More Fox Folly – Stopping Illegals = Hate?

Fox Again.

I thought I’d take a break last night, rather than write about that ignoramus ‘sportsman…’

…using ‘social media’ to menace the good cop in North Carolina, who shot that female knife-savage.

So a change of channels!

Fox again!

SWAT – crime-fighting in California.

Yes, I know that Fox Channel has a deplorable record….

Fox Smear Machine Turns Its Grubby Guns On ICE! 

Foul Fox Again! Fake History

 Channel’s Lefty Lesby Soap – Anti-Deportation Drivel! 

Fox Channel’s Klutz ‘Comedy’ – Anti-ICE, Pro-Crimmigrant ! 

….but one can always hope.

Alas, we had the SWAT bint, Chris, whining that a teacher had posted on social media calling for people to ‘stand up to illegals, using force if necessary.. ‘

A perfectly rational and indeed admirable sentiment.

If only the senescent pro-crimmigrant in the White House would show the same sense as the fictional teacher!


But how does a typical SWAT-Chick react?

Well, we have had to mention SWAT before…

Patriots = Criminals! Fox TV Brain-Washing Viewers? perhaps unsurprising when Chris the Keystone Coplette at once spat out her empathy with illegal aliens.

I can’t imagine the kids soaking up all his hate.

Hate? ‘

Wanna see hate, look at this lot!

Naturally, the teacher and all the other villains were cast as violent ‘far-right’ gangsters.

I get that Portland, Oregon is further up the Pacific coast…. .

Burn Baby Burn – Another Good Story The BBC Skipped! 


ICE: Man arrested for manslaughter fled to Mexico after Portland jail did not honor hold request






More Blood On Portland Collabo Hands? 

… but would it not accord more with the realities of modern American life if the violent villains were identified as Red Nazi Antifa…



…or BLM racists?