EUSSR Toadies to Beijing’s Red Tyrants

The EU rants and raves about the obscure Burmese junta, the plight of perverts in Uganda and even wanted to spare the Bali Bomber Pigs their much deserved death sentence.

But reading a report in EUObserver, 13.05.2011, we find that when a BIG bully engages in shameless oppression, all the EUSSR can do is  weasel.

Dalai Lama
When Phuntsog, a 20-year-old Buddhist monk, set himself on fire in China in March, police beat him while his body continued to burn, but his suicide led only to an even harder crackdown on native Tibetans. According to reports, authorities censored news of the incident, imposed a military blockade on the Ngaba region where it took place, killed people and arrested 300 monks in the Kirti monastery.

Now Kelsang Gyaltsen, an envoy of the Dalai Lama, has appealed to Van Rompuy to ‘to send an EU delegation to visit Ngaba, seek assurances of better day-to-day treatment of Tibetans and urge Beijing to resume bilateral talks with the exiled Tibetan government in India on a final settlement for the province.

“If the Chinese side does not show any positive signs, if it brushes off the concerns expressed by the EU, he should make public the EU’s disappointment and criticise the despicable situation in Tibet,” Gyaltsen noted. “If the EU does not take this opportunity, it will send a very bad signal to hardliners in China that they can continue to abuse the rights of Tibetan people with impunity from the international community.”

You can bet your last red euro that Van Rompuy will meet few if any of these heart-felt and totally righteous requests. The dork was quick to praise the insurrectionists in various Arab nations, but as the EUObserver article drily observes, he ‘has a mixed record on defending EU values.’

Van Rompuy - Weasel Extraordinaire

His cowardly capitulation to Beijing’s totalitarian rulers last year, when he prevented honest Chinese journos from participating in a press conference at his HQ in Brussels for a press conference with Chinese leaders, showed his true craven colours. Caught in a cross-fire of criticism for his appeasement, he u-turned, allowed them access, but CANCELLED the press conference, to safeguard his tyrannical guests from serious questioning on their monstrous rights record. 

And now, again, he’s weaselling, a real stoat of a man, as the photo indicates, with his spokesman De Backer staying tight-lipped on what might be said about Tibet, thus. “We will speak about human rights, of course,” he said. “If we speak about human rights, Tibet is also part of human rights.”

How stout-hearted can you get? What the heck does that mean, if anything! Pressed by reporters, Van Rompuys’ flunkey waffled and did all he could to dodge the issue. “Going to China, you are asking a very sensitive question. It’s a very, very sensitive question … How shall I say it? There are meetings that are foreseen and we will see what is the outcome.”

As for the erstwhile CND hack, Baroness Ashton, the EUSSR’s ‘Foreign Minister,’ last Thursday she asked about one dissident, named  Gao, but ignored the shocking case Ai WeiWei, an artist seized by Beijing’s gestapo last month..

Her deputy, David O’Sullivan, said she raised the single case mentioned amid “signs of mutual respect that we have different systems and different ways of doing business.”

Good Lord, you contemptible pack of jackals! Yes, very different systems, for the time being.

Let me go back to a previous RRA post and refresh your memories re Ai.

The Ashton Woman


On April 19, 2011, officials from the Beijing headquarters of the Xinhua News Agency and the Propaganda Department of the Public Security Ministry’s Political Department confirmed that one phase of Mr. Ai Weiwei’s tax evasion case had come to an end.  A Public Security Ministry official with a conscience revealed that during the interrogation Ai Weiwei was subjected to torture in order to extract a confession. He said that the Ai case was being jointly handled by the Economic Investigation Corps and the Domestic Security Corps of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.
Fu Zhenghua, the chief of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, instructed those handling the case to show Ai Weiwei the video of Gao Zhisheng being tortured, including shots of electric batons being inserted into Gao’s anus and his blood, semen, feces, and urine spurting out. Fu Zhenghua also issued an order saying: Whatever methods were used on Gao Zhisheng, use the same ones to make Ai Weiwei give in. After several consecutive days of torture, Ai Weiwei was finally compelled to sign a statement of confession, admitting to tax evasion.

At last week’s get-together, when asked if Ai was still alive, Chinese deputy foreign minister Fu Ying said: “Your question surprises me … I didn’t know you had so little confidence in China’s political and judicial system.”

Well, Ms Fu, nobody in the West has much confidence in your political and judicial system. Especially the former, and neither, it’s fair to say, have you, otherwise you and your red gang would trust the people of China to vote in free elections. Your CCP rose to power through bloody terror and has maintained itself in the same way for sixty two years.

As for the judicial system, it resembles Hitler’s. Your laws and courts are in place to preserve your iron grip on China, and of course you’ll use them to crush democratic aspirations.

FREE TIBET! But readers, don’t expect the commissars of the EUSSR to raise their voices on the topic with their counterparts in Red China’s ruling class.