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  • ross1948 01:20 on March 8, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Good For You, Pauline, Voice Of Reason. 

    . …


    While Dutton threshes about, apologising for being made of sturdier stuff in the past, when you’d think he would by now have taken a principled stand against Albo The Vole’s Voice….

    Oz Bias Channel – Exactly Who Is Refusing To Clarify? 

    ….at least one brave Aussie legislator is not afraid to savage the Labor scheme to racialise her country’s constitution.




    Of course I’m talking about One Nation’s Pauline Hanson!

    And here she is, talking tons of dense

    • Carly McLean 03:09 on March 8, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      She is a real battler. .Some of the Nationals are good but she is the best


    • Uncle Oz 05:40 on March 9, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      She always speaks for us.


    • Keith Milner 11:22 on March 9, 2023 Permalink | Reply

      She’s the best!


  • ross1948 23:30 on June 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Congratulations, Pauline! 

    Just about to hit the pit, tired from bussing around Jakarta much of the day,  though careful to avoid the fanatic demo…

    ….when I got the great news that Pauline Hanson is back in the Australian Senate!.



    It was a close call, but in an election where so many previously rational people voted for wokos and  weirdos like the Greens and the Mauves/Purples…sorry…’Teals..’

    Turnsteer Moos Approvingly At Turquoise ‘Independents!’ 

    .. it’s reassuring that the One Nation leader will be there to keep ’em on their toes!


  • ross1948 05:16 on June 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Mother of the Year, Pauline Hanson   

    Congratulations, Pauline! 

    No, I’m not jumping the gun, as we wait for the slow, ever-so-slow, vote-count in the senatorial elections.



    …but rather I’m playing catch-up, since it was a month ago that, to the indignation of Australia’s lousiest left elements, Pauline Hanson was declared Mother of the Year.

    The title used to be awarded by the ‘charity’ Barnardo, but they too can be classified as leftist….

    Barnardo’s Donation? Bad Idea! NO To Politicised Charities! 

    – as Brits will be unsurprised to learn –

    ….since they junked the honour because motherhood is an unwoke concept, and Barnardo apparently want to make sure co-habiting sexual deviants don’t feel exluded!


    I missed all the above, preoccupied with other news, but now, as Pauline fights for her political life, I offer congratulations on the award….

    …and best wishes in the vote-count!



  • ross1948 03:30 on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Oz Labor Lacks Humour? Or Truth Hurts! 

    What an ill-tempered reaction to that very attractive truck…




    .. from the Western Australian State Premier, childishly abusing those who had their truck parked near his residence as ‘morons’ and ‘idiots.’

    It seems to me the truck’s message is perfectly legitimate….



    …much more so than a lot of the biased hogwash heard on the tax-funded ABC…

    Desperate’ Scomo? ABC Probyn’s Bias Rant!

    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC

    …which Labor probably adores.

    And I say that as a frequent critic of Scott Morrison.

    I used to think he was a good guy….



    …but his wibbling and wobbling have repelled me.

    Despite his colleague’s recognition of reality…


    Image result for pro-beijing sydney

    Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 

    ….Scomo has not, as far as we know, deported many – any? – of the red scum seen yammering for evil on Australian streets.

    Even when he turns decisive, his most recent turn was not towards the side of right, but to sabotage the rightwing lady senator who was let down so badly.

    There is, moreover, his disgraceful disdain for the rights of that school to require decent moral standards among staff and students. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/pm-flags-amendment-to-religious-discrimination-bill-to-protect-lgbtiq-students-20220203-p59tga.html

    Easy to say he had to appease creepy leftist legislators in his own parliamentary caucus –



    – but why hasn’t he exercised his infamous “captain’s pick” against those pinkos instead of putting the boot into Senator Concetta?

    So for whose electoral success should we hope?

    Up to my Aussie readers…


    …but I still like Pauline!

    • Uncle Oz 08:50 on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Pauline is trustworthy.
      I can’t say the same for many other politicians.


    • Carly McLean 09:18 on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Scomo, Albo, neither one of them impresses, so I am inclined to agree with you, Pauline stands up for us.


  • ross1948 10:38 on August 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Pauline Hanson, Please Explain, Poll on PC censorship   

    Pauline’s Poll -Enjoy! 

    Here’s a good poll, for those of you who, unlike me, are still on Facebook!



