USAID Eggs On Brazil’s Unwholesome One Percent Elite


  • An horrendous report in  last Friday spot-lighted the unrelenting hostility of the so-called ‘gay’ rights movement towards democracy.
  • A clique of international agitprop outfits, including USAID, funded by United States tax-payers, I believe, has told Brazil to criminalise opposition to that decadent agenda.
  • Their letter urges the Brazilian government to adopt comprehensive measures to fight “homophobia”, including priority and speeding of the voting and approval of PLC 122, the notorious anti-“homophobia” bill produced by the Workers’ Party. PLC 122 threatens to outlaw even reading Bible verses even that condemn homosexuality within church buildings.
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It bases this arrogant demand on a ‘study’ which ‘tested’ respondents by asking people to comment on such statements as “God made men and women with different sexes so that they could fulfill their role and have children.” The 92% of Brazilians who agreed partially or completely with the statements were labeled “homophobic.”

So the majority of the populace is fairly normal. But not just a majority.

Based on the overall results of the study, the Brazilian Government determined that 99% of its citizens were “homophobic,” and therefore should be reeducated.

Something very rotten in the state of Brazil, surely, if the regime is so utterly unrepresentative of its people. If anybody needs re-educated, it’s the ruling elite, not the sound citizenry.

And if USAID is really up to its neck in this elitist indoctrination endeavour, American tax-payers will surely be calling for investigation.