Jakarta Sex? Luar Biasa!

Lazy day at HQ, waiting for today’s visitor to struggle through traffic, while I struggle through recent local news.

According to the Jakarta Post, a prominent Indonesian judge has declared that any married couple not ‘at it’ more than once a week are in an ‘abnormal’ relationship.

Luar biasa, as they say here – extraordinary!

I won’t identify the judge, or the poor foreign guy subjected to the judicial ruling on connubial carnality which said his sex life was abnormal as he and his wife had sex ‘only’ once in a week. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/04/04/ri-draws-ire-over-teachers-verdict.html

If you want more info on their names, you can use the JP link. In fact, please read the link, because it concerns a very serious situation.

Not for the first time, I’m using a frivolous post to draw people’s attention to a shocking story.

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  • But I’m nevertheless fascinated.

Did the judge ask the man? Did the court seek the wife’s corroboration? By what yardstick does the judge measure the normality or otherwise of once-a-week sex? Do all kinds of sex count or only the traditional concept?

Suppose a guy has sex once a week with his wife and five times a week with his secretary?


Would the judge deem that more normal? And does Her Honour’s definition of normality apply to foreigners only ( for some reason, many locals view foreigners as voracious sex-addicts) – or to Indonesians too?

Or to everyone, of all nationalities – and to all age-groups, including the judge’s?

And how about different occupations?

Does a Welsh farmer…no, I’d feel sheepish about extending further the possible interpretations of the judge’s ruling.


Once a week…hmmm….

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  • It’s brought back memories of the kind of earnest, and endlessly repeated, discussion that used to take place in the staff rooms of the various language schools in which I once earned my Jakarta daily bread.

Another was the comparative efficacy of Viagra as opposed to rival products. The debate raged uproariously until the oldest ( and undoubtedly most respectable) teacher in the room  – it wasn’t me, as you weren’t about to enquire –  was asked deferentially for his considered opinion.

A hush akin to reverence fell, as, with a mild elevation of his eye-brows, the imperturbable Englishman savoured his Marlboro before replying, in that inimitable senior-common-room drawl.

“I really couldn’t say. I’ve never felt the need for any such a thing.”

  • His stock soared. 

No once-a-week nonsense for that man, whose identity I refuse to reveal, lest his door-step is suddenly the scene of a sit-in by hordes of lustful lasses.




I doubt he’d mind, but his missus would be less than impressed!