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  • ross1948 17:11 on October 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Spare A Thought For A Man On Trial For His Patriotism! 

     “I don’t know if this is the first time in Europe that a former minister is facing prosecution not for economic crimes, but for government action”.

    That’s what Matteo Salvini said last week as he was put on trial for doing his job as Interior Minister, for defending his country against illegal alien incursions.


    Salvini / Meloni / Tajani
    Solidarity! Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Taiani stand beside Matteo

    I won’t go into the details, which I’ve mentioned previously…

    There Are At Least 149 Slimy Pro-Crimmigrant Slugs In Rome! 

    …but I do want to keep an eye on this case, which got off to a promising start when the court ruled that a batch of Conte’s Curs, including the Italian PM and several of his deplorable ministers, would be required to attend and testify.

    They were in government with Matteo Salvini when he did his best to safeguard Italy, so questions may be asked about collective responsibility.

    It’s great to see his allies like Giorgia showing up to show solidarity.

    There’s not a lot we can do from far away, but if you are on Facebook, you could LIKE his page, which is well worth perusing…



    Assaulting a 72-year-old man from behind, kicking him with unheard of violence, crushing his face with a foot.
    For a mobile phone and a few euros….
    A disgusting crime, committed by a convicted “serial robber,” but above all wicked, inhuman, monstrous.
    Thanks to law enforcement this criminal is in jail, I hope he pays and gets expelled from our country: GO!

    .Catania, aggredisce anziano in piazza Università picchiandolo duramente: in carcere rapinatore seriale

    In Italy, A Filthy Savage Robs A 72-Year-Old Man.

    ….as I have shown you before!



  • ross1948 17:00 on May 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Boris Behind Bars? Crowd-Fund Clowns Have Crowned Him King! 

    By now you’ll have heard about the latest ludicrous stunt by Europhiliacs, but if somehow you have missed it, here’s the headline and the link.


    Miffed ... Boris Johnson.

    Boris Johnson must go to court over ‘Brexit bus lies’


    British people, like you, in your country, wherever in the world you live, have long held that politicians as a rule are given to prevarication…


    …but unless they’re caught with their hands in the public purse, there’s no fierce demand that they go to jail.

    Now that’s changing.

    Sit back and wait for the trial, which ‘Bojo’ will undoubtedly enjoy and exploit to his advantage.

    This fatuous bid to make him a martyr will backfire in his favour – his chances of winning the Tory leadership are likely to soar overnight.

    I’m no fan of his, and I like to see politicians given a hard time.

    But if we are going to start prosecuting for dishonest politically- motivated statements, how about the police pay a visit to whoever sticks those EUSSR propaganda slogans on all manner of projects across the UK.

    Image result for a funded by the european union

    Britain pays more into the EU budget than it ever gets back. Always has, and worse after Bliar screwed up Maggie’s rebate.

    To give Brussels any credit at all spending British tax-payers’ money is both misleading and offensive.

    Can somebody please initiate prosecutions for that?

    • Pamela 20:05 on May 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Your prediction will turn out to be accurate. Johnson will revel in this and his party rank and file will rally round, though many Tory MPs are worms and will crawl as fast as they can to put distance between themselves and ‘Bojo.’
      By the way, I have heard that one or two of his rivals have some revelations coming up which will do them more harm than his prosecution will do to him.

      Those EU Funding signs are very offensive to anybody who knows how much they extract from British tax payers every year.


  • ross1948 20:00 on March 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Exposing ISIS Evil Now A Crime! 

    Unbelievable, except in the decadent context of Western European liberal ‘thinking!’


    French patriot leader Marine Le Pen is facing prosecution – for publishing photographs that show the unequivocal evil of the ISIS rape-gang.

    Le Pen charged for tweeting photos of ISIS violence

    French justice is thereby rendered a sick joke, and all the more so since nobody has suggested prosecuting Theresa The Appeaser…


    Gambar terkait


    ….for her vile scheme to allow filthy jihadist savages to return the realm they betrayed to serve their satanic cause.


    • Jeanne 21:25 on March 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Macron and his Euro people cannot be satisfied that she did not win the election but want to beat her with this prosecution
      Marine is a great patriot and that is her true crime in the eyes of the collaborateurs in the National Assembly who agreed to send her to trial for truth.


    • Richard 21:43 on March 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have come to a pretty pass when tweeting puts you at risk of prison.
      For her to face this witch hunt only for showing us what ISIS is like is a perversion of the law.
      Everybody should tweet identical pictures of Islamist atrocities to show solidarity with Marine Le Pen.


  • ross1948 22:39 on January 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    No Sooner….Petition For Police Action On Toronto Liar! 

    Thanks are due in abundance to Ezra Levant, for launching the very petition we suggested just a day ago.


    Gambar terkait

    We included in our discussion of that outrageous deceit this simple question.

