Cannes Fest's "Young Ahmed?" A Movie About A REAL Monster!

Can’t imagine I’d ever have an urge to attend that Cannes Film Festival, except maybe to admire all the cleavage etc. displayed by many actresses, some of whom  need thereby to make up for their inadequate thespian talents.

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Cannes 2015- Miranda Kerr, so far as I hear, is quite a good actress.

Imagine the lengths bad actresses go to!-


However, France 24 gushed and gushed and I felt obliged to ungush!

Or perhaps disgush?

So I spent a little while checking up, first on their fave film, Atlantique.

F24 said it was a film about ‘young migrants and sexual politics’ whatever the latter might be. Maybe the lack of political response in Europe to the fake ‘refugees’ who turn out to be sex predators?

Not a chance!

Criticising crimmigrants is never going to win prizes among the pseuds gathered on the riviera.

Seems Mati Diop, the Franco-Senegalese whose creation it is,  got her award for a ghost story.

So maybe it’s worth buying a ticket after all.

Though for my part, John Wick 3 sounds more fun!

But how about ‘Young Ahmed?’

It’s a Belgian film.


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Going over various reviews, I found that it’s about one of those obnoxious sh-tlets who won’t shake hands with women.

Won’t Shake Hands? Send ‘Em Back! 

We have covered such rude rats previously.

The cheeky toe-rag also scolds his mum for enjoying a drink!

A sound thrashing sounds in order, but is not forthcoming. 


Although much of the blame belongs to a pig-ignorant imam, who shouldn’t, like many so-called ‘clerics,’ be allowed in Belgium, or France, or any civilised land, it’s hard to see how even Cannes klutzes might feel sympathy for the adolescent freak. 

’Young Ahmed’ – as you may see from the poster, is played by an angelic looking lad, so satanic that he even tries to murder his kindly and conscientious Muslim teacher – yeah, the one whose ‘haram’ hand he won’t shake!

Her apparent offence, apart of course from being a woman in the presence of a jihadist young skunk, is that she ‘wants her other students to learn Arabic from other sources than the Quran…

Nasty Ahmed spends a while in detention, but any ‘deradicalisation’ there evidently doesn’t work very well.

I doubt the Cannes audience share my view…


…that his sort should be put down like rabid dogs, but who knows?

I will say no more, and since it’s in French, there’s no chance I’ll ever see it. The Variety reviewer quite properly keeps us in the dark about the ending anyway.