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  • ross1948 8:29 pm on September 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Kenapa Foto2 Oetami Nandini? 

    oetami Oetami Nandini\


    • Karena dia, sama Baby Margaretha, Sherly Himawan dan Dewanti Tirta mungkin bisa diliat segera di dalam gedung terkenal di Jakarta!
  • ross1948 8:24 pm on September 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Salamander Big Band Concert 9th September in Jakarta 

  • ross1948 6:17 pm on September 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Hypermarket, Lippo Mall Puri – Fine Shopping for Brass Monkeys! 

    Went to the new mall the other day, Lippo Mall at Puri Indah.



    It was always the habit of my undergraduate pals, when one of us arrived in the bar wearing a new shirt or jacket of which he was clearly inordinately proud, to observe that ‘it’ll be nice when it’s finished.’

    I could say the same for the new mall at Puri Indah, pictured above, as the management wish to present it, and below, a more realist pose snapped by yours truly last weekend. 


    • LIPMAL
    • 0000000000000000000
    • It is a huge construction site, all kinds of luxurious flats, shops and other delights on the way but not yet there.

    However, within that part already finished, the stores and eateries are all very nice.


    Captain Scott might well have felt better off in his Antarctic hut, had he gone for a spot of shopping in that spacious store called HYPERMARKET.

    The frozen chickens on sale ( by that I mean being sold – there were precious few discounted meat, poultry or veg to be seen, and the eggs were outrageously priced)  hardly needed their ice-box.

    Normally I remove my baseball cap indoors, having been brought up to be mannered, but without it, I fear the dread Jakarta Flu would have got me again. Weird, because their nearby sotre, now I assume empty since this new one’s open, was okay, comfortably cool but never chilly like this place.

    Just be warned- unless you’re a brass monkey, wrap up for an Ontario December if you shop at Hypermarket Puri!

  • ross1948 12:04 am on September 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Bludger-Boosters Cost Oz TWELVE MILLION Dollars 

    It’s a measure of how skewed journos can make a story that this report presents the Abbott government’s sensible bid to return those queue-jumpers to whence they came as somehow responsible for the $12,000,000 costs involved.

    It itemises the total like some kind of shopping list..

    Also included are accommodation costs at Cocos Island for 14 immigration officials plus $600,000 in chartered flights to take the asylum seekers from there to the Curtin detention centre.

    • morrison Scott Morrison
    • There were also estimated legal costs of over $136,000 associated with the High Court challenge launched against the government plus the costs of Mr Morrison’s last-minute trip to New Delhi where he presented Indian officials with two cricket bats worth $695 each.

    How topsy-turvily can you tell a storyt!

    If the rancid left-libs and their lawyers (call them the q-jump lawyers if you like, but I reckon the legal representation was arranged by pro-crimmigrant agitprop outfits) had done their decent Aussie duty and let Morrison get on with it, those undesirable aliens would by now be safely back in India or Sri Lanka or wherever.

    It might have cost a bit, but money well spent if it meant 150 less snouts in the trough on Christmas Island.

    Now get this, from the pinko whingers!


    • tears sarah-hanson-youngGreen gargoyle Hanson Young
    • ===============
    • That pinko Human Rights Watch bleats that  the cost was “outrageous and unnecessary,” pretending it was not incurred by their comrades’ constant obstruction of the government’s democratic mandate to block the flood of ‘asylum’ ingrates. 

    And the Green Gargoyle, Hanson Young, taking a welcome break from weeping, rants that the cost could have been entirely avoided if the asylum seekers had been taken straight to Christmas Island.

    These freakos and their posh pals in the legal profession have tangled up the elected government in court cases time and time again, desperate to flood Australia with unwanted unwelcome wasters.



    The cost THEY’VE imposed on the public purse must run to millions. And she has the brass neck to say if the people’s representatives would only knuckle under to her sell-out schemes then this cost could have been avoided?

    If she and all the other appeasement monkeys would abide by the will of the overwhelming majority of decent Australians, then most of those crimmigrants would be back where they belong, and the public purse would not have been repeatedly depleted.

    And again I ask, for I honestly don’t know, has any of those bloated lawyers taken any of the bludgers into their own homes? Has Hanson Young?

    I ask and await an answer. 

  • ross1948 7:04 pm on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Welcome to the Hotel California? If It’s Brown, Flush It! 

    Two sentences from the Sixties which sprang to mind when I read about this!



    …Brown spoke about the interwoven histories of Mexico and California and nodded to the immigrants in the room, saying it didn’t matter whether they had permission to be in the United States.



    crimmigration   “You’re all welcome in California,” he said.

    Those words, overtly inciting illegal aliens to colonise California, came from not some Chavez-style anti-American agitator, or some cultural marxist college creep, but from the GOVERNOR of California, the man elected to defend the interests and welfare of citizens of his state, a duty which ipso facto includes preventing alien parasite snouts grubbing into the public purse.


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough


    • From a once-great state which produced giants like Reagan, it must be a source of shame to have a moral pygmy like Brown mouthing near-treason.