    “Who will organise a petition to demand a full investigation?”

    And who has stepped forward to do just that?

    None other than Canada’s most famous rebel! In fact, The Rebel had got started this excellent petition before I suggested it – just goes to show there’s no collusion involved!

    Here’s some of what he has to say.

    It was a lie. A hoax. Real 11-year-olds who were just attacked twice by a man with scissors don’t have national press conferences, with their smiling younger brother standing behind her.




    Here’s the link and I hope every Canadian reader will add his or her name…



    …in order that justice may be done, and seen to be done!


    Just to give you a taste of Ezra’s effective case of why this mendacity should not be allowed to go unpunished, I offer a few more quotes.

    …11-year-olds do what they’re told — this surely wasn’t her ideaShe was surely put up to it by her lying, hoaxing mother, who also spoke at the press conference, wearing a full, face-obscuring niqab…

    Gambar terkait

    Public mischief

    • 140 (1) Every one commits public mischief who, with intent to mislead, causes a peace officer to enter on or continue an investigation by

    • (c) reporting that an offence has been committed when it has not been committed.


    The girl’s niqab-wearing mother, Saima Samad, told police that an assault had been committed, when it had not. She misleads the world, she misled the media and politicians, and the school board. That’s corrupt, that’s unethical, that’s lying. But it’s not illegal.

    What is illegal is lying to the police to get them to start an investigation.

    Saima Samad has to be investigated for this hoax. She has to be.


    Good work, Ezra!


    • Marty Nagel 01:00 on January 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I signed it. A bunch of people I know who never talk politics are signing too. because they say same as I do, we dont need lying sh-t like them in Canada.
      We got enough like Justin Turd already


    • Mike K 17:00 on January 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Boy, if that baghead woman dont p-ss me off, leering through that slit at us while she’s lying her ugly (must be ugly, hiding behind that rag) head off.
      The cops should run her in but they wont.
      Not in Toronto anyhow. Too PC and we have all seen how they operate.
      I will sign the petition though, because we must never give up.


  • ross1948 00:01 on December 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dick Off, Cressida! London Top Cop Threatens Whistle-Blowers 

    A rare day, in the Ulster/Scots sense, meaning fine, not unusual, with hot sunshine Jakarta outdoors…



    …but rare too in that I applaud The Independent, for its focus on the porn scandal which May’s right (left!)-hand man, Damian Green, is stoutly denying.

    He is also under investigation by the Cabinet Office over disputed claims that he behaved inappropriately towards a young Tory activist.


    Europhiliac Green


    But denials or not, why is Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick getting so hot and bothered at the retired senior officers who dragged the story out of the shadows and into the daylight?


    Hasil gambar untuk cressida dick

    Former police officers who leaked Damian Green pornography allegations could face prosecution, says Cressida Dick



    Shooting the messenger as a policy is generally understood to be both unfair and unwise.

    For my part, although I have absolutely no time for Green, who represents all that’s ideologically rotten about the Tory Party…

    With Reckless Abandon, UKIP Breaks the Silence of the Sacrificial Lambs! 

    …I’m willing to wait for the facts to be made clear and any prosecutions deemed suitable to be launched. But that would never have been likely to happen without these old cops.

    Crabby Cressida should try collaring some of the politically-motivated police elsewhere in the UK.

    Poor Syrian Refugees!’ UK Police Cover-Up Exposed? 

    British Bobbies? Not in West Midlands – Fire The Filth! 

    Wiltshire’s Wallies – Ill-Educated UK Cops Menace Tweeters 

    • Darren S 18:11 on December 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So clean cops get threats of prosecution.
      Why wont Dead-Eye Dick concentrate on dirty cops?
      Why so keen to keep evidence of politicians accused of being dirty old men under wraps?


  • ross1948 03:47 on November 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Marine Risks PRISON For Anti-Rape-Gang Tweets! 

    So the French National Assembly stripped National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen of her parliamentary immunity on Wednesday?




    Because she tweeted pictures depicting violent acts by the Islamic State.   Marine Le Pen stripped of immunity over ISIS images

    This is outrageous!

    Marine had already been victimised by the Strasbourg Spongers, aka the ‘European Parliament,’ which is just as keen on seeing her hauled into court for making sure people knew the depths of the ISIS rape-gang’s depravity…


    …-as she herself puts it, “the horrible reality of their crimes.”

    Now her own country’s parliament has joined this shameful witch-hunt.


    Everybody knows that jihadists are satanic swine, or should know, and the more reminders are out there on the internet, the better.



    Social media should never censor truthful representations which usefully inform people about evil in our midst.

    I feel a personal sympathy with Marine, having been banned for Facebook for posting an image of the Cikeusik Pogrom, and I do so again today…



    Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!

    …here on my blog, which is not subject to geekstapo censorship.



