Anti-Bolsonaro Propaganda – U.S. Tax-Dollars – Pinko P.R.I

The disgracefully partisan character of ‘public broadcasting’ in European countries is mirrored in the USA, where the parasitic PRI has just produced a shamelessly leftist ‘news’ report on tomorrow’s Brazilian election.

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PRI, like NPR etc, comes under the aegis of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which swills gallons from the tax-trough. PRI appears to think it can show any bias it wants, which might be acceptable if it showed left, right, left, right, alternately.

It doesn’t!


We have noted PRI’s behaviour before now, but this week it focuses on Brazilian expats in Portugal.

There are a lot of them, at least 85,000, and if we take this story  – – at face value, they are to a man ( or, it turns out, to a shrill woman!) hostile to the ‘populist’ candidate Bolsonaro.


Gambar terkait


We have a woman named Carvalho, an ‘immigration lawyer.’ Her leftism is played down by PRI, which claims that her 29th September demo in Lisbon ‘drew hundreds of people from across the political spectrum,’

What ‘spectrum’ might that be? Red to Pink?

Then there’s another shrill lefty bint, Natalia Rocha Santos, almost predictably pursuing a master’s in sociology at the University of Coimbra, who makes no effort to hide her far-left fanaticism.

His discourse is filled with hate,” she yelps about the front-runner. 

“I find his positions really frightening.”

Even a propaganda puff-piece like PRI’s can be useful, in this case revealing the fact that these snarkies are hardly part of the ‘poverty-stricken masses’ – and that goes for much of the other expats from Brazil – ‘many of the Brazilians now flocking to Portugal are not economic migrants seeking improved prospects in Europe but rather wealthy people…‘  who look for fancy real estate ‘in the tony seaside enclave of Cascais

Curiously, PRI doesn’t tell us, or never cared to ask, how Samara Azevedo, a 31-year-old from Rio state, earns her living, but she seems to have plenty of free time

Because she’s ‘among the core participants in the Coletivo Andorinha, or Swallow Collective, an umbrella group of mostly left-leaning Brazilian activists in Portugal.


Exactly how many ‘right-leaning activists’ are involved?

Zero, I’ll bet.

And although there must be, out of the 85,000 plus Brazilians in Portugal, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters, PRI has shown no interest in giving equivalent uncritical attention to their views, activities, or even existence.


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And they DO exist!


Please read the PRI b/s for yourselves, and simply ask yourself, or ask them.

The excuse they’ll no doubt offer, that it is a report on expat opposition, not presented as impartial coverage, can immediately be exposed as threadbare by asking the obvious question.

When will we see their report on all those PRO-Bolsonaro expats in Portugal?

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If the Republicans retain control of Congress next month, they should do what Trump gave them a chance to do not long ago.

The GOP legislators bottled out gutlessly then.

It should not happen again.