    What went wrong?

  • ross1948 6:12 pm on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Scotland Depraved – ‘Asylum’ Scum Preying on Glasgow’s Children? 


    POLICE are investigating the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children in Scotland by men from ethnic minorities in ­cases that bear striking ­similarities to the organised abuse of youngsters in Rotherham…detectives have launched two operations .. Operation Cotswold, set up in 2011, focused on a group of Middle Eastern ASYLUM SEEKERS (RRA emphasis) in the north of the city…but no prosecutions were brought.



    Predators and Child Molestors


    Please note well – ‘asylum’ seekers!

    What’s to be done with predators who lie their way into civilised countries with sob-stories then turn on their hosts to rape and rob?


    out with them

    The damfools in Brussels want to make them welcome – at immense costs to honest tax-payers!


    • insanityfair


    This horrific report goes on to say that many of these kids were either too brain-washed or bullied to see themselves as victims and were reluctant to co-operate,.

    The second investigation, in February 2013, was Operation Dash, and again the report confirms that undesirable aliens, a number of suspected perpetrators, many Asian, were targeted in a criminal investigation. Operation Dash is ongoing and there are live proceedings. It is understood at least one case involves multiple alleged offenders.

    Oh, and, in case it’s still not clear…

    …those who work with vulnerable teenagers say CSE is being carried out by groups of men from ethnic minority communities in a similar way to Rotherham.

    When I stumbled on this, sent me by a Scots reader, I had just finished reading a report in the Jakarta Post about an attempted motor-bike theft in Bogor, just outside the capital, where the crim was seized by an angry crowd and burnt alive.

    My initial feelings on that story were not entirely shock, because these things happen here quite often, but a sense of disproportionate response. However, the police are not likely to take much action, it appears, to corral the people who set fire to the thief.

    Back to Scotland.





    The tragedy is that even if the savages are brought to court, even if they are convicted, no death penalty is available – most people there want it restored, but even if Westminster heeded the democratic will, the Strasbourg Swine (ECHR) would interdict democracy yet again.

    It is tempting to wish that decent Scots might round on the vermin in their midst in a like manner to the Bogor crowd. But the police back in the Old Country, so slow in tackling the Rotherham outrage, and still plodding along in Glasgow, would no doubt intervene on the wrong side of justice.


  • ross1948 2:15 pm on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Kota Toleransi – Bandung Lebih Enak Daripada Jogja? 

    After yesterday’s post on Florence, the Jogjakarta student held in police custody because she ‘harassed’ an entire city -quite a feat for a little woman – I see a lot of readers are tuning into that post

    Grow Up, Jogjakarta! Free Florence Sihombing! 

      and I was reminded by a visitor here that Bandung was even more ‘harassed’ under a year ago, by a Bulgarian blogger, who did NOT go to jail! 



    I refer to this -

    Bandung, City of Pigs!?!’ 

    -which you can read for yourselves.

    The blogging Bulgar’s choice of words was arguably much more insulting to Bandung, where 90% of the people are Muslim and thus not keen on pigs, than Florence’s words were to Jogja.

    Poor, stupid and uncultured is NOT an accurate description of Jogja, but big bloody deal! Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words shall never hurt us- unless we are tantrum-prone brats!

    But Bandung spokesmen showed far greater maturity than those clowns in Jogja. Nobody threw tantrums, and she was CERTAINLY not locked up in a police cell.



    As I have said (three times now, over the past 24 hours!) I have always lked Jogjakarta, not least because of its tolerant traditions, and I have often excoriated West Java, of which Bandung is the provincial capital, for the religious intolerance which erupts there all too frequently.

    • ————————
    • But today, on reflection, I have to compare and contrast, and relegate Jogjakarta way down the scale below Bandung.

    I don’t mean all or even most of the people in Jogja, but it is the height of nonsense that a loud-mouthed minority can have a girl clapped in jail for an intemperate outburst on social media.


  • ross1948 11:16 am on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Jesus No Way – But Queers OK! Toronto the Good? 

    Media bias is one thing, and if you live in Western countries, the suffocating left-lib slant of most media is as familiar a phenomenon as the bacon and eggs for breakfast I’m about to enjoy this sunny Jakarta morning..

    But in Canada this month, there seems to have been a huge black-out on Toronto’s attempt to shut-down a Christian event on contrived grounds.


    • liberal-media-bias
    • ————-
    • The annual Jesus Parade  obviously is not something the degenerates at City Hall like a lot, but the real reasons for their refusal of a permit were never going to be explained honestly.

    …when the bureaucrats realized their construction excuse wasn’t being bought, they then claimed there was too much garbage that needed cleaning up after last year’s event. Of course there has to be a cleanup after every demonstration or parade so that excuse seems to be a last ditch effort to justify pulling the permit simply because the participants are Christians.


    • liar-liar2
    • ——————-
    • Exactly.

