Red Teacher Smears UKIP? More Than One Lesson Here!


Brain-washing material exposed at Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol


This story of attempted brain-washing at tax-payers’ expense is well enough known already, but though UKIP has quite properly lodged protests, one significant aspect has been missed by those complaining – so far as I can see.


It may well be that the ‘teacher’ concerned is just a pig-ignoramus, unaware of UKIP’s many non-white members who have stood for parliament and are active at various levels of the party.

If so, an apology is hardly enough – plainly the ‘teacher’ is unfit to be teaching politics or civics or modern studies or whatever it was called. What’s needed is removal of the moron to some subject like woodwork, where he or she can make wicker-men..



in the shape of Nigel Farage, no doubt!  

Mark Davies, chief executive of the school, said: “It was a mistake for UKIP to have been listed along with the other groups, and I have apologised to the party for its inclusion. The reference has been removed from the slide and the teacher concerned has apologised and we have taken steps to ensure it will not reappear in future.” :




One doesn’t accidentally insert ‘UKIP’ into a slide!

Much more likely the ‘teacher’ ( declared by the head to have several years’ experience) is one of those pinko ratbags who infest education in the UK there days.

He or she should be fired.


kazah featherstone ‘Head Teacher’ Featherstone


Or if not, as is probable, given Head Teacher Kaziah Featherstone’s feeble response (see ) the good-for-nothing should be publicly identified.

That way, concerned parents can warn their kids to beware of attempted brain-washing exercises and check on what ‘lessons’ are being foisted on them by cultural marxist undesirables.


But that’s not the point I want to raise.

If ‘teachers’ are now taking it upon themselves to advise pupils which ‘extremist’ movements to be wary of, then where are the slides illustrating the hate-mongers of the Left? The Communist Party (all three versions) the Socialist Workers’ Party, the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, Unite Against Fascism…


…some of those are probably now defunct, or have acquired new names since I lived and worked in Britain.

But the marxist maggots are still around, propagating their insidious doctrines of class-hatred.

I’ll bet there isn’t one such admonitory slide in any school.

Largely because so many ‘teachers’ are members or fellow-travellers in one or other of those subversive organisations.