Papua – Islamist Fanatics on the War-Path!


Disturbing report from, that the Muslim Forum (FUI) expects the government to firmly deal with separatism in Papua. If there is a threat to the sovereignty of the state, FUI will send its ‘warriors’ to Papua for the salvation of the homeland.

And we all know what they want to do there – in fact the report includes mention of Maluku, where blood-thirsty Islamist savages ran amok just over a decade ago, the so-called Laskar Jihad, who butchered Christians by the thousand!

A predictable cast of characters delivered their message of menace to the Defense Ministry on Friday last week, including the Chairman of their Advisory Council. who else but the Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi ‘Defenders of Islam’ ( FPI ) Habib Muhammad Rizieq Shihab and his comrade Munarman.  (pictures below)

 Birds of a Feather – Rizieq and Munarman  Nice chap, Munarman!

Rizieq kept a safe distance from the Monas Riot in 2008, when his thugs attacked defenceless pro-tolerance demonstrators, while Munarman went on the run, till eventually the nasty pair were brought to trial and given all too short sentences for their role in that mayhem.

The other name mentioned is Muhammed Al Khathtath (below) who is no better than he should be.

  You can see for yourselves exactly what kind of outfit the FUI is.

If the Ministry of Defence had any sense, these gang leaders would have been given the bum’s rush (after all, it was FPI/FUI who called for the overthrow of President SBY earlier this year) but instead they were received by no less than the Director General, Hutabarat and his Legal Director, Fachruddin.

And here they are, sectarian hate-merchants as honoured guests of the senior echelons of government


At least  D-G Hutabarat pointed out that there were ‘differences, the hard way or soft power,‘ but nevertheless, this echoes too eerily of the Maluku horrors of 1999/2000, especially as the bigot brigade specfically linked Maluku and Papua, as, also on Friday, reported.

Rejecting any nonsense about consulting the people of these two provinces by referendum, Rizieq also ‘ urged the government to take stern action against the separatist movement Free Papua Organization (OPM) in the province of Papua and the South Maluku Republic (RMS) in the province of Maluku’.and..‘urged Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro retract his statement that in Papua there is no foreign intervention because it does not match the reality on the ground. “

So which foreign countries’ ‘intervention‘ are the fanatics uptight about? America, jihad against which is FUI’s ‘religious duty?‘ Oz? PNG? Perm any three, as they say!

Make no mistake, Islamists relish the prospect of putting down Christians.  The late President Gus Dur, a genuinely tolerant Muslim leader, grasped the evil of Laskar Jihad and ordered his armed forces not to allow them to sail to Maluku. Sadly, this command was not obeyed by all personnel, and massive Islamist pogroms were carried out against the Christian population.

 The South Moluccas were once a largely Christian area, as was Papua, but the Suharto dictatorship’s policy of ‘transmigration’ – shipping large numbers of Javanese and other mostly Muslim settlers to take land there  – has altered the demographics, so drastically in Papua that ethnic Papuans are almost a minority on their own island. There have been previous reports of FPI activity down there, but not recently – looks like, after the recent upsurge of violence ( between security forces and locals who want self-determination) some IslamoNazis scent  blood!

For a long, academic and thorough description of Laskar Jihad and what happened in Maluku, please read  and understand why their think-alikes today should not be allowed anywhere near conflict zones, nor indeed, into any government office!

More on these people later this week.