Barbarians At The Gate – No Macedonian Mattresses, Please!



Even the Guardian admits the savages are in attack mode!

Migrants on the Greek-Macedonian border have attacked police with stones, enraged by the sight of Macedonian authorities erecting a fence along the border.

Migrants attack Macedonian police  

Whose border is it? Whose country is it?

The arrogant horde already bestride a stricken Greece, where the communist Tsipras has long since abandoned his courageous predecessors’ efforts to prevent invasion.    

Now these unwanted aliens are making war on the Macedonians, ‘enraged’ because the small Balkan nation DARES to defend itself.

Good,  that Macedonia is fighting back, and we must hope that this time they don’t buckle to harangues from Europe’s enemies, as happened before.

Traitors like Ephialtes Guttierez ‘Asylum’ Tsunami – Ephialtes Guterres Betrays Europa! and his slimy little boss Moon, whose aversion to serious military endeavour we have noted before…



…will by now be a-shrilling on the crimmigrants’ behalf.

All patriots from the North Sea to the Black Sea should be singing from the same song-sheet.

  • shoot terrs
  • But let’s not forget the Mediterranean theatre of war!


Last week, similar savages stormed the Spanish enclave at Meliila – not for the first time  Savage Onslaught Against Europe! Melilla Stormed by Migrant Mob!   Solidarity With Spain, As Savages Storm A Border! 

– and although Morocco behaved responsibly, preventing some of the rabble from reaching the fence, around 30 people still reached it and clambered onto the railings.. 

Happily only two crimmigrants got into Spain, and encouragingly, one man was seriously injured when he fell from the metres-high fence.

But while we praise Moroccan security forces, what can we say about the dam-fool Spaniards who decided to give aid and comfort to the enemy.


  • ceuta_melilla_map203


Did the Allies send bullet-proof vests to Hitler’s forces before D-Day?  

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  • Of course, the EUSSR would be on the enemy side – as ever!
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Invasion! So Brussels Stabs Spain in the Back! 

But Madrid should tell Brussels to get stuffed.
This feather-bedding nonsense is only going to encourage more swarms of primitives to attempt invasion.
The correct equipment for handling alien incursions is machine-guns, not mattresses!
Macedonia, please note!