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  • ross1948 12:11 pm on October 26, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Wisconsin’s Scott Walker – A REAL Republican! 

    Last week I suggested it was time for good Americans to rally for freedom in the upcoming elections.

    Since Scott Walker is one of the best candidates, I append his appeal for support. We have noted his excellent record here before.

    Christmas Coming, Grinches Grizzling – Scott Walker’s the Winner! 

    Wisconsin – Democracy Wins, Democrats Lose! 

    It’s People V Plutocrats – the super-rich are mobilising against him, so the common man (and woman) needs to fight back.
    Scott Walker: Conservative Governor
    Scott Walker: Conservative Governor
    Fellow Conservative,A new independent poll shows I’m in a dead heat with my Democratic opponent among registered voters. National unions and a dozen liberal Super PACs are dropping millions of dollars in these final days to make sure I am defeated.Frankly, if I don’t massively increase my spending RIGHT NOW my union backed Democrat opponent could defeat me. Can you rush an immediate contribution to my campaign of at least $35? 

    48% Scott Walker. 47% Mary Burke

    If we don’t move immediately, the union-controlled Wisconsin Democrats will finally get what they want. They’ll be able to roll back every good thing we’ve done in 4 years.That’s why our need is so urgent.

    We can’t let that happen. Politics aside, we’ve saved Wisconsin taxpayers over $3 billion dollars, eliminated the $3.6 billion budget deficit, and created over 100,000 new jobs – all while cutting taxes by $2 billion dollars.  Because of the generous donations of people like you we’ve accomplished these things – and earned the ire of the DC Democrat machine that wants exactly the opposite.

    Can I count on you once again? Conservatism is under attack here, and it’s urgent that I hear back from you today.

    I Stand With Walker.

    If you sit this out, we may lose. Sometimes we ask for as little as $3, but because the Election is right around the corner do you think you could find at least $35? Your contribution will help us do what it takes to win.

    Democrats and their allies want to make an EXAMPLE out of me. They’re burying me in attack ads, including ridiculous ads that the independent group Politifact rated as half-truths and lies. But despite that, I refuse to back down, and I won’t stand by idly as national Unions bus in supporters and liberal Super PACs funnel money into big TV buys.

    I will continue to push for the reforms you know make government work for taxpayers:

    • Stand up to Union bullies
    • Lower taxes
    • Cut red tape that prevents job growth
    • Eliminate government fraud and abuse

    You can help me stand up to the Union bullies and win this race in a few days. You and I can fight back.

    Liberals see this race as their chance to squash conservatism and destroy our national success story.

    The stakes are high because they know I am not finished yet, and that scares them. I have a hunger to do more.

    I am putting taxpayers back in charge of government.

    But I don’t have access to a Union war chest like my opponent. I depend on activists like you who help me defend conservatism $35 at a time. Can I count on you this time?

    I humbly thank you for your support and for standing alongside me in defense of conservatism.

    Scott Walker
    Governor of Wisconsin

    P.S. I’m in a dead heat with my Democratic opponent because unions and liberal Super PACs are outspending conservatives. I won’t be able to survive, and win this key swing state, without your support.

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    Tulungagung Citizens Stand By Their Man – ‘No to IslamoNazis!’ 

    After my little paean of praise for the Regent of Tulungagung, Syahri Mulyo, last week…

    Bravo, Tulungagung – Righteous Regent Challenges Jihadist Jerks! 

    …when he spoke out against plans to launch a branch of the jihadist vigilante FPI (self-styled  ‘Defenders of Islam’ ) gang in his East Java territory, how splendid to read that his people have turned out to show their support.

    …hundreds of residents of Tulungagung staged a peaceful demonstration rejecting the plans on Wednesday (10/23/2014).


    • demo 1 Good people in Tulungagung
    • ================================
    • “People do not want any radicalism that could threaten peace and tranquility in Tulungagung,” said Maliki, one of the activist protesters, in his speech.

    The crowd, incorporated in the “Peace-Loving Citizens Alliance Tulungagung” (AMTCD) moved from the front office of the local parliament to Police HQ for an audience with relevant officials, especially members of the council and the police chief ,




    Unfortunately, they got no useful assurances from the politicians, who said they had no powers to stop the establishment of the hate-group.
    But the Police Chief had more positive words for the people.

    “The police are not in the position to prevent or prohibit the establishment of the FPI or other mass organizations. However, if they start acting anarchist, radical, flouting the rule of law and the authority of the police, we will definitely act firmly.” 

    And Maliki and the Coordinator of AMTCD, Mohammad Akhsan, have a message for the thugs, if any so-called “sweeping” ( vigilante raids) are attempted in their area.

    “Before they do that, we will first sweep against FPI or anyone who dares to do mischief,” said Akhsan.

    Readers please note, these people are almot all Muslims – GOOD Muslims, who reject the forces of darkness.

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    Konser Senandung Kata – Jakarta, 1st November 

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    Indonesia Trend Education, 29th October -3rd November, Central Park, Jakarta 

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    P-ssed Off With Pistorius Palaver! 

    I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one fed up to the back teeth with all the palaver about Pistorius.

    Sure, it’s tragic that a lovely young woman was shot and killed. But there are thousands of young women, and women of other ages, and men, who get shot every day, all over the world.


