Far-Left Hate Group Aspires To Language-Police Role!

So now we have the loathsome leftist SPLC, of which you may have heard…

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…aspiring to instruct decent people what terminology may be used when discussing the crimmigrant crisis.

“The phrase ‘catch and release’ is an extremely dehumanizing phrase because it comes from fishing, and therefore it compares human beings to fish, to animals…”


That’s the assertion of a certain Efrén Olivares, deputy legal director for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I have to say i wish we would see an end to the use of those words, ‘catch and release,’ except as an historical reference.

As a policy, it’s a nonsense.

Illegals, once corralled by authorities, should never be released, unless it’s at the end of a deportation trip!

However, given the behaviour of many of these undesirable aliens, both before and after they violate the border…


…it might be said that comparing them to fish is unfair to the fishes.

Although if we think in terms of wild animals…?

Savages on the attack


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Of course the lying media have already phased out even the term ‘illegal aliens.’

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And the lying media work hand in glove with the hateful SPLC.