Wrist-Slap for Rape-Refugee? Judge Needs Dismissal, NOT ‘Protection!’

Asylum seeker rape case judge gets police protection

 An Austrian judge who ruled that an 18-year-old asylum seeker who raped a 72-year-old pensioner must serve just 20-months in prison and will not be deported has been placed under police protection after she received death threats.

You can use the link to read all about this filthy Afghan savage and  – briefly, of the shameful cop cover-up  – the attack took place on September 1, 2015 but police didn’t reveal it at the time because of the sensitivity of the case.

But do read about the jerk-judge who considered several mitigating factors – such as the fact that he confessed after being arrested and didn’t have a previous criminal record.

Since the pig hasn’t long been in Austria, he’s hardly had time to build a long record. And nothing mitigates violating an elderly lady.\




Nice to see that public outrage has followed. Providing her with police protection is surely a waste of tax-payers’ money. If the judge feels unsafe, she can always seek sanctuary in a ‘refugee’ centre. I’m sure they’d readily take care of her. 

The fact that the jerk is a woman makes her conduct all the more deplorable and she should be dismissed from the bench.

But she’s simply following the example of the scum court in Sweden that let a pack of rapist aliens walk free despite their conviction of gang-rape.. !

Elsewhere, we see further reminders of what Merkel has done to Europe, where  offenses of sexual nature committed by migrants were reported in Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and Austria among other countries.

2 teenage girls sexually assaulted by Afghan migrants at German waterpark


That’s just the latest!

How long will people put up with this? If the law won’t ensure the safety of old women and young girls, then decent people have no choice but to take whatever action they deem appropriate.


Be it against the perpetrators or the spineless court-robed swine who refuse to punish them properly.