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  • ross1948 9:19 am on October 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    O Canada – Love It Or Leave It! 

     Canadians must now realise, so sadly, that there is a cancer in their country which needs to be excised. Australians are in the same boat.


    • Canada_Coat_of_Arms
    • The brutal, and typically cowardly, hit-and-run attack on two soldiers as they walked through a parking lot in Quebec (killing one of the victims, injuring the other) has been identified as the work of a follower of what we hould define as a satanic sectarian ideology which  should be outlawed across the civilised world.

    It would be horrifying enough if it had been done by some swine originating in faraway lands, or the offspring thereof, people like Killer Khadr.


    Khadr-attending-a-hearing-at-Guantanamo-Bay Killer Khadr


     But the monster pictured below, a photo taken when when he was still a normal human being, is not only Canadian-born but, from his name, Martin Rouleau-Couture, comes from the ethnic group which has been in Canada since before my own ancestors migrated there in the early 19th century.


    Facebook The leering face of evil


    The suspect was described by Canadian authorities as someone they believed had become “radicalized.” 

    • treason

    Unfortunately, Canada has abandoned the proper penalty for treason. These satanic sectarians are traitors and should be hanged. In this case, the police who pursued the pig  did catch up with him and shot him dead – good!

    It’s time the rest of them were rounded up and dealt with appropriately. Internment is an initial option. If they resist arrest, the order should be – shoot to kill.

    One might too easily say that the only good terrorist is a dead one, but that’s not so. When they die, if there is justice in the after-life, they will burn in Hell, which is where they and their evil ideology belong.


    TarekTarek  Fatah


    I’ve just been listening to Tarek Fateh, a good Canadian Muslim, denouncing the way ‘clerics’ condemn individual instances of violence but fail to debunk the jihadist nonsense that ‘radicalises’ people. There’s much to do to cleanse Canada.

    Prior to that, in this world not the next, jihadists should not be afforded any opportunity to commit more crimes.

    Take them out, take them down, put them out, put them down.



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    JEX, Jogja Education Expo, October 26/28th 

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    Kobane – How Come No Huge Demos Like We Saw About Gaza? 

    Noticed on the news last night, that at last Turkey has been shamed into letting help get through to Kobane.

    And that leads me to look at a very good article in IBT, from a guy with the Quilliam Foundation  in which he asks the question that must have occurred to more than just yours truly.

    Remember all those ranting rabbles in London and other Western capitals, fulminating against Israel for its retaliation against the Hamas terrorists?

    Most of them had no personal connection with the Middle East. They had no reason to be on the streets except sectarian solidarity.



    But strangely, the Kurds now fighting heroically against the satanic ISIS vermin, in and around Kobane, and elsewhere, hear no news of massive street protests in Western cities on their behalf. Yet what religion do most Kurds practise? Same as the Gazans!

    So how come nothing like the massive protests of solidarity for them that we witnessed for Gaza from mobs of cacaphonous creeps. They must have a hidden agenda, but what can it be?

    One draws one own conclusions.




    Despite some honourable exceptions, who speak up admirably, one is forced to wonder why so many who mouth lip-service dissociation from ISIS do not show TRUE responsibility, viz.

    Call for every preacher of every creed to issue declarations at Friday prayers and Sunday sermons, across the West that -

    B – No citizen, of any creed, in any country, has any right to elevate sectarian allegiance above that owed to his or her own country.

    That should sort out the sheep from the goats.

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    Tags: Bill Oddie, , , immigration, UAF, , undesirable aliens   

    Racist Anti-UKIP Creep – “I’m Ashamed to be British!” – “So Leave?” – ‘Shut Up!” 

    Imagine how Old Adolf might have put it, on one of his more benign days.

    ‘The Jews are a terrible race,” or maybe, “the Slavs are a terrible race.”


    • kkkflying
    • ——————————
    • Or think too about how the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan would express his views on blacks – ‘a terrible race,’ most probably.

    Nowadays, in the UK, Brits giving vent to such opinions on other races would be liable to prosecution, fines, jail-time.

    But what about the dirty old racist creep Bill Oddie. He goes live on radio to tell the world that the BRITISH are a terrible race.


    Billoddie Hate-the-Brits Oddie


    The quote’s from The Independent, which covered this nasty old nitwit’s hate-rant against the people of the country from which he’s done very well, thank you!

    It appears Oddie has devised a controversial means of dealing with immigration; controlling the size of British families.

    The obvious reason for over-population is the crass folly (initially, perhaps, though latterly, certainly, a cultural marxist grand design) of UK governments over the past fifty years, worse since the UK was subjected to Brussels and Strasbourg..




    A tsunami of aliens, many utterly unwilling to adapt, many determined to force real Brits to adapt to barbarous practices and codes of conduct, ‘honour’ killings, child marriage, polygamy – even genital mutilation!

