Red Nazis Silence Climate Dissent- Media’s Role In Question!

Although the author of the report below refers to the hoodlum gang as ‘radicals,’ they’re what I would definitely describe as Antifa Red Nazis, as ever hard at work…



…and the role of a grubby leftist journo is a useful reminder that the media in Germany is rotten to the core.

I’ll only give you some of it, but the link is appended for more.

What is most appalling, apart from the story itself, is how so few media worldwide have so far mentioned it.

There’s a piece in a German newspaper which sums up the moral of the story, which is that scum can stop free speech very easily in today’s Germany – -but you’ll need to translate it.

English-language publications, with the honourable exceptions of Breitbart and an American site or two, appear uninterested.

Read on, please..

Just like the 1930s. There’s no question that freedom of science and speech are under heavy attack in Germany after dozens of distinguished but dissenting scientists have seen their long planned science conference cancelled due to intimidation by leftwing extremists.


My choice of illustration, not from the original article


The latest free speech suppression and intimidation has unfolded in Munich: The 13th International Climate and Energy Conference, sponsored by the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) and CFACT, has seen its contractual agreement torn up, and the event was booted out of the conference facility at the last minute.


According to EIKE spokesman, Prof. Horst-Joachim Lüdecke, “a left-green mob” pressured the hotel management of the NH Congress Center in Munich(Aschheim) “to illegally cancel the accommodation contract”.

EIKE had gone to court and demanded revocation of the termination in an emergency motion. However, today, a Bavarian court ruled in favor of the NF Conference Center, citing “security reasons”. German law is no longer able to protect.

EIKE is a non-profit organization, like the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).


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The Jena-Germany based EIKE plans every year a scientific conference on current climate and energy topics. This year it was planned to take place in Munich on November 22nd. But now its attendees will have to make new last minute plans.

More than 200 international scientists and experts had long since booked and paid for their travels, as well as their hotels – many of them in the conference hotel NH Congress Center itself. Some of them were planned to come from overseas, the USA, Canada and Australia. Media representatives also asked to be accredited, this year much more than usual.


But the problem is that the 13th International Climate and Energy Conference is one that allows alternative – NON-ALARMIST – views on climate science to be presented, for example by distinguished scientists such as astrophysicists Nir Shaviv of Israel and Prof. Henrik Svensmark of Denmark. More than a dozen were slated to speak.

However, this open scientific discussion was too much to take for the far left-green Antifa and other like-minded radical organizations. This time they really mobilized against the “climate change deniers…”


At this point, I will let you use the link ( below) to find out how the Red Nazi gang effectively sabotaged the conference, terrified that any news generated by dissenting voices would negate the panic narrative dicated by the German political ruling class.

But please make sure you check out the role of this little puke….


Cannot find a photo of the Tagespiegel hack, so chose this, as it’s how I imaigne a typical leftist hack looks like!


The initial spark setting off the protest of the NH Congress Center Munich (Aschheim) hosting the EIKE climate conference was launched by editor Paul Gäbler of the Berliner Tagesspiegel, who publicly slandered EIKE as an “AfD-near climate denier think tank…”

So there you are, an impartial, objective…slimy little partisan leftist.


!!! UPDATE 1 – GOOD NEWS !!!

EIKE informs they managed to find an appropriate place in Munich, on time and that all the reservations as well as dates remain valid. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, they have to keep the location secret. Free speech in Germany! (But only if you do it in secret).