Boris – A Worm Who’s Turned Every Which Way But Right

UKIP’s recent surge has put the cat among the pigeons. They have eaten deeply into Tory bed-rock support, and, deliciously, have humiliated the Liberal Democrats.

With the Tories reeling and clearly bracing themselves to remove that Cast-Iron Clown from Downing Street, one of the ‘contenders’ to succeed him is the current Mayor of London.

Years ago, Boris Johnson used to write sensible articles for the media, and I used to think he had potential as a conservative.

But with his latest U-turn, he’s got to be regarded as quite as untrustworthy as David ‘Snake’ Cameron.


It was only a few months ago that he put his name boldly to the petition calling for an honest In/Out referendum of Britain’s membership of the EUSSR.

Now, he’s ratted on that pledge.

He’s done the same kind of weasel shuffle on the shariah menace and on so-called ‘gay’ rights.


Yes, Boris, and others suffer from kleptomania – decent folk send them to therapy!


These days, he is as much a ‘gay-grovel’ sycophant as the Snake he would replace, and on the Islamist threat to British liberties, he’s a kind of shaggy version of George Galloway, the extremist leader of Respect.


The Guardian is about as left-lib a source as you can get in the UK, and here’s a link to an article therein which records Johnson’s migration from realism to obeisance on the issue of ‘Islamophobia.’

With the rise and rise of UKIP in the United Kingdom, the Tories are frantically searching for ways to bamboozle the electorate, to make them think that the Conservative Party is still in any way conservative.

It isn’t. Nor will it be again.

Anyone who imagines Boris Johnson will lead it in that direction is sadly mistaken.