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  • ross1948 9:39 am on July 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Calgary’s Cops – Cowards or Collaborators? 

    Another sunny morning in Jakarta, reminding me of the weather when I was last in Calgary. I stayed in a run-down hotel, The Calgarian, which even back then must have been nearing its expiry date.
    Do any readers know if it’s still in existence?
    I went there to enjoy the famous Calagary Stampede, of course.
    My memories of that city are good, so maybe best not to revisit it, at least in its current incarnation as a place where violent savages can run amok while police ignore their duty, either just gutless, or hand in glove with the scumbags.
    My inclination is towards the latter explanation.
    Cops usually understand that their career choice requires them to arrest criminals, after all.
    What prompts this intro?
    Only a week ago, we posted on Calgary, in laudatory mode, showing that there are still good people there, Canadians not just of pioneer descent like myself, but good migrants too, good Muslim migrants, moreover, visible in the photo we posted then.
    But not all residents of Calagary meet that description.
    Take a look at this!
    A thug punches a Jew, whose Israeli flag was stolen and vandalised.
    So…was this ‘Palestine’ lout arrested for assault on the middle-aged Jewish man, who was simply exercising his Canadian right to counter-protest? 
    The video seems to show no police at all in the vicinity!
    If the cops are under orders from their leadership, which may be as lousy as the Toronto Police’s in Ontario…
    ….they’re not doing their duty.
    And evidently that’s what happened last week.
    I quote from Susan Martinuk writing in the Calgary Herald.

    Since 9/11, we’ve become keenly attuned to what is happening in the realm of terrorism. It’s abundantly clear that Islamic extremists are attempting to destabilize various countries in the hopes of establishing Islamic kingdoms where sharia law rules and women are transformed into little more than sex slaves.

    Ms Martinuk, having confirmed that she understands the enemy we all face, then homes in on Calgary. 

    …Calgary is a known hot spot for breeding radical Muslims and grooming them to join terrorist groups overseas. It is known that at least two young Calgary men have been killed in these wars.

    OK, pause for a moment of reflection here. Has Canada enacted sensible legislation like Australia’s, to prosecute fanatics who go off to interfere in foreign wars? 

    But then the latest news.  I add emphasis to the relevant words below, 


    Last Friday, Calgary witnessed pro-Palestinian demonstrators display a shameful disregard for tolerance, democracy and the rule of law in Canada. As has been reported, about 1,000 pro-Palestinians gathered on the steps of City Hall to protest Israel’s current military action in Gaza. A small number of Jews/supporters of Israel were also present.

    Some Arabs took offence at their very presence and ripped the Israeli flag to shreds. When the pro-Jewish crowd began to back away in fright, they were chased and, reportedly, at least six (including two women) were beaten and taken to hospital.


    c7c47-shame  0Where the hell were the police?


    They should have drawn their guns, fired warning shots, then, if the rabble failed to back off,  opened up on the thugs engaged in vicious assault on defenceless people .

    Ms Martinuk doesn’t go that far, but her description of Calgary, and Toronto, suggests it’s time for some kind of shake-up in Canadian law-enforcement. 

    Much has been made about the lack of police presence (and inaction) as they failed to intervene….similar protest was held in Toronto and, according to columnist Michael Coren, who was there, several hundred Palestinians gathered across from the Israeli Consulate and shouted hate-filled invectives and stereotypes that are reminiscent of lies propagated by the Nazis decades ago.

    None of the protesters was interested in having a conversation or in allowing anyone to express an alternate opinion. Police seem content to not act or press charges because the events were “emotionally charged.”

    Emotionally charged?

    Sod that for a crock!

    What would be much more welcome would have been for these alien savages to be cavalry charged – by mounted officers armed with billy-clubs and side-arms, and then legally charged, for riotous assembly, incitement to hatred or any other suitable offences that would put them away for lengthy sentences. 

    Or better still deportation.

     Arabs? Arabs are not French. They belong in Arab countries.