    Barbarous beasts!

    Yet this demented septuagenarian told a nationwide BBC radio audience that he’d blithely ignore the obvious solution, turn off the tap and start deportation of all who don’t leave savage baggage behind when they leave their home swamps.

    Instead the senescent renegade would startrestriction on the number of children that British people have …'”


    No surprise then that he followed through on his death-wish for Britain by declaring “I’m happy to say I’m not proud to be British. In fact, I’m very often ashamed to be British,” he said. “We are a terrible race, all the hooliganism and God knows what…” 

    God knows he deserves to be tarred and feathered!

    The rancid old rat was challenged by SianWilliams, who was chairing the discussion, on whether his views might prompt him to exit Britain…His response?

    He told her that she was “talking like Ukip. For God’s sake, shut up!”


    uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741 (a Cameron-supported hoodlum gang, BTW)  


    ….if people dare debate the enemy agenda, they’re ordered to shut up.

    Let’s hope UKIP don’t!


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    Tags: head-scarf, , Iriana Widodo, , , , , women's rights   

    Jakarta – Fanatics Froth At First Lady’s Non-Sectarian Style! 

    jokowi iriana 432x288 Lepas Jilbab, Iriana Jokowi Dikritik Yesterday, left, and in former times


    Delighted to see that President Jokowi’s First Lady looked great with her hair un-shrouded, at the inauguration events in  Jakarta yesterday.





    You can see for yourselves what a vast improvement removal of the head-scarf makes! The damn thing always makes them look older, too.

    And of course that goes for any woman, not just Iriana. She chose to dress in fine traditional Javanese style, which, unlike the jilbab, is not an Arab import but truly Indonesian.




    Former President SBY’s wife, Ani, also set a similarly excellent example to Indonesian women. As indeed did President Megawati who occupied the State Palace before that.



    ANY President’s wife is wise to show the world that Indonesia is NOT a backward country but a pluralist democracy in which women are NOT second-class citizens –  with nobody entitled to tell them what to wear, any more than any man.


  • ross1948 10:19 pm on October 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Al Sharpton, , crime, Ferguson Missouri, , perkadel. Jakarta, , Trayvon Martin   

    Alas, Aquarius – Missed the President’s Parade- Wish I’d Missed Sharpton! 

    There I was, all set to go see President Jokowi’s Parade downtown, but alas!



    My drinking-water dispenser ran dry.

    Not a problem, as a rule, because one only has to ring up the tukang aqua, the guy who delivers those big plastic bottles to re-fill the thing. So I did, then learned that his supplies were habis.

    The man had run out of water!

    Nothing else for it but a trip to Superindo, where I bought two large bottles, 1.5 litres each, to keep me going till that tukang restocks.

    But by the time I did that, it would have been a hopeless quest to get into the city centre – so I consoled myself with a late lunch at my warteg, where they had just made a fresh batch of perkadel (pronounced bergadel).


     Shyster Sharpton


    Now thinking about an early night, having just watched Fox News, where that slimy little prig Al Sharpton is ranting. The notoriously irresponsible agitator is outraged.


    Because, thanks to possible new evidence, that cop in Ferguson, Missouri, might actually be vindicated after he shot the hulking brute who’s being posthumousy transformed into a sainted martyr.


    • obama-trayvon
    • ooooooooooooooooooo
    • These racist slugs, Sharpton, Holder, Obama, etc.  hate presumption of innocence  – why wait for a trial?

    Right enough, the innocence of that Hispanic man in the case of the juvenile delinquent Trayvon Martin was recognised by the jury.

    But that hasn’t saved him from death threats and other racist harassment from Trayvon-like undesirables. 





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    Tags: , calypso, song,   

    Can A UKIP Calypso Make Cast-Iron Quiver? 

    Ukip Calypso


    Hilarious! Bot spot on! A new song that deserves to be a big hit, and you can get it for under a quid, or about a dollar. I read about it in today’s Guardian.

    Get Mike Read’s Ukip calypso song to number one, urges Nigel Farage

    Here’s part of the lyrics.

    : “Leaders committed a cardinal sin, open the borders let them all come in; illegal immigrants in every town, stand up and be counted Blair and Brown.

    That’s the link if you want to order it.  It’ll REALLY p##s Cameron off it rises high in the charts!

  • ross1948 1:40 pm on October 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: American Studies Association, , Israel, , Westin Resorts. Hamas   

    Juden Raus? Westin Hotels Welcome ASA Bigots – Protest! 

