Surprise! Blood-Beast’s Got A Sense Of Humour!

One aspect of Blood-Beast Adams, whose words are not often entertaining…



…which we have never noticed before, is his ability to turn in an instant from being a sickening apologist for evil to displaying a stunning capacity for humour, a stand-up comic…



….in fact, but we saw it this week at the garbage disposal event in Belfast!


Mr Adams praised the former IRA chief as “caring”, “selfless”, “gentle” and “kind”; ” always ready to help, always prepared to give freely of his time and his great positive energy“.


What a pity Blood-Beast was unable to deliver the eulogies at the not so long ago interments of Ian Brady or Myra Hindley!

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Ian Brady

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Blood-Beast would undoubtedly have been able to provide hitherto unheard insights and perspectives on their caring, selfless, kind and gentle characters.

Fred West!