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  • ross1948 20:30 on March 14, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Watch The Condescending Arrogance Of This ‘Teacher!’ 

    First, if you have time – it’s a long article – read this excellent article about how a country’s history is vulnerable to sabotage by evil people working with ignoramuses…


    …then take note of the know-all intellectual snob in the story below.

    If you have ever wondered what your child’s teachers think of you….



    ….if they even understand that the children are YOUR children…



    …not wards of the almighty state to be force-fed whatever hogwash ideologies their indoctrinators may think fit…



    VIDEO  During a legislative debate on education, an Arizona teacher said: “We all have advanced degrees.

    “What do the parents have?

    “Are we vetting the backgrounds of our parents?

    “Are we allowing the parents to choose the curriculum and the books our children are going to read?

    “I think it’s a mistake.”  WATCH





    No Further Comment!

  • ross1948 15:45 on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Tell This Woke-Wonk – ‘Take Off Yer Jackboots!’ 

    Woke hospital foundation to relocate Thomas Guy statue despite public rejecting plans.


    The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation which owns the statue claims it has a “duty” to move the statue and to install a plaque highlighting founder Thomas Guy’s historic links to the slave trade more than three centuries ago.

    More PC hogwash, exposed thanks to Foxhole!

    But more to the point…

    Who the Hell is Kieron Boyle?

    Kieron Boyle

    We know he’s ‘Chief Executive’ at the Guy’s Gang, aka the ‘charitable foundation’, which is gearing up to denigrate Guy, the founder, by shifting his statue in the wake of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, despite 75 per cent of the public rejecting the plans during its consultation.


    So much for democratic consultation!

    Boyle and his little ‘charity’ in-crowd, arrogant creeps, ask people what they think, then, if they won’t kow-tow to the BLM racist agenda…

    …they just tell them, ever so politely, to get stuffed!

    Oh, and we know his email address..

    kieron.boyle@gsttfoundation.org.uk..and his work number  02070894552

    And here’s his deputy’s  –  catherine.cullen@gsttfoundation.org.uk

    And his Chief Investor Adviser – ethan.hall@gsttfoundation.org.uk

    The foundation’s review claimed that there was “a growing belief that history has to be ‘decolonised’” –-

    Oh yeah?

    Growing among whom?

    Obviously not among people who care, otherwise there might have been 75 per cent in favour of the appeasement of BLM whiners, rather than 75 per cent opposed!

    But Boyle and his comrades think they know better than most people.


    Like many organisations in Britain, slavery is part of our history, and we believe we have a duty to address its legacies… 

    Thus they felt up to making decisions on the statues of Sir Robert Clayton and Thomas Guy based on a strong understanding of the facts, and the views held about them….



    So the lefty wokers’ ‘understanding of the facts’ was strong?

    Obviously stronger than that of the mere majority?

    It didn’t take long to dig out that Boyle’s very much a political animal, designated a ‘Young Global leader’ in 2014 by the globalists who run the World Economic Forum.

    He has worked at No.10 Downing Street (with which PM?) and did a stint at the Foreign Office!

    An establishment elitist par execellence…



    …,so no wonder he elevates his infinitely superior opinions over what the common people think.

    This man’s arrogance should not go unchallenged.

    Use those email addresses!

    Tell the elitists what you think!


    With that Hancock gone from the Health slot in the Cabinet….

    Hancock Shoulda Quit AGES Ago!

    ...can we expect the new Secretary of State to sanction Boyle and the other pinkos…

    …and use the government’s considerable leverage to get this disgusting move reversed. 

    Probably not, but another email, to that Secretary of State, costs nothing!


    • Chrissie Miles 11:22 on September 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Boyle is the boss and has to carry the can, but I just saw this in The Times so it”s probable the wokers had a new ‘nasty in the woodpile’ who pushed forward the left’s agenda.

      Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, chief executive of Oxfam GB, was appointed as a trustee in April last year. That June the foundation said that it would remove the statue of Guy from public view.

      In the same month, Sriskandarajah had discussed the removal of the statues of Cecil Rhodes in an article for The Guardian

      … ..

      As you have said before, never give a penny to Oxfam!


  • ross1948 18:18 on May 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: agist prejudice, , , elitist arrogance, subconscious manipulation of voters   

    Please Read My Blog – Be ‘Subconsciously Manipulated!’ 

    Some people have suggested I don’t always exhibit subtlety in my blog, citing my delight in using terms like ‘pinko creep’ and ‘filthy savages.’



    Guilty, Your Honour!

    In defence, or mitigation, I might plead ‘veritas,’ the legal argument that what I say is true.

    Or I could simply say ‘tit-for-tat.’

    Since patriots in every land are daily insulted with defamatory jibes about how they are ‘far-right,’ or ‘phobes’ of one brand or another, why not retaliate?

    Goose-Gander, yeah?

    But other Brexit fans are being accused of intolerably subtle offences.

    And by an ‘academic,’ no less!

    ….the voters were ‘subconsciously manipulated’ by the party’s logo.


    Image result for brexit party logo



    By God, those Brexiteers are devilish clever!

    And Brainy Bentall is going to report the blighters!

    He has written to the Electoral Commission to complain.

    Smart move, Brainy.

    Image result for unfair

    That Commission is stuffed with biased anti-Brexit bigots…

    •  …four of the commissioners, including the chairman, had made pronouncements on Brexit since the referendum – all of them backing Remain.

    • …so who knows what bizarre ruling they might make!