     It’s been 70 or 80 years since ‘Juden Raus‘ was a slogan widely heard.
    But ‘Jews Out’ is again the war-cry, not just of sectarian bigots like the Muslim Brotherhood, or terrorist gangs like Hamas, but also, it appears, among the groves of academe in the Americas.
    We posted on intolerance by so-called ‘students’ in the UK’s finest university on a day or so ago…… but these days one has to expect brain-dead undergrads to exhibit such imbecilic attitudes.
    But how about senior members of the academic community?
    In America at present, there is bitter bigotry on display, and I re-print this from TIP to explain that statement, and what you can do to register your dismay.
    Last year the American Studies Association voted to ban “representatives” from Israeli universities from participating in its academic conferences. Now the ASA wants to hold its annual meeting at the Westin Bonaventure hotel in downtown Los Angeles – with the ban still in place!
    Otherwise Westin Resorts, in violation of California’s anti-discrimination laws, will rent the rooms while the ASA keeps Israelis out of them. No other country is being subjected to this exclusionary bigotry.
    We need to send a message: There’s no place for bigoted discrimination against Israel.
    Don’t let unlawful discrimination take place at Westin Resorts
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    Jokowi’s Exclusive! But Why Choose Un-Australian Fairfax? 

    Although I repeated only yesterday my high hopes for President Jokowi, I am not so naive as to expect he’ll fulfil every well-wisher’s wish-list. Nevertheless, congratulations on his inauguration this morning. 

    I may get into town to see something of the public celebrations later.
    But it has to be said that he could have thought twice before giving his first ‘exclusive’ interview in the Aussie press to Fairfax, the virulently un-Australian media conglomerate.

    • Fairfax-Media-logo_high-res1
    • Their feverish and fatuous rants on behalf of boat bludgers are old-hat in Oz, but maybe Pak Jokowi didn’t realise how they’d frame his interview. which appears garlanded with their own pro-crimmigrant prejudicial terminology.

    They don’t make it clear what were the President’s words and what were Fairfax froth.
    For example?


    • jokowi-twitter
    • oooooooooooooooooo
    • Mr Joko raised concerns about Australia’s unilateral and confrontational asylum seeker policies and specifically warned against the possibility of Australian naval vessels venturing into Indonesian waters without permission as they did on five occasions last year. “We will give a warning that this is not acceptable,” said Mr Joko, in the exclusive Fairfax Media interview.

    Right, Fairfax – (or more appropriately, Left, Fairfax!) -First of all, NOBODY calls him Mr. Joko.  

    But more importantly…

    DID Jokowi use the words ‘unilateral and confrontational’ or is that just the Fairfax flunkeys’ ideological salad dressing?

    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • If he did use those words, then there should be quotation marks of some kind. If he didn’t, then the scribblers are open to accusations that they are mere propagandists.
    • —————-

    It might have been fairer (but thus unFairfax) to mention that Australia, far from being unilateral and confrontational, had offered all manner of cooperative partnership approaches, despite the frequency of parasite vessels being able to set sail from Indonesian ports, vessels containing packs of illegals (note- illegally here in Indonesia!)

    The Jakarta Government’s unilateral failure to deport these crimmigrants back to where they belong, and the same Government’s parallel failure to stop many of them launching illegal incursions against Australia, were not Abbott’s ( or even his Labor predecessor’s) fault but retiring President SBY’s.

    His security forces were quite capable of doing the job, but he cancelled cooperation.

    Indonesia – ‘Asylum’ Q-Jumpers Hunted – Good Show! 

    • crimmigration
    • One must hope Jokowi would propose to remedy these defects in the field of working together. After all, Oz continued to provide huge amounts of aid to Indonesia, even whilst SBY instigated his policy of non-cooperation.

    • In return for those millions of dollars, Jokowi could at least have told his Fairfax flunkey interviewers that he was going to make a goodwill gesture and return those wonderful orange life-boats used to turn around the scumbags caught by the Royal Australian Navy!
    • ===
    • !
    • ======

    But one must presume he was ‘briefed’ by Mealy-Mouth Marty Natalegawa before the interview. There are rumours that SBY’s Foreign Minister will be kept on, despite his record.
    The only nice thing to say, if that were to happen, is that at least Marty would be a slightly better bet than the strident anti-Oz xenophobe, Juwana, that shrill academic.


    marty Mealy-mouth!


    Better than Loud-mouth?

    Not much to choose, but if Jokowi can’t find somebody more friendly to Australia, looks like that’s the choice he’ll have to make.


    And whoever gets the job should make a pledge to work with Australia on this issue, prevent parasites embarking, accept back those that do so and get caught by Oz, and, most importantly…

    ROUND THEM ALL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    Apparently there are hordes of alien wasters skulking around Puncak and other parts of West Java!  

    Indonesia’s Illegals – Fine Photos, Far-Fetched Narratives! 




    Stick ‘em in a common cell-block in an Indonesian prison and we’d soon see many eager applications for repatriation to whence they originally oozed.


    out with them


  • ross1948 8:42 am on October 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Semarang Wedding Expo, 30th October – 2nd November 

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