    You need to go to Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain page, where the famous Australian battler warns of what the crack-pot BLM bigots might soon be targetting!

    Now that the leftists have cancelled cheese and lollies they will be looking for their next target.
    Rumour has it that “Smarter White Milk” was top of the list but “Australian White Potatoes” has emerged as a dark horse.
    Which do you think will be next to go, the intolerant lactose or the supremacist spud?
    If you think there is a third option that deserves to be here feel free to let me know. Remember, there are no stupid suggestions just stupid activists.

    Intolerant Lactose

    Intolerant Lactose

    Supremacist Spuds

    Supremacist Spuds
    This poll ends in 6 days


  • ross1948 10:46 on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , drug addicts, English/Arabic PA system, , Melbourne Housing Commission towers, Pauline Hanson,   

    Oz Left Try Trumpophobe Smear Tactics On Pauline! 


    ..how can anyone forget, it’s been bandied about so often and still is…

    …the Media-Democrat Big Lie, that Trump called ‘Mexicans rapists.’

    He didn’t of course.

    Even here in Indonesia, we had the knee-jerk lefty jerks…

    …at the Jakarta Post, babbling about the hoary old hoax! that Trump – “had made numerous statements (e.g. Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists)”

    Ill-Informed Jakarta Post Leftists Snarl At Trump 


    Hasil gambar untuk goebbels lies

    I supposed then that the JP was following the Dr. Goebbels strategy.

    If they are not deliberately lying, they must be pig-ignorant, because even most non-journo-jerk citizens in the USA are aware of the truth.



    Trump didn’t!

    As we said, back then, JP editors plainly only read stuff that reinforces their left prejudices.


    One of the most oft-repeated canards that the Media-Democrat Party likes to spew up  when they run out of fresh spittle-flecked spite is the bare-faced lie that President Trump called ‘Mexicans’ (or sometimes ‘Mexican migrants’ ) either ‘rapists’ and/or ‘criminals.’




    He was talking not about Mexicans in general, nor about Mexican immigrants in general, but about CRIMMIGRANTS from Mexico…


    …and he was damn right, and still is!

    Now the pinko creep media in Oz are adapting that strategy, the strategy of the dirty lie, to smear Pauline Hanson.



    Here’s just one example, but there are more, and will be many more still!

    …in a fiery segment she called the tower residents “drug addicts” who should have learnt English before coming to Australia.


    If you actually take the time, and are interested in what Senator Hanson said, you’ll see that she didn’t call the ‘tower residents’ as a whole anything, but noted that there would be drug addicts among them…

    .“The fact is a lot of them are drug addicts as well…”

    …so how many is lots?


    …and has anyone shown that her words were  inaccurate?

    Has the media’s fave ‘resident got numbers to refute Pauline Hanson’s?

    Who Is Hulya Alun? A Melbourne Marxist? 

    She also said that some of them could not even speak basic English.




    And that latter assertion is now proven, with the revelation that the public address system uses both English and ARABIC!


    • Mel Henderson 17:13 on July 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The Left have been very successful with their big lie about Trump, but if we catch this new falsehood they want to use again Pauline Hanson, I mean catch it early enough, they might be the ones embarrassed.


  • ross1948 08:07 on July 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Melbourne migrants, Pauline Hanson,   

    It Was No ‘Rant!’ Pauline Hanson Told The Truth! 

    No need for me to elaborate, on the One Nation leader’s sensible analysis of the situation in Melbourne, where ‘migrant’-colonised areas have had to be locked down.


    Pauline Hanson

    We have seen the same disregard for the well-being of the general community by alien settlers in other countries too…

    Globalist Media Hide The OTHER ‘German’ Riot! 

    …so for the media, or the left’s politically-motivated ‘NGO’ gangs, to seek to condemn Pauline Hanson’s expression of dismay as a ‘rant?’



    Covering up the truth is as indefensible as the whining we hear from locked-down residents.

    It’s their behaviour that’s been deplorable!


    • Keith Milner 08:50 on July 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Everybody knows she got it right, even the journos and the ngo crowd but they will not say so in public.
      Her popularity is soaring among the real people.


    • Keith Milner 11:30 on July 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      After I sent my comment, we got a sure sign she was telling the truth, she’s been censored.
      Her regular spot has been pulled for not getting on the politically correct band-wagon.
      The media elite is up in arms.
      We are all so bored of journos that make excuses for ‘migrants’ instead of telling them to shape up!