    If people from Arab countries migrate to France, their loyalty is no longer owed to any Arab country, and certainly not to ‘Palestine,’ but to France. They cease to be Arabs and become French. 

    If they don’t so cease, they should be required to re-migrate.

    If they put sectarian allegiance above their responsibility to be good French citizens, throw them out tout suite!

    Same with Canada. And Oz, and anywhere else. 

    If they genuinely think a particular policy in Mid East affairs is in the interests of France, or Canada, or Australia, or the UK or the USA, fair enough, let them say their piece.

    But if they are ranting and railing simply as an expression of sectarian solidarity, tell ‘em to take their ululations to somewhere far away – like ‘Palestine!’




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    Expo – Young and Old, Old and Young – Jakarta August 11th – September 13th 

    Exhibition ‘Young and old, old and young: Mapping contemporary Indonesia in pictures’

    Opening ceremony: August 11th at 19.30 hrs.


    Period of exhibition: August 11th – September 13th 2014
    Free admission.
    In this fascinating exhibition with the theme ‘Young and old, old and young. Mapping contemporary Indonesia in pictures’ two professional photographers come together, Marco van Duyvendijk and Rainer Oktovianus.
    The exhibition shows us portraits of people in daily life.

    Come to the Erasmus Huis to see this interesting exhibition!

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    Golliwog Gestapo Despatch Brit Grandma to Re-Education Camp! 

    I began today raging at an imbecilic Islamist bigot in Malaysia.

    Pig-Ignorant Primitive – No Shariah On MH17, So God Killed 200 Innocents? 

    Now, as the sun goes down and the Islamic call to prayer echoes over Jakarta, I give thanks that I had a lovely day thereafter, because suddenly I’m suffused with indignant anger again tonight.


    angry face

    A 72-year-old grandma in Brighton, England, has been ordered by totalitarian thought-police to undergo ‘racial awareness training’ – sounds like something the Hitler Jugend might like!

    But why?
    Did she round on some black guy and abuse him with the N-word?
    Did she emulate those pro-Hamas demonstrators we’re fed up watching on tv, and urge the murder of Jews?

    Her CRIME?


    In August she said she thought golliwogs were “nostalgic, not racist” and complaints against Bert’s Homestore selling golliwog placemats were “political correctness gone too far.”

    At a closed hearing, a panel of three councillors said the 72-year-old should have diversity training.
    She was cleared of failing to treat others with respect and breaching the Equalities Act and the panel also recommended all councillors should have diversity training in future.


    It’s those three stalinoid slugs who have brought their council into disrepute!

    There must be MILLIONS of Brits, and millions more parents and grandparents and people who may not have offspring but who still have some sanity and balance, all over the world, whom these cultural marxist commissars on Brighton and Hove Council would wish to send for similar re-education.  

    Normal people LIKE golliwogs!

    Only FOUR complaints from THREE people arose from Dawn’s legitimate comment.

    They should have been told to get stuffed and/or sent on a ‘re-education’ course  - to teach them about Britain’s heritage of free speech!

    BTW -guess to whom the complaints were submitted? The BME! Who? 

    Brighton & Hove City Council’s Black & Minority Ethnic Workers’ Forum is an organisation that represents BME employees of the council.

    That is self-evidently a racially discriminatory body, since Whites are ipso facto excluded, given its title. Obviously it’s a forum for fomenting grievance, whiners looking for trouble to cause.

    Scrap it!

    Last word to Dawn.
     “They threw out the two most serious charges but said I was guilty of breaching the code of conduct.
    “I am pleased they have let me off on the other two serious charges but very disappointed they have judged I broke the code of conduct.
    “I don’t think it should have got this far, it was a waste of taxpayers’ money and officers’ time.
    “I apologised to anyone who was upset by my comments and that should have been the end of it.
    “I understand the reasons why they had it behind closed doors but there were a lot of upset people outside the meeting that were angry it wasn’t held in public.”


