Indonesian Executions – Neo-Colonialist 'Europe' Should Shut Up!

Good news from East Java today, where Densus 88 took out a terrorist. The Police Special Anti-Terror Unit has a grasp of what we’re all up against, and acts accordingly.





Not so the neo-colonialist EUSSR, with their Vice-President telling Indonesia and the world that Brussels was opposed to capital punishment in all cases and had consistently called for its universal abolition.

Note, VP Mogherinii’s arrogant intrusion into Indonesia’s internal affairs was NOT motivated by any doubts about the innocence or guilt of the drug-smugglers executed today.

Her outburst represents instead an offer of carte blanche to every ISIS or Al Qaeda fiend caught and facing the death penalty.



bali_bombers Bali Pigs


If degenerate pinkos like Mogherini had had their EUSSR way ten years ago, the three Bali Pigs would be enjoying three squares a day.

They’d be receiving visits from equally scummy acolytes, assuming they’d not got enough annual remissions to be out and about, hero-worshipped by primitives galore.

After all, the swine who murdered Munir is free today. Munir’s Murderer Free – Jakarta Justice Mirrors Western Weakness 

Of course, there are criticisms to be raised about the death penalty here. The fact that Abu Bakr Ba’asyir and the beheader beast Hasanuddin and his evil troupe…

Indonesian Beheaders of Schoolgirls – Poso Pigs Up For Parole Soon? 

…are in cells and not in cemeteries, is a constant reminder that capital punishment needs to be applied much more widely than those drug-smugglers, who of course, could hardly proffer ignorance of the law as an excuse.




But it IS Indonesia’s business, not that of Brussels, and certainly not that of the former colonial masters, the Dutch, who have withdrawn their ambassador in protest.  

President Jokowi deserves applause for standing up to the EUSSR, which, local readers please note, does not speak for the peoples of Europe.





It would be pleasing, however, if he were to order the re-opening of the Cikeusik Pogrom case.




None of the sectarian swine involved were charged with murder. They should be, and should be executed if found guilty.