    • Fran Frelno 12:56 on July 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I see she has now been deprived of her place on the channel she told the truth on.
      Their excuse is that she made ‘divisive’ and ill-informed’ comments.
      In Australian democracy, any people who don’t follow the establishment script are abused as ‘divisive.’
      Is that not a very strange form of democracy? Divisions of opinions are the whole point of holding democratic elections.

      In what way is she ‘ill-informed?’
      Obviously none of the ‘migrant’ residents will admit to being a drug-addict, but it would be easy for any serious, professional reporter to go around these ugly Housing Commission towers and knock on doors, asking to speak to each adult.
      There used to be a rule for people wishing to make their homes in Australia, demanding a good command of English.
      It was applied to my grandparents, or so they told me.
      If true, I think that has been ignored by the authorities for a long time.


  • ross1948 13:49 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Larissa Waters Green Party, Pauline Hanson, , totalitarian mind-set green   

    Oz Intolerance – Greens Detest Dissent! 

    Anyone who ever takes a close look at Green parties tends to recoil in horror as the reality of Green extremism becomes clear.


    We have examined their affinity with censorious aversion to free and fair democratic practices, and how they share the cultural marxist agenda of decadence, long before this latest episode…

    Greens Fear Scots May Hear Both Sides On Climate!  

    Debate With AfD Patriots? Red/Green Comrades Bottle Out! 

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens

    Britain’s Sleazy Greens – Pervert Polygamy Next? 



    ….but their sheer jackboot intolerance has rarely been expressed so brazenly as last week, in Australia’s Senate, when their spokesperson, Larissa Waters, hurled this telling barb at Pauline Hanson.


    The One Nation leader was, railed Waters –

    “a regular bringer of dissent into this place”

    Well, so much for democracy!

    If Greens ever gain power, no more nonsense about disagreement with the powers-that-be!


    Senator Larissa Waters has come under fire for a controversial Instagram post. Picture: Gary Ramage

    Larissa Waters .


    I don’t know a lot about Comrade Waters but she is presumably literate and must understand the meaning of the crime she imputes to Ms. Hanson...

    dis·sent. /dəˈsent/ noun

    the expression or holding of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held.
    “there was no dissent from this view…

    Hell, Waters isn’t so much a cultural marxist as a bloody Stalinist!

    Nor was Labor’s notorious lesbian much better.

    Penny Wong said her party agreed with denying formality to the Hanson motion because it was “not appropriate to spend this Senate’s time inciting division”.


    Wong is unspeakable but she’s not unintelligent. She is fully aware that when there is a vote taken in parliament, it’s done by a formal division.

    If there is no division, then it’s hardly a parliament at all – just legislative lock-step!


    So Labor’s Senate leader, like Comrade Waters, believes legislators must be unanimous.

    Like the good old Supreme Soviet, nobody daring to challenge the ruling class’s ideology? But Comrade Wong does seem to have a problem with plain English.

    Asserting black lives matter isn’t saying that other lives do not matter…”

    In which case, why not say so?

    PS – in fairness, Wong warbled along with an outburst of the cultural marxist verbiage taken from the same song-sheet used by the rabble mob orchestrators around the world since last month,

    It is responding to a systemic structural problem where black lives are not given equal value….”

    And that is a bare-faced lie.

    What individual haters think, bitter bigots like the American Don Lemon, who denies real racism when it stares him in the face…

    “F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

    …is up to them.


    But there are no built-in racist structures in Australia, no racist system – if anything, Oz errs in the opposite direction…

    …with that ruinous multicult ideology used by malevolent misfits, as well as marxists, to alleviate the weight of the numerous chips on their shoulders.


    • Keith Milner 15:11 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I prefer when you publish Australia material early in the day, Ross, so I can let my pals in Adelaide know. No worries, this is good.
      Greens are all for free speech, as long it is what they want to hear.


  • ross1948 14:36 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , mattias cormann, , Pauline Hanson   

    UK Needs A Hanson, Not A Johnson! All Lives Matter! 

    One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has had her motion of ‘All Lives Matter’ denied in the Senate…

    ‘I’m fighting for equality’: Pauline Hanson furious as All Lives Matter motion denied

    What a slimy lot in the Australian parliament!


