Zeinab’s Two Trumpophobes ‘Debate’ Big Tech Censorship!

Alas, poor Zeinab Badawi!



Despite everything, I can’t dislike her, as she is simply not visibly malevolent like The Maitlis…


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….and not at all ugly, like Barnett.

But all too often, her Global Questions show has featured two pinkos, bleating as one…

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…and when I looked in on her, for the first time this year…


BBC Global Questions

…and checked out the background of the two women gathered to answer questions from young, or youngish, people from around the world…..

…I was unsurprised.

The issue was policing the internet, and some of the choicest gems of wisdom cast before viewers was one from a French UN ‘rapporteur’ –

I’ve looked at these sticky-beaks before…

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….but had not hitherto come across Agnes Callabard, who told us that the problem with regulating so-called ‘hate-speech…



….was that so far, there is no international law on hate speech.

I briefly thought of Indonesia’s ex-President SBY call for worldwide censorship…


…and shuddered anew at the thought of global speech police, but let’s skip SBY’s infamous outburst!

Actually, international law is Agnes’ specialty, I learned, because when America’s last really American president ordered that successful strike against a demonic disciple of that old devil Khomeini…


Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, called the US strike an “arbitrary killing” that threatens to undermine norms of military conflict between countries...https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/07/un-expert-agnes-callamard-soleimani-iran-trump-killing-iraq.html

….a welcome cleansing of the Iran landscape, which good people everywhere cheered…

….Agnes branded it ‘CRIMINAL!’

Just to add to our distaste for her outlook on the world, she is overtly pro-crimmigrant. When the admirable defenders of Greece’s maritime frontiers drove off an attempted alien incursion, she lost it completely.

I am profoundly angered, disgusted with these repeated violations of international law…,” Agnes Callamard wrote on Twitter, after reposting a video of a migrant boat being shot at by the Greek Coast Guard.


AND Zeinab said, Agnes is due for a new job with a grotesquely high salary in March – Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Since she says she like free speech, one hopes she’ll promptly expel that gang’s anti-free-speech faction…


Amnesty? Shamnesty! Making War On Free Speech

….which we wrote about a few months ago!

Whatever, clearly this woman has a standing invitation to any andevery BBC natter-show!

But as it turned out, she wittered so much that she paled into insignificance compared to the hard-faced lesbian far-left ‘journalist’ named Karen Swisher, who was soon into her stride.

Kara Swisher

She is very much part of the New York Times hate-machine, and while she didn’t match the spittle-flecked venom of some of the garbage she puts into that rag….


…she soon made clear her Trumpophobia, rasping her approval of how the best president in years has been censored by leftist Big Tech.

She is entitled to her opinion, as is Agnes.

My only question, to Zeinab, is this –

Why not try balance for a change?

The show is due on again today, Sunday.

Check it out and see what you think.