Croatia Corrupted – EUSSR Splurging YOUR Taxes!

Having sailed from Rijeka to Dubrovnik – no luxurious yachts, just dossing down with the other back-packers on the deck – I once dallied with the notion of doing what I could to assist Croat patriot insurgency, when I was in my teens, but Ulster was nearer home and thus naturally got priority. The Croats managed without me, and won their freedom, but now they may be on the verge of discarding it.

Having escaped one multi-national socialist/marxist prison, they are rushing through the gates of another, much larger and more menacing than Tito’s little gulag.

It beats me how so many East and Central Europeans, having been enslaved for decades by the USSR, have submitted in such docile manner to the EUSSR.

Yes, fear of Putin’s irredentist impulses, but NATO would suffice for that security aspect. So why?

Has each accession to the Evil Empire been preceded by corruption on the scale which Farage describes in the current Croatian situation?

This came from an English reader, in Bournemouth.

An excellent video, Nigel Farage letting the Eurocrat Cat out of the bag yet agian, huge sums – of YOUR money, if you’re a Brit or a Finn or any of the other nationalities enmeshed in theBrussels net – blatantly misused as bribery on the Croatiian ruling class.