    After the BLM rabble befouled the streets of most Australian cities, their hoodlum character on show when a lone brave counter-protester held up a placard saying ‘All Lives Matter…

    BLM Hate-Mob Enraged By Aussie ‘All Lives Matter’ Protest! …’

    Courageous counter-protester

    ..the ruling political class closed ranks to shut down a call for the re-assertion of Aussie ‘fair go’ values.


    Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said there were no commercial options to make the trip.

    Mathias Cormann


    ….Leader of the Government in the Senate, Mathias Cormann moved to deny debate…all senators voting with him…



    …Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts the only two supporting the ‘All Lives Matter’ motion.

    What a swarm of jellyfish they are!


    As Bad as Britain’s Bojo!

    • Uncle Oz 14:51 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I was waiting since morning for this.
      I knew you would turn up with something good to read about this.
      Cormann tries to talk tough but he’s just another galah!


    • Noreen Paterson 17:09 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      She is one of the few MPs in either country who is speaking up for Western values.


    • Poole Patriot 17:38 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I hope you will give us a cheer if we can get organised here in Poole. For all your overseas readers, we are in Dorset, England and ‘our’ local councillors have told the local lefties they are going to remove the statue of Baden Powell ‘temporarily. ‘
      We want to keep it and we don’t trust the council.
      If they want to take their time while they make up their minds, then why move it?
      All they do by moving it now is encourage the unpatriotic left to expect more.
      I personally believe they want to shove it in some cellar or warehouse and hope people forget about it.
      We don’t trust the police either.
      Sending you a newspaper story.


    • Ned A 22:18 on June 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Johnson has let us all down.


  • ross1948 09:40 on September 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Nick Xenophon, NXT, , Pauline Hanson   

    ” ‘Fair and Balanced’ is Fraught with Difficulty!’ “ 

    Now if a broadcasting organisation, or any part of the media, faced demands that they stage a studio interview with the Loch Ness Monster, certainly THAT would be ‘fraught with difficulty.’

    Gambar terkait

    But for an  Australian politician – in this case Nick Xenophon, of the self-effacingly named NXT -Nick Xenophon Team!)…


    Gambar terkait


    …to use such words about the tax-funded ABC is either a piece of prize cheek or a recognition that the parasite broadcasters are incapable of falling into either category.


    Like this far-left gargoyle, who remains unfired despite her gross bias displayed live on tv..

    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC’s Public Purse? 

    Virginia Trioli 



    Like ABC’s Jakarta cur, who was delighted to report, with no evidence to back up their lies…

    • abc treachery

    The First Cut is the Sweetest – But Best to Axe ABC Entirely! 

    …the vile accusations levelled by crimmigrant boat-bludgers against the Royal Australian Navy?

    I’m not too au fait with Mr. Xenophon’s ideological leanings.

    But I am aware of Pauline Hanson’s, and whatever one thinks of her overall programme, she is absolutely right with the points she made this week…

    “The ABC receives over $1bn a year from the Australian taxpayer,” she said during Wednesday’s Senate debate. “We are not all leftwing bleeding hearts wanting to open our borders to illegals and refugees.

    “We are not all supporters of gay marriage. We are not all supporters of corrupt unions and socialist agendas.



    “We are not all supporters of becoming a republic.

    “And we are definitely not all supporters of destroying our Australian identity, culture and way of life to continue the push for multiculturalism and forever saying sorry.”

    Coalition signals it will negotiate with One Nation over curbs on ABC

    ..and she is absolutely to be applauded for her efforts to negotiate with the Coalition Government to get the state media cleansed of its infestation by cultural marxists.

    • Uncle Oz 12:05 on September 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Pauline is telling the truth about ABC. It is the AABC, Anti-Australian BC or the UABC, Un-Australian BC, always against us and on the wrong side.
      That Trioli woman should never have got allowed on the screens again. That ABC fool in Jakarta should have been fired too.


    • Keith Milner 12:33 on September 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I can never work out how Nick Xenophon gets away with it when he is so out of touch on things like this. Even Jackie Lambie that I quite like is shooting off her mouth about the ‘national broadcaster.’
      Doesn’t she see that ABC is never going to take the national side against the internationalists in the UN who keep telling us what we can and cannot do about illegals ?
      ABC should be renamed CAB, ‘Calling All Bludgers’ – calling them to Australia from every Third World country.


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