Just Call Sam Smith ‘IT!’

One can only feel sorry for the person called Sam Smith, of whom I’ve never heard till today but is apparently a singer.


He looks like a he, more or less…


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…but has now issued a pronoun ultimatum, requiring people to call him ‘them,’ because he lacks the self-confidence to decide if he’s male or female.

He could go to the nearest toilet for a pee.

That ought to clarify the dilemma.




If Sam is male, he’s a he.

If he, unlikely, is a female, call him ‘she.’

If Sam is neither, it’s “IT!”

Not ‘them,’  unless IT’s beside itself…


Image result for sam smithImage result for sam smith

…with indignation at the ridicule it’s bound to get from normal people.


Why am I wasting time over this sad maladjusted man?

Because the BBC has featured the ‘story’ on every hourly news bulletin so far today.

They have had at least two mincing ninnies pontificating on how ‘respect’ obliges us to bow to the whims of aberrants.

Not ‘respect,’ mincers.

The appropriate emotion is pity, and, while one does sometimes feel sorry for such specimens, such pity does not justify queering the English language.



Especially not by the tax-funded BBC, merely to boost its (their?) gaystapo credentials.