Just Walk Away, T May…You Won’t See Me Shed A Single Tear!


Remember The Four Tops, that great Motown band in the late Sixties?

If you weren’t around then, have a look and a listen…

Aaah, those university union dances…the pre-disco era!

Enough nostalgia!

I have used part of a line from one of their best hits in my headline, with my own sentiments attached, and there must be many millions more who would remain dry-eyed if this Remaineress quit tomorrow.

Her priggish preaching on TV, which blamed everybody but her own lousy self for the way the democratic decision to declare British independence has been subverted, was almost laughable.

Yet so too is the ill-tempered bleat by CNN’s Jane Merrick…

…in which various MPs are quoted blasting May, as if blissfully heedless of their own sometimes irresponsible, sometimes malicious, contribution to the shambles.

Much to amuse, but especially the anguished wail from one Labour MP…


….Wes Streeting, who thinks May has ‘endangered the lives of UK politicians.’

And off he goes!

 “Her speech was incendiary and irresponsible. If any harm comes to us, she will have to accept her share of responsibility.”



Stressy Streeting should catch himself on.

It may well be that MPs have provoked such popular fury that many people, aware of the traditional fate decreed for traitors, do now indeed think that some of his colleagues, having set out from the get-go, from the moment the electorate endorsed Brexit…



…to do all in their power to obstruct and overturn democracy, insistent that their ‘wisdom’ is superior to the British people’s…


…should be put on trial and prosecuted for treason…and that the good old death penalty should be brought back in such cases.

May is a bad woman, but she’s no worse than The Enemy Within the House of Commons!

It’s their treachery and dishonouring of democracy that has put themselves at risk.