And Heaven Bless, The Maple Leaf Forever!

So the Senate has approved making the National Anthem match the Prime Minister.

‘O Canada’ is now to be ‘gender neutral,’ despite the entrenched opposition of some Conservative senators.

Since the Commons had already ‘overwhelmingly’ voted for the change, that’s it, once Royal Approval is given.

Seems at least one Conservative suggested letting mere citizens of Canada be consulted…

…but that was no more likely than back when Pearson changed the flag, when he asked the Opposition to knuckle under on the issue and when my kinsman, Rt, Hon. J Waldo Monteith, MP for Perth County, told him to ‘Drop Dead!’


No referendum, no consultation, just almighty politicians, we-know-best, so bye-bye, Red Ensign.

Well, I shall sing the old words, just as I have my Red Ensign here in Jakarta.

I often wonder why ‘O Canada’ was chosen over that grand old rousing anthem, ‘The Maple Leaf Forever.’

But then the know-alls would have had to re-write the whole damn thing!

The Thistle, Shamrock, Rose Entwine? – Racist!

 God Save Our Queen?   Might get through, if it’s construed as a reference to Pretty Boy Justin.

And how about bringing the flag up to date?

With Turdo welcoming back evil scum from the ISIS rape-gang…


Hasil gambar untuk canada ISIS flag


… will he now seek to have some element of their satanic death-cult incorporated into Canada’s emblem, just to make them feel more at home?