    The infamously offensive ‘Pride Parade,’ in which queers cavort obscenely on the backs of trucks or as they mince along the city’s streets, logically must generate vast amounts of garbage ( quite apart from the human garbage which participates)

    The same goes for the Al Quds event, at which pro-terrorist speeches are made calling for the destruction of Israel.

    As Canada Free Press notes many main streets are closed down every weekend during the summer for various ethnic festivals. These closures, coupled with construction, make it extremely difficult to get around the city during these weekends. But all this is perfectly acceptable as long as the participants are not Christians.


    • =============================
    • And how much media concern is being expressed about this blatant sectarian city bureaucracy? Not a lot. As expected from the cultural marxist CBC clique, and the other pinko creeps – these people don’t care much for Christian liberties. But to suppress the story quite blatantly? 

    Not surprisingly, Sun News was the only mainstream media to cover the cancellation of the permit for the Jesus parade

  • ross1948 12:00 am on August 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Jazz in Jakarta? September 9th to 12th! 

  • ross1948 7:54 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Grow Up, Jogjakarta! Free Florence Sihombing! 

    I suppose in countries that make no pretence of tolerating free speech, one might expect a young lady who criticises some aspect of society, or of its citizens, to be jailed in response to the wounded bleating of uptight jerks.


    In Red China, for instance, I note today that journos are being coerced into studying how best to report the lies that communism thrives on, a compulsory test on marxist ideology! In ghastly tyrannies like the Islamic Republic of Iran, questioning the theocratic state will land you in the slammer tout suite too.

    But here in Indonesia?

    And of all places Jogjakarta, a city I have always really liked, a university town par excellence, with a benevolent sultan the likes of whom most other parts of the archipelago would envy?


    But believe it or not, a girl named Florence Sihombing has been consigned to a cell for ‘insulting the community!’ And she’s been neither tried nor convicted for this deranged ‘offence.’



    Florence is a student who posted angrily on a part of the social media called Path, with which I’m not familiar. She had had an annoying experience with a gas-station queueand responded by lambasting the community in which it occurred.

    Gimana Indonesia bisa maju? Mau aja lo semua diperbudak keadaan. TOLOL sampai 7 generasi. Dan mau-maunya Jogja diperbudak monopoli Pertamina. Pantesan MISKIN“.

    You can use Google Translate or any similar device to get her message. 

    Probably over the top, but compared to many sites I’ve seen, fairly mild.  Many Western commenters seem reluctant to debate politely, whereas Indonesians usually are.

    voltaire Voltaire, Enemy of Jogjakarta?

    Anyway, it hardly matters.

    Whatever short-comings in Jogjakarta society Florence may have pointed out, they could, if they were unjustified, have been refuted by Jogja people on the same or other social media.,


    Instead a so-called NGO had a tantrum, which they took to the cop-shop!!



    Adults, like little kids, the infamous ‘hurt feelings’ syndrome yet again, unwilling or unable to argue effectively, go bleating to Jogja Police.

    Of course the constabulary told them to stop wasting police time, dry their eyes and act like grown-ups.


    Florence has been DETAINED! Seems she may face charges under the internet laws.

    How utterly shaming for any country that would allow such a thing to happen.

    At least the Jakarta Post has reported the disgraceful case, but doesn’t give any details of what Florence actually said, so I had a look at which has shown more journalistic professionalism.  

    On Thursday (28/08/2014) afternoon, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Do Not Betray the Voice of the People (Sura Jati) came to Yogyakarta police headquarters to report the actions of the Path account owner who has tainted the good name of Yogyakarta.

    Fajar Rianto, Chairman of Sura Jati, explained his outfit’s determination to teach critics of Jogja a lesson.

    Florence has been insulting and harassing the people of Yogyakarta. As per the Law of Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE), when there is someone writing elements of  humiliation, harassment, or morality, then she can be criminally liable.

    This outraged little chap actually uses the words ‘teach a lesson.’  

    Has he also stamped his little foot?

    As if he represents anyone. He’s not the sultan, he’s not described as an elected member of Jogja’s provincial assembly or a city councillor. He’s merely ‘chairman’ of an un-elected NGO, which means he speaks only for his Sura Jati think-alikes.

    There has been no news videos of Jogja folk taking to the streets to assuage their grief at the harassment or humiliation by Florence, likely because, like normal people everywhere, they are far too busy getting on with their lives to bother about what a student says on Path!

    I feel sorry for Fajar.

    But sorrier still for an harmless girl held in a police cell.


    PS   She’s just been on the evening news, saying how sorry she is. Guess she wants to go home. I can understand why, but if I were her, I’d be tempted to tell her tormentors to go Fajar themselves.

    As I said above, I have always liked Jogjakarta, but tonight I like it a little less.


    • rahma 9:27 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      the cronologist in this post isn’t complete yet. I’m pretty sure, if you know the history completelly you will change your mind, since you said that you like jogjakarta.

      • ross1948 9:59 pm on August 30, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Oke, Rahma, I will await more info. If she has injured or robbed somebody, jailing her is appropriate. But upsetting somebody’s mood by a social media post should never be an imprisonable offence.

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