Project Fear Lurches On – Now Who Dares Warn Brits Over Brexit?

We don’t expect much either in terms of transparency or investigative journalism from certain UK media…



…but since there may be at least three or four Brits quaking in their boots at the apocalyptic warning headlined by The Independent…

No-deal Brexit would relegate UK to ‘minor leagues’, says ex-WTO boss

….here’s what the intrepid scribbler didn’t tell you about the Brussels Empire’s ex-Commissar…



….depicted in today’s report wearing an unlikely proletarian cloth-cap…


.( who gives a monkey’s about what a super-rich has-been thinks!?! )


…Pascal Lamy, director general of the WTO, between 2005 and 2013, who issued it.

What The Independent’s Ben Chu omitted, either carefully or sloppily, from his scare-story, were Lamy’s irrefutable links to the man we call Sauron…


Image result for soros brexit money


…the notorious plutocrat meddler Soros…through the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR)

We here on our little blog had indentified the ECFR as part of the Enemy Within some time ago…


Soros-Funded ‘Think-Tank’ Panics At Advance Of Europe’s Patriots! 

….but it is important to note that both Lamy and Sauron are listed as members.

The ECFR was created by Soros and his Open Society Foundations which continue to give the ECFR millions of dollars per year.

Exactly why The Independent’s Ben Chu elevates this rabid old Europhiliac oligarch to the status of someone in a position to ‘warn’ Brits about the risks of self-government, I can’timagine.

I suppose his next journo jerk trick will be another ‘warning’ from some other French globalist guru…

….who is qualified to tell other people the difference between right and wrong choices?