What A Hard-Faced Blonde Stuck-Up!

I am no fan of Nadine Dorries, the new Tory Culture Secretary…

Another Patelian U-Turner? Don’t Trust Dorries! 

…who, as noted last week, u-turned on a fundamental moral issue.

Her admirable refusal to countenance maladjust ‘marriage’ was replaced, for no credible reason…

…with an almost sycophantic embrace of the offensive homo-weddings absurdity.

But my criticisms are based on her betrayal of a principled stand.

Today I just read a nasty, bitchy diatribe by an uppity hard-faced snob, Camilla Long…

Camilla Long


….whose snooty whine that Dorries is not a fit person for the job because she isn’t into ballet or opera….


…concludes with this infantile jibe..

…or, to judge by her wardrobe, fashion?’


Skip the likelihood that Long’s ideas on fashion are as unladylike as her approach to interviewing.

See below!

Has anybody seen a fashion show on tv recently?

Women wearing deliberately uglifying gear and effeminate ‘men’ mincing about in skirts?


Of which sad ‘fashion’ is Long a dedicated follower?

The middle-aged shrew also says Dorries isn’t into music – but I doubt that.

Almost everybody is into music, though probably not high-falutin stuff like opera.

A Culture Secretary who, like me, enjoys country music, would be no bad thing.

Long is descended from dukes, but she’s a coarse ass…


…as I learned, after reading that, in 2012, she began an interview with an actor (Michael Fassbender) by discussing the size of his penis!



The object of her obscene interest politely persevered with the interview, but later he showed exquisite good taste….

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender


In another interview with somebody else, the actor was advised that the bitch claimed to be “quite certain that [Fassbender] would willingly show me his penis, given slightly different circumstances and a bucket of champagne….

Fassbender’s succinct put-down –

I don’t think I would touch her with a barge pole!”

… deserves a standing ovation!



It says a lot for Times Newspapers’ commitment to blue-blood connections as opposed to quality journalism that they continue to employ a crass gutter-snipe like Long.

PS  Funnily enough, Long’s name was vaguely familiar, so I went back a few years and found that she had featured, briefly, in this –Sleaziest, Most Disreputable’ Media in the World? Britain’s!