Now Khalif Shire Ali Is Burning In Hell, But…

Horrible scenes from Melbourne, another filthy ISIS pig taking innocent lives, but good on the cops for shooting the savage, who of course, as a known Islamist…


…should long since have been deported back to Somalia, or at the very least interned indefinitely…


….but failure to take either course of action is not the fault of law enforcement but of politicians who allow specimens like Khalif Shire Ali to live in Australia.

And deportation from Oz should not only be decreed for satanic brutes like Ali.

Any ‘cleric’ or ‘community leader’ who refuses to repudiate disgraceful dogmas….


….like that which dictates death for ‘apostates’ and/or ‘blasphemers,’ or which demand that their followers put supranational sectarian allegiance before loyalty to Queen and Country…

Hizbut Tahrir

….should also be handed a one-way ticket to  whatever cess-pool they originally oozed out of.

It’s an agreeable thought that Ali the Animal is already writhing in Hellfire.

It’s only fair to note at this point that death by cop-fire is alas the only way that jihadists get the proper punishment, until capital punishment is restored.

Meanwhile, let’s not ignore the bravery of ordinary citizens, the two Melbourne men captured on camera, one using a chair and another with a shopping trolley  ( yes, a shopping trolley!) doing their best to hamper the pig’s attempts to murder police officers facing him.


That’s real courage.

And more, an example to every decent Aussie, and every decent Brit, Yank, Canuck…


….not necessarily to take on dangerously armed vermin, but at least to take a stand against scum who strut through their streets brazenly inciting murder.