Breaking News- Germany Destroyed In Apocalypse?

“No amount of rage against Merkel, fury at the SPD, or resignation at modern politics can justify voting for a party that would – given the chance – shake this country’s foundations to the core.”

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Germany tomorrow morning if AfD wins?


“Hey-hey-ho-ho, Bullscheisse has gotta go!..”

Sorry about that, just typing while some American retards on CNN news are bleating that imbecilic ‘hey-hey, ho-ho’ chant due to some pathetic grievance, so, thinking about the German Lugenpresse, I chorused creatively along….

It’s SO wearisome to hear the same infantile cacaphony repeated at every US demo.


The far-left fanatic responsible for that hysterical hogwash at the top of our post is a nasty nutjob named Gerd Appenzeller.


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He works for the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel, a fairly typical example of the left-liberal media.

Even by the rotten standards of the German press, this apocalyptic bluster by Appenzeller is shocking – it’s hard to believe that he himself believes it.

The AfD will, we hope, do well in the vote-count that’s underway.

If the patriots get 10-15% of the votes, I’d be well pleased and so I imagine would the AfD leaders.



It would put them in a good position to become the official Opposition, if Mama Stasi resumes her collusion with her intolerant soul-mates in the SPD.

Exactly how a party with one sixth of the seats in a legislature is going to shake Germany to its foundations, I really can’t begin to imagine.

Aaah, but Herr Hysteria Apfelkook qualified his dire prophecy.


The patriot party can only create armagedonnic conditions if it is…given the chance!

Given the chance to implement its policies?

Like defending German borders instead of throwing tem open?

Like getting rid of migrant scum ruled inadmissible (like the Berlin truck-bomber was) before they have time to maim and murder?

Like giving citizens the right to vote on issues they care about?

Like ending the nonsense of forcing people to pick up the tab for public broadcasters who cover up crimmigrant crime?

Like putting their own people first in their own country?

Oh, yeah.



Apocalypse Now, indeed!