villagers of Pocking, in Bavaria, what transpired…German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! …when Mama Stasi installed undesirables in their midst!

    Ask those Bosnian villagers…  Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!”

    ….or ask those Greek villagers..Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers!

    Yet what do we hear from a local Liberal Democrat councillor, named Darryl Smalley?

    The come-and-go-as-you-please crimmigrant holiday camp is ‘Guantanamo-on-Ouse!’

    It’s “an ill-thought-out, cruel and morally bankrupt ploy to reduce our obligations to the most desperate people”.


    When this pinko clown talks about ”most desperate people,’ incredibly he is NOT talking about the imminently outnumber English villagers, who don’t even have a police station within reach.

    People at the meeting expressed fears that they would become “prisoners in their own home” because of the centre.

    “They say they’re going to give us CCTV…But we’ve never needed it. They say they’re going to give us extra police … but we’ve never needed it.

    No, that ludicrous LibDem is talking about 1500 military-age male liars, who gate-crashed British territorial waters….




    …from a perfectly safe country, on the glaringly false pretext that they were fleeing persecution and danger.


    • Vanessa Reilly 17:21 on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      What the Tory government is doing to those English villagers is so heartless. That LibDem fool is just aiding and abetting.
      Where is UKIP when you need it?


    • Noreen Paterson 19:40 on April 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, I’m speechless. Not because of the Liberal Democrat buffoon but because of what the Tories are doing to Britain.
      We need to show up Tory treachery.
      They have NOT been forced to give up on push-backs.
      It is simply a lack of backbone, Johnson and Patel too scared to pull Britain out of those outdated international conventions.
      What could be more damning than this?
      “key part of the unpublished policy disclosed in the high court judgment is that anyone in a dinghy who indicates they wish to claim asylum in the UK should not be pushed back but instead escorted to UK shores.. ”

      Tory Treason!


  • ross1948 13:15 on December 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Filthy Savages Should Hang! 

    I criticise UK judges frequently for slap-on-the-wrist sentencing so being a fair-minded fellow…

    …today I will offer a little bit of praise, after reading that some filthy savages, in Yorkshire…



    ….have had their lamentably inadequate sentences increased.

    But only a very little bit of praise!


    Convicted men….
    Top: Usman Karolia, Ahmed Karolia, Raja Nawaz. Bottom: Nabeel Naseer, Nikash Hussain, Irfan Hussain

    A gang of four men and two teenage boys who stabbed a man to death in an “unprovoked and violent attack” have had their sentences increased.. 

    Let’s be clear.

    In July, those filthy savages were given LIFE sentences.

    And in the absence of capital punishment, that’s the best the court could do, right?



    The sentences were increased as follows:

    • Usman Karolia, 20, of Lime Tree Avenue, Batley, had his minimum term of 21 years in prison increased to 27 years.
    • Ahmed Karolia, 24, of Lime Tree Avenue, Batley, had his minimum term of 16 years in prison increased to 21 years.
    • Raja Nawaz, 19, of Longfield Road, Heckmondwike, had his minimum term of 12 years in prison increased to 16 years.
    • Nabeel Naseer, 18, of Gordale Close, Dewsbury, had his minimum term of detention increased from 11 to 16 years.
    • Irfan Hussain, 17, of Church Walk, Batley, had his minimum term of detention increased from 11 to 16 years.
    • Nikash Hussain, 17, of Low Road, Dewsbury, had his minimum term of detention increased from 10 to 13 years. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-59550133

    The vermin of course ought to hang by the neck until dead…



    …but what’s the point of giving them ‘life’ sentences, then telling them that, unlike their young victim…


    …they will, in due course, be out and free to enjoy life as they see fit?

  • ross1948 19:31 on March 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Since When Is Yorkshire An Islamic Republic? 

    It’s not the children at Batley Grammar School that should be concerning but the louts who congregated outside, carrying God-Knows-What weaponry about their persons.


    Protesters gathered outside Batley Grammar School in Batley, West Yorkshire, where a teacher has been suspended for reportedly showing a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed to pupils during a religious studies lesson. Picture date: Friday March 26, 2021.


    The echoes of what happened to that poor teacher in Paris, murdered by an evil alien savage, are all too vivid.

    It is NOT an offence in cvilised democracies to show images of any religious figures, and it was in fact an inoffensive image, according to reports…



    ….similar to those which inspired filthy savages to commit the Charlie Hebdo atrocity.