    PS – Mustn’t omit this -


    • Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said the incident highlighted the “need for training and awareness raising among all councillors on equalities issues.”\

    This will form part of member development in the future, she added

    Sorry, Dawn’s words were good (though altogether too mild – hiding their inquisition from the public, how dare they?)

    But I’m having the last word, as usual!

    That ‘spokesman? She’s one commie vixen that needs to be fired.  

    And what’s Cameron doing to amend local government legislation so that elected councillors may speak freely – sod all, I’ll bet!


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    Pig-Ignorant Primitive – No Shariah On MH17, So God Killed 200 Innocents? 

    Boiling rage?

    An urge to vomit?

    Bafflement at just how evil and ignorant a sectarian savage can be?

    An unpleasant blend of emotions to start the morning, so at least the rest of this day can only get better, once I have recovered from the intense revulsion provoked by a foul ignoramus named Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman.

    He’s the vile bigot beast who told the world this week that the innocent passengers on Malaysian Airlines’ Flight MH17,brought down by a missile, met their fate because the flight attendants weren’t wearing ‘Islamic headscarves and the airline served alcohol.

    Frankly, scum like Sulaiman deserve a fate worse than death, and whilst I’m no theologian, I suspect that if God truly dispenses justice in the afterlife, Sulaiman’s utter inhumanity will earn him an eternity of torment.

    I certainly hope so!



    –6 The bigot beast Sulaiman – may he burn in Hell forever


    Rather than go through the motions of re-writing the story – I’m really too angry to do so – I give you part of the report in Malaysia Kini, with the link so you can share my sense of outrage. Certainly the Malaysian Chinese Association’s spokesman,Ti Lian Ker,  redeems his country’s reputation somewhat.

    But it will take a lot more than that to make me think that any party that affords pigs like Sulaiman a platform can be regarded as a legitmate political organisation.


    MCA has slammed PAS for exploiting the MH17 tragedy for religious mileage in harping on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight stewardesses’ uniforms and its alcohol policy.

    “It is unfortunate that PAS had chosen to exploit the MH17 tragedy instead of targeting terrorism and violence that had caused so many deaths of innocent good souls.

    “To skew this international tragedy to score political brownie points is typical of PAS and Pakatan culture, whose only skill is to exploit issues, capitalise tragedies and magnify problems.” MCA religious harmony bureau chairperson Ti Lian Ker said in a statement today.

    Ti called on the Islamist political party to stop behaving like “katak di bawah tempurung” (ignorant) and told it to observe the uniforms of staff of Middle Eastern airlines, which he claimed are more revealing than of MAS staff.

    “The knee length uniform skirts for the female cabin crew of Gulf Air from Bahrain, Etihad Airways and Emirate Airlines from the United Arab Emirates, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Qatar Airways, which expose the knees, calves and shins are more revealing than MAS’ modest kebaya uniforms,” Ti said.

    He also criticised PAS for its calls not to serve alcohol on board MAS flights.

    “If PAS finds alcohol so offensive, why does it not channel its demands against the Zone Duty Free KLIA which sells duty-free liquor, and at all other international hotels based in Kuala Lumpur?” Ti asked. He was responding to Kedah PAS Youth information chief  (right) who caused a stir yesterday saying MAS’s recent misfortune was a result of its policy of serving alcohol and the crew’s uniform.

    Ong dismissed Tarmizi’s defence, that his words had been taken out of context and the he was merely asking for MAS to review its alcohol policy, as “damage control”.

    Meanwhile Kelantan MCA liaison committee deputy chairperson Tan Ken Ten, in a separate statement, chimed in on the matter, saying that a ban on alcohol would infringe the rights of non-Muslims.  PAS impairs Islam, saying Allah crashed MH17′

    Malaysia Kini

    Well said, sir.

    But of course sectarian swine like Sulaiman don’t give a damn for the rights of non-Muslims, or even Muslims who think for themselves. 

    He’s a filthy fanatic, who thinks that whatever he approves or disapproves must be enforced on all of us.

    As it happens, I’m expecting at least two Muslim guests here today. I don’t have to wonder if they’ll be as horrified as I am at this inhuman ignoramus. They are normal decent people, so that goes without saying.