    • 00000000000000000000000000000000000
    • Just because the shooter is a famous sportsman, even serious media have been ogling the court case as if it ranked with Kobane, or Ukraine, or any of a dozen other war-zones around the world, where people die every day.

    More tv time seems to have gone on the South African assizes than on Boko Harum’s atrocity, or most other news stories.

    Now a sensible report has surfaced, taking due measure of the hogwash, and it is well worth reading.  I append the link.

  • ross1948 6:00 pm on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    JKT 48 – At Monas? Sunday? 26th October? 

    A lot of question marks, because I’m only going on the many big banners I saw on the roadsides as I toddled around Jakarta today!

    So no guarantees!
    But they definitely did say that lively gang of lovelies would be commencing a performance at 5pm on Sunday, so if we get another brilliant sunny day, I may try to make it there.


    • -




    The publicity indicates it’s in connection with the Festival City Marathon.

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    Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French! 

    Yeah, guess who never took French at school!

    Next time I meet a Frenchman, or, more agreeably, a French gal, I really want to buy that lucky person a drink.


    • Beaujolais_Nouveau_wine
    • ================
    • Why?

    “If you can kill a disbelieving American or European – especially the spiteful and filthy French – or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State, then rely upon Allah, and kill him in any manner or way however it may be.

    Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling.”


    • devil destroyed ISIS
    • ===================
    • Okay, we can allow for the fact that the ISIS pigs appear to be demonically possessed.

    But even so, one must take exception to their blatant flouting of modern PC norms, discriminating against us scrofulous Canadians, Australians, Americans, and indeed all other mangy Europeans – why no mention of the beastly Brits? – in favour of the FILTHY FRENCH!


    • ============================
    • Why should citizens of France be elevated to the top of the Kafir Pantheon?

    For pity’s sakes, what do the rest of us have to do to match them?

    Don stripey jerseys, berets, wrap strings of onions around our necks?


    • Must we eat snails and/or frogs’ legs for breakfast? 





    Solidarite! We’re just as filthy as any Frenchie!

  • ross1948 11:17 am on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , First Amendment, Freedom From Religion Foundation, In God We Trust, Kenneth Cooper Middle School, Oklahoma, religon, religous liberty, School-prayer, US Constitution,   

    Offended in America – Anti-God Squad Runs Amok! 

    “It is our information and understanding that in the Kenneth Cooper Middle School office hangs a religious poster with an image entitled, ‘Faith in America’ by Donald Zolan,” stated FFRF staff attorney Andrew Seidel to begin his plea for the print’s removal. “The image features two children with their hands clasped in prayer, with an American flag background.”




    In an attempt to bring his argument to an elevated level, Seidel contends that even if the young boy and girl portrayed in the painting are not actuality praying — but merely clasping their hands together — the existence of the painting at the school would still violate the Frist Amendment, calling for it to be purged from campus.


    'Faith in America' by F. Zolan THIS has the FFRF freakos upset?


    That buncha skunks, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is beyond a joke.

    founding fathers


    Can we – you or I or anyone with an ounce of sense – really be expected to believe that the same men who declared that certain inalienable rights were bestown on Americans by their Creator actually understood the First Amendment, or ANY part of the American Constitution, to outlaw a picture like that above.


    Seidel apparently insists that “ the painting discriminates against those who don’t pray.”

    God save us from dangerous dolts.

    Where does Seidel get the big bucks needed to crusade against God?

    Does he ever stop to read what’s printed on those dollars?



    I have not given much attention to the upcoming elections in the USA, largely because my many readers there have plenty of home-grown sites to advise and inspire them on the issues and candidates.


    But give the way the Enemy Within has been waging war on all the values on which America was built, I DO recommend that decent Americans get out and vote to roll back the tide of subversion.


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    Tags: Brussels, Cast-Iron Cameron, , Extra 2 billion   

    Cast-Iron Quivers, As EUSSR Orders UK Rip-Off! 

    A Downing Street source said: “It’s not acceptable to just change the fees for previous years and demand them back at a moment’s notice.


    • EUSSR red
    • =================
    • “The European Commission was not expecting this money and does not need this money and we will work with other countries similarly affected to do all we can to challenge this.”
    • =================================

    But the Guardian headline is accurate -

    UK ordered to pay extra €2.1bn into European Union budget by December


    Note- Not asked, not urged, not advised – ORDERED!




    And all Cameron can say is that ‘we’ll do all we can?‘ If he were serious about resistance, he would state very precisely that Britain will NOT pay.

    He’ll cave in, of course, pay up, because his bosses have ORDERED him to do so. If HMV in Brussels is in benign mode, he may be allowed a face-saving few million reduction, so he can go forth bleating about his glorious struggle.  

    But it makes us realise all the more clearly what a bare-faced liar he is, as when he said only a few days ago.

    I’m very clear about who the boss is, about who I answer to and it is the British people. PM: British people are ‘the boss 

    Yes, well, let’s see if he refuses to carry out his REAL bosses’ orders.


    DariusIOfPersia1 ‘Here it is, O ,Mighty Ones, all two billion of it.’


    Then Brits can make up their minds, if they haven’t already twigged, on Cameron’s real relationship with the EUSSR.

  • ross1948 10:22 am on October 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Printpack and Sign Expo, Jakarta, 28/31 October 

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