    • However, my point in writing about this is the sheer contempt in which ordinary normal Brits are held by ‘intellectuals’ – as if when we walk into the polling booth, we are so dim-witted that we don’t know who we want to vote for…

    • =
    • =
    • …or, if we are still making up our minds, a design on the ballot paper wll make up our minds for us.

    • =
    • =
    • What’s the odds that, once the good Brexit Party guys and gals win success at this election, the Enemy Within will restart their post-referendum shrilling about how the man in the street and his wife were too stupid to understand what they were voting for, but that elitists will ‘up the ante’ with calls for a review of the right to vote!

    • All those who reach retirement age will have their names removed from the electoral rolls….or worse…..

      CELEBRATION of old people dying – Daily Express

      https://www.express.co.uk › News › UK  Jan 18, 2019

      …while just to make sure…

    • =
    • Related image
    • …..

    • …why not the introduction of weighted voting, an extra vote afforded to graduates in sociology or media studies!

    • Just kidding…maybe.

    • Noreen Paterson 19:19 on May 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He has worked out that the BP designed a logo that might help them get votes.
      Outstanding intellect.
      None of us mortals could manage that deduction.
      I do love how he thinks anti-Brexit voters might be influenced by the logo to vote Brexit. He must have a very low opinion of anti-Brexit voters’ brain-power.

      How do we go about getting professorial jobs?
      It must be easy.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 21:47 on May 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You make no effort at all to be subtle, Ross, but you are aware of how to subconsciously manipulate.
      It’s not a new technique, hammer away at your enemies and get those phrases into the heads of the readers.
      Even I now watch BBC and say to myself ‘pinko creep’ when their journalists slip into bias, as they do a lot of the time.


  • ross1948 16:36 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ' Kristin Rose-Möhring, 'equality commissioner, , elitist arrogance, gender-neutral anthem, , , , , ,   

    What Next – Britannia As Bearded Lady? 

    The parasitic ‘equality’ industry, droning bureaucrats perpetually leeching off tax-payers, upsetting normal people and delighting ‘diversity freaks, has been turning its guns on national anthems.

    Not content with their Canadian battalion meddling with ‘O Canada…’

    And Heaven Bless, The Maple Leaf Forever! 

    …a nonsense perpetrated, as ever, with no involvement of real Canadians, either by referendum or even one of those dissimulative ‘consultations’  elitists around the world like to talk about…

    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 


     Ministers accused of ‘sham’ consultation over gay marriage – Telegraph

    the German government’s equality commissioner made headlines by suggesting that it was time to make the national anthem less macho.

    Should Germany get rid of the word ‘fatherland’ from its national anthem?

    oHasil gambar untuk Kristin Rose-Möhring

    Kamerad Kristin


    It’s important to note that the ‘commissioner,’ Kristin Rose-Möhring, is not some neutral civil servant – if that phrase is not oxymoronic these days – but a committed Socialist, from the same SPD that spawned anti-democratic intolerants like Heiko Maas.

    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    Please note, ‘discrimination’ is unspeakably awful if practiced against anyone, EXCEPT patriotic dissenters

    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    So scant surprise that she believes it is high time that Germany changes the wording of its national anthem to make it more gender equal..

    “It wouldn’t really hurt and it would befit the recent establishment of a ministry for building and the homeland.”

    The old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it,’ comes to mind.

    Watching German soccer fans at the World Cup, I didn’t notice any frau or fraulein writhing with shame or humiliation as they sang the words of their national hymn.


    Gambar terkait


    …but of course neither they nor any other ordinary German citizen will ever get to vote on this inane proposal.

    Germany is so enchained by elitism that the people were never even given a vote on the Constitution imposed on them after WW2!

    How Dare German Patriots Offer The People Democracy!

    But meanwhile, if this dementia spreads, how about the UK?


    Rule Britannia?

    She’s a lady!

    Will we soon get British pinko nutjobs, local equivalents of Kamerad Kristin in Germany, porcine snouts gouging the public purse…



    …wasting time and tax-payers’ money, proposing that she get a brand-new transgender freak make-over?



    • I’m joking, of course, but in the bright millennial Brave New World, anything we say as satire today can become nightmarish reality tomorrow!

    • Noreen Paterson 20:10 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have to agree.
      Things we would never have imagined possible when we went to school are now taken as commonplace
      And I don;t mean space travel!


    • Pamela 21:53 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You forget, Ross, that the de-gender craze only works one way. Only men are offended by Britain’s personification being female, so who cares?
      Not the equality industry you refer to.
      The reality is that no sane British man has ever felt slighted by Britannia.
      But what sane people think about things doesn’t enter into ‘diversity’ strategies, does it?
      Any more than those happy young German girls were even vaguely discontented with their national anthem!


    • Marty Nagel 22:50 on March 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Kamerad Kristin reminds me of that Porkahontas we had who went on hunger strike but kept drinking soup all the way through it.
      I was reading what you said about her when I was going over some of your Canadian stories and that one made me laugh.
      What they did to our national anthem made me angry but Canada is the same as Germany, we get no vote on these things.
      I sure hope the Germans raise hell.


      • Arnold 18:25 on March 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Sad but true, Marty.
        We Canadians been kicked around ever since Turdo Senior’s time. His ‘son’ or do we now got to say ‘non-gender-identifiable child,’ has taken great pains to finish the goddam job. ‘

        If we had referendums through the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s we would would still had capital punishment, the old flag and anthem none of this censorship on anybody speaks against ‘gay’ rights or multicult migration.
        I personally believe Canada is passed the point of no return but I never give up hope.
        We owe that to the generations who made Canada so much better to live in than the mess it is today.


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