    If media reports are true, then it’s a shame the headmaster has gone all grovelly…


    …declaring the image should not have been shown to a class.


    That headmaster needs to answer a simple question.

    Why the HELL NOT?

    It’s high time these youngsters were given to understand that the UK is not a benighted dump like Pakistan.

    Do The Wicked Go To Pakistan When They Die? 

    Sectarian Barbarism – Alive And Thriving In Pakistan

    If it’s true the teacher has been suspended, shame too on that act of appeasement!

    If people living in civilised democracies get uptight about ‘blasphemy,’ they should F-Off, to dumps like Pakistan, or Iran, where sectarian intolerance is enthroned.

    • Amanda Adams 22:19 on March 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      This is one of your best yet.
      Your true righteous indignation sizzles.


    • Diana 14:57 on March 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What you say is very much to the point and well said but this
      is also good.
      I didn’t know the teacher’a union had failed to defend him, or that the Labour MP there has taken the bigot side.

      The ignorant people in the mob outside the school don’t love Britain They love free doctors, and hospitals, free legal and welfare benefits and almost love free education, except when there’s a risk their children might get educated out of the Dark Ages.


  • ross1948 18:39 on September 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bakso tikus?, , , , Heather Lacey, in Bradford, , Shirley Manor Primary Academy, Yorkshire   

    Health-Freak War On Sausage Rolls? “Stick To Teaching!” 

    Head teacher Heather Lacey said the vast majority of parents supported the ban…


    What a tiresome, dictatorial dullard Lacey must be!

    And what kind of double-talk does she speak, from her bunker in Shirley Manor Primary Academy, in Bradford, Yorkshire, Merry England?



    She says clearly that it’s a BAN, but then we read that pupils are encouraged to show their packed lunches to staff before and after they have eaten.



    If the youngsters are merely encouraged to show staff what they have been given by their parents, then it’s up to the kids to do so, or not.

    Yet Ole Misery-Guts Lacey says it’s a ban?

    … pork pies, sausage rolls and pepperoni sticks should not be included and neither should fruit squash or flavoured water….

    One can only agree 100% with one of the dads, who says that she and her sort should-

    Stick To Teaching Kids!


    Since when have school heads become diet despots?

    Although schools are legally required to provide meals that comply with the government’s School Food Standards, they are able to set their own policies on packed lunches.


    Hasil gambar untuk bakso tikus


    Well, of course if some demented parent were found to have stuck a bakso tikus snack in a child’s lunch box, there’d be a case for intervention.



    That dreaded phrase is heard here sometimes, when unscrupulous street vendors are caught seeking to save money by using rats as the main ingredient of their meat-balls!

    But sausage rolls?


    Hasil gambar untuk sausage rolls


    Who doesn’t love sausage rolls?

  • ross1948 18:56 on March 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Ann Cryer, , , , , , , social services, , Yorkshire   

    Labour Lice Covered for Pakistani Predators? Name Them, Shame Them, Arrest Them! 

    She said the victims of abuse were aged 12 or 13, but neither the mothers or the girls themselves could get any interest from the local police.


     Ann Cryer


    So says Ann Cryer, who was a Labour Member of Parliament for years, and had EVERY opportunity to speak up and speak out, secure in the well-known parliamentary privilege that any revelations she made, any warnings she gave, were safeguarded from vexatious court action by those she exposed.

    Predators and Child Molestors

    NOW she tells us. from retirement, that distraught mothers whose daughters were being sexually abused by gangs from the Mirpuri Pakistani community were saying: ‘It’s not fair, we’ve told West Yorkshire Police about it. We’ve told Social Services about it and no one will do anything.”   


    Well, we know that social services are largely staffed by cultural marxists to whom the misery of decent native British people is a matter, if not of delight, at least of crass indifference.


    And with the elevation to high office in police forces across the country of politically correct careerists or collaborationist swine, that accusation by Ann Cryer is equally nothing to surprise anyone.

    But what about this? 

    ‘Totally absurd: I mean, friends of mine in the Labour Party, they’d known about it for years and they never mentioned it to me.’  

    All right, Ann. You spent years in the Commons. When did you learn about these Labour Party lice who knew about the degradation of your people’s daughters. If you knew then, you could have stood up and identified the pigs without fear of legal consequences.

    They were guilty of concealing crimes of the most heinous sort.

    If you have learned of their complicity since stepping down as an MP, it’s STILL your duty to name them, shame them and have them arrested.



    They belong behind bars, just as much as the Pakistani pigs who preyed on those English girls. 


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