    But it seems that for all their bluster about being tough on Islamist terrorism, both Juncker’s comrades and Macron’s marionettes in Paris are, for whatever reason. determined to cover up atrocities, using a ludicrous law to suppress factual photographs.

    Vive Marine!


  • ross1948 12:12 on December 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Queen’s Speech – No Mention of Pardons For Her Troops? 

    Two retired soldiers have become the first members of the military to be charged with murder…they are being prosecuted over the killing of Official IRA commander John McCann, who was shot dead in central Belfast in 1972…  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/dec/16/two-british-soldiers-charged-over-ira-leader-murder-1972-joe-mccann

    Such a pleasant sunny day here, with Christmas only just gone, but when I read that, it felt like a black cloud, the rage that flooded forth.

    Only 24 hours ago, I listened to Her Majesty The Queen’s annual speech…




    …but that was before I caught up with the news from Ulster. 

    Only a week after foul terrorism claimed the lives of innocents in Berlin, we have the rotten British establishment going after good British soldiers for taking out a terrorist swine engaged in treason.

    It’s not as if this McCann was mistaken for a member of the IRA murder-gang. He’s STILL openly ‘honoured’ by his own kind for his role in the terror war against the Ulster Brits’ right to self-determination.

    Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.


    Something of an understatement, surely, when the report says that  charging the pair 42 years after McCann’s death will provoke controversy over the retrospective prosecution of members of the security forces over killings related to the Troubles.

    And listen to how the legal regime’s flunkeys describe the terrorist-   “The two defendants in the case are surviving members of the army patrol which shot Mr McCann.

    Mr. McCann?   –Do we talk about Charles Manson as MR. Manson, or the mass-murdering Al Qaeda psychopath as MR. Bin Laden?

    Hasil gambar untuk John McCann starry plough Belfast

    Photographed amid flames in Eliza Street, holding an M1 carbine rifle beside the Starry Plough – Terrorist McCann in action..


    The Official IRA leader was a republican legend even before his killing…

    So no question of innocence!

    The shooting was a public service, and a few medals, not persecution, would be appropriate recognition  for their action.


    shoot terrs


    How proud we’d all have been of The Queen, had she used her Christmas broadcast to announce that she’ll be issuing preemptive pardons, not just for these two men being victimised by a craven establishment…




    …but for ALL members of her armed services who took part in the war on republican evil in Ulster.

    Because they’re ALL at risk in this witch-hunt.

    …police officers would be reinvestigating all 302 killings carried out by British troops…at least 500 ex-servicemen, many now in their 60s and 70s, would be “viewed as suspects” during the process.

     Two British soldiers to be charged over IRA leader’s 1972 murder |

    God damn the swine who authorised this.

    They disgrace the realm.

    • Britannia sad

    They should be dismissed, with loss of all pension rights. And they should be named and shamed.


  • ross1948 10:40 on May 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jokowi On Blasphemy Charge? Java Rhythm ‘Enflames’ Fanatics! 


    President Jokowi has quite lot to contend with these days, both home and abroad, and even gets criticism from our blog from time to time.

    But a new clamour has arisen, from that ever-ready source of intolerance, the IslamoNazi FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’

    They want him PROSECUTED for blasphemy!


    They’ve got their white-shirt knickers in a twist because last week’s State Palace celebration of the Islamic Ascension included Koranic readings in which the verses were recited with rhythms associated with Indonesia, rather than with Arabia.

    Given that the State Palace is located in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, a naive observer might see nothing amiss with this.

    Indeed, many observers, not at all naive, might raise a cheer, because it tends to be that minority of Muslims who pay much too much attention to backward Arab thnking who cause offence and disturbance.

    The more Indonesianised any Islamic activities become, surely the better for all concerned.


    gus dur fasting

    ‘We Muslims should fast with respect for those not fasting.’


    The late President Gud Dur was a fine example of how to apply Islamic standards in a Javanese (i.e.tolerant and civilised) manner. 

    Among those whose response suggests approval are that refreshing fellow, Lukman, about whom it would be uncharitable to say that he’s the best Minister of Religious Affairs since Suryadharma Ali.

    Truth to tell, my cat would have been an improvement  on Ali.


    In fact, Lukman is an admirable man, who seems to be a person of genuine good character and goodwill to all men.

    Anyway, Lukman defended the use of Javanese rhythms at the palace, despite many who say such a manner of recitation is forbidden.

    “The purpose of reading the Koran with Java style is to keep and maintain the tradition of the archipelago in spreading the teachings of Islam in this country,” said Lukman on his personal Twitter account.


    • ……………

    Today, how many Indonesians can afford to study Arabic in school, even supposing they can afford to go to school at all?

    Of couse, there are pesantren, the so-called ‘Islamic boarding schools,’ but while I’m prepared to concede that some of those are run by good people, a lot are NOT! Many are at best described as obscurantist!

    Lukman Slams Pesantren Fanatics – