Lenny Henry, Smug Rich Snob!

I seem to remember Lenny Henry once upon a time being mildly amusing….

…although not nearly as entertaining as, for example…


…or indeed, more intelligent comedians like..


 Les Dawson broke his jaw in a boxing match which meant he could do interesting things with his mouth.

Les Dawson 



Was Lenny Henry, back then, successfully concealing an engrained chip-on-the shoulder character, like a Tolkien balrog..


What is a Balrog in Lord of the Rings? History & Powers Explained


..or was he nice – before money and fame turned him into a bitter, snarly, sneery git?

True, the question is seriously unimportant…



..but I’m having a slothful evening and do feel this needs to be addressed, after his bilious rant against an imaginary critic of the ‘diversitised’ travesty of Tolkien.


The uptight berk is barely coherent.


Taking  a swipe at the show’s critics, he added: ‘It’s not for some man in his pants in his room eating Hobnobs to say bad things about it.


What does that gibbering even mean?

What are Hobnobs?

Why is it a demerit to wear pants…

.Pants in US or UK English?

Does wearing underpants disqualify men from holding views?

… or is it only men who wear pants in their rooms that are infra dig in Henry’s cosmos?


Are women in pants allowed to criticise his multiculted junk?

Suppose a man in his pants in his room eating Hobnobs says he likes Henry’s ruination of a classic work?

Will the unfunny uptight spurn praise from such a source?

Who can comprehend such sad hogwash?

Or this hogwash?


The people who are thinking creatively about this are the ones who are going to win.