    But we really need to get it across to a wider public that until EVERY Islamic leader, religious or political, denounces pigs like Sulaiman, of course ‘Islamophobia’ will burgeon.
    It’s not enough to shake one’s head and mutter that he’s a maladjusted freak.
    I note that sane Muslims in Malaysia are distancing themselves from his sick tirade. But better they should shout from the roof-tops that he’s NOT a Muslim in their eyes. His rant’s more blasphemous than religious .

    In case local readers want to read the story in Bahasa Indonesian, I add the link to, which provides the words the loathesome moron used.

    “Malaysian Muslim Youth leader said the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 was punishment from God. This is because they serve alcohol in-flight…. Ahmad Sulaiman Tarmizi of PAS said Malaysia Airlines does not respect the Muslim government. “They trigger the wrath of Allah.”

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    Can’t Call Cameron A Merchant Banker? 

    Having discussed the use of rude terminology recently, with regard to defeated candidate Prabowo’s description of the Jakarta Post as ‘brengsek,’ I alluded to Cockney rhyming slang, viz. ‘berk!’

    Jakarta Post ‘Brengsek!’ – Kata Pak Prabowo! 

    Now I see that the Australian regulatory authorities have ruled that Woolworths, not being a bank, cannot use the word ‘banking’ in its advertising.–report-003605879.html


    Does this mean we are no longer permitted to refer to David Cast-Iron Cameron as a merhcant banker?

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    Bravo, Jokowi! Masyarakat Juga Menang – Governing By People’s Choice? 



    In what must be perceived by the arrogant elite here as about as welcome a move as a slap in the kisser with a putrescent gurame, the campaigners for the Jokowi/JK winning ticket have opened up a channel for the people of Indonesia to express their views on who should become Ministers in their next Government! 


  Ajak Masyarakat Pilih Menteri Idaman Rakyat

    You can find more info here and note that while some names are there for the choosing, there’s a place for write-in preferences.


    referndmlet peole vote


    Although this is purely for Indonesian readers to make their mark, one could wish that Western leaders might emulate such participatory democracy.



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    The Real Risk to UKIP – PC Pusillanimity 

     Referring to Tory-held constituences where the Labour candidate ran second,, Tory top pollster Lord Ashcroft says that the most striking feature is that rising support for UKIP has eroded the swing to Labour. Though the Tories are down a point on their share in March and April in these seats, Labour are down by three points and UKIP are up five.

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    Berapa Sapi Mogok? Harga Gila Di Hero Puri! 

    kkwarung rizky Closed for TEN days!


    Spot of shopping today, due to that terrible personal catasrophe mentioned previously, my local fave warteg shut for ten days!

    Gotta eat, so I prowled about supermarkets, reluctant to go into town, fearful of the road home being clogged with traffic heading to the hinterland, folk aiming for family reunions for the Idul Fitri holiday next week.




    Hence my angkot journey took me to Puri Indah, a place I quite like.

    Barely a month ago, I could buy one of those litre cartons of milk, Diamond brand, for under Rp.14,000.

    Today, in Hero, the latest price was displayed brazenly, OVER Rp. 23,000!

    I like the choc or strawberry flavoured stuff, yummy to slake a thirst on a hot day sitting out front.  But I can manage without!


    puri Mal Puri Indah


    I wandered out, disconsolate, and went into Carrefour, across from the mall.

    Still over Rp.17,000 – who’s ripping us off? Are the damned COWS on strike?

    Hero in Mal Citraland, at least, usually has a lot of decent discounts, chicken, fish etc, marked down by 50%, but Hero in Puri never does, that I’ve seen.


    SAM_8780 She didn’t like my explanation!


    And cat-food?

    Prices up to nearly Rp.20,000 for a can, and precious few cans on the shelves. Normally I pay under Rp.13,000 for the bare feline necessities!

    I understand how prices rise and rarely fall, but this is …





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    Family Film Festival – 30th July – in Jakarta! 


    Family Film Festival – The Parent Trap

    Wednesday 30 July 2014 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM @america Pacific Place, Jakarta


    Jakarta will soon turn into something like a ghost-town, as thousands, millions maybe, of citizens return to their far-off kampungs to enjoy Idul Fitri with their kin.

    I always like living here, but the tail-end of Ramadhan is a special joy, because the traffic diminishes to a trickle, and pavements (or what pass for sidewalks here) become much more navigable –




    - not just fewer pedestrians, but fewer demented motor-cyclists who daily invade territory reserved for those of us who like walking.

    Strangely, many foreign residents leave town too, but not for me!

    There’s always plenty to do in Jakarta – though I think I’ll give The Parent Trap a miss!


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    Fanatic Tifatul Warns Media On Party Bias – How About the Sectarian Sort? 

    While Prabowo has sustained a political defeat, he got plenty of votes and his campaign team shouldn’t feel shamed by the result – it was clear but close.


    0 LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211


    But shame is surely an understatement for the feelings appropriate to the editorial management of TV(Prabow)One, which fed us one shovel-load of statistical hogwash after another on election day.





    All those ridiculous quick-count figures showing results exactly the opposite of the poll-booth realities will not quickly be forgotten. It’s one thing to say that some TV channels are biased, or that Metro TV favoured Jokowi as much as TVOne favoured Prabowo.


    But at least Metro’s quick-counts had a relationship to the truth.

    Their stats actually reflected what we learned today are the true results. TVOne’s were a joke. As is TVOne itself, unless and until it removes itself from the editorial control of Bakrie’s puppets.

    Which it won’t.

    Having said all that, I am not impressed by Tifatul Sembiring’s threat to go after both those stations for bias.



    He’s the Minister of Communications, and, as it happens, a leading light in the Prosperous Justice Party, thus a faithful follower of Bin Laden fan Anis Matta, who leads the fanatic PKS.  

    Given that affiliation, I doubt there’s any likelihood of action by the Ministry on endless failure by just about all the media here to make even a pretence of even-handed coverage of the Mid-East.

    Even as I was typing this, TVOne was rabbiting mindlessly about Israeli ‘aggression’ and Israel’s ‘brutal action.’

    They just had a Palestinian ‘scholar’ on, nobody to balance his obviously one-sided input.

    This bare-faced bias goes on all day, that whining ‘Gaza Song’ repeated over and over, not a single note of distress heard for those Israeli civilians targetted by Hamas, and those three Jewish hitch-hikers brutally slain are already forgotten. 


    • devil destroyed  ISIS
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • And much more significant in my view, extraordinarily disproportionate concern for casualties among Arabs in Palestine than Arabs in Iraq (both Muslim and Christian) who are under ferocious attack by ISIS, the jihadists perpetrating an orgy of murder and rape on innocent people.

    It’s hard not to conclude that much of the media here is motivated by crude Jew-hatred.


    jakisis Downtown Jakarta demo – no hour-long TVOne yap-fest on this evil outfit


    Otherwise why the obsession with Israeli ‘misdeeds’ whilst ISIS runs bloodily amok and their atrocities merit only a TINY percentage of the coverage Gaza gets?

    However, that’s an international issue.


    What about the much more locally offensive bias shown by numerous tv and print media (including Metro TV) whereby they use the word ‘tobat’ (repent) when referring to ‘conversion’ by persecuted minorities.





    An alternative would be ‘apostasise’ but that has as many negative connotations as ‘repent!’.

    Indonesian Media – Islamist Bias Still Shining Through! 

    To ‘repent’ means they have done something wrong and are righting that wrong.

    That is gross sectarian misrepresentation.

    They are simply changing their form of worshipping God, from one perfectly respectable way to another.

    One hopes that when Tifatul is replaced with somebody less peculiar (recall he’s the bloke who would/wouldn’t shake hands with Michelle Obama on sectarian sexist grounds) the new Minister may remedy this rubbish reporting. .  

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