Once again, we have to ask that question which we asked a while ago about Belgium…

 A Moroccan, ‘Known To Police?’ Why Was He In Belgium?

…only this time it’s about Spain.

Why was  – why is – a known  Moroccan lowlife – with a police record –  still in Spain, despite showing  himself to be an insolent, undesirable alien?



It’s reading El Pais this week that has me asking, because it reports that  the provincial police in Catalonia are on the look-out for ‘a man who has been identified as B. L., 30, from Casablanca, Morocco.’

The reason they need to find him is all to do with the latest suspected terrorism plot, which you can read about via the El Pais link.

Skip the obvious questions, like –

– why haven’t these cops given out the wanted man’s full name rather than merely his initials…


– and why is there no photo – that would surely make the hunt a lot easier, were it distributed and published in the media…

The real question is why B.L. was not deported back in 2006, when he showed his appreciation of his host nation’s hospitality and earned his police record by ‘insulting a member of the Civil Guard at Málaga airport…’




If BL had been an inebriated tourist and stepped out of line at that airport 12 years ago, the cop could have overlooked his rudeness.

But clearly the incivility towards the civil guard was on the part of a migrant, since he’s still in Spain, whether legally or illegally the report does not reveal.

Migrants have a clear duty to respect, and show respect to, the citizens of the country to which they have migrated.

More particularly, that duty is all the more to be expected when it’s a representative of that country, an officer representing the state, who is being addressed.

Obviously, anti-social aliens who flout that code of conduct should be ordered out.




Had that simple step been taken, there’d be no necessity now for B.L. to be sought in connection with a terror plot.


But alas, such slackness is standard practice inSpain…

‘Barcelona Street-Vendors?’ S panish, Catalan, Or..? 


…which knowingly, overtly, tolerates all  manner of lawlessness among its substantial illegal alien population.


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A very good question, and one which more and more decent Spaniards are asking, by voting for VOX, the only party which proposes actually to ACT on the crimmigrant menace.

Vox Pop, Vox Dei? Spanish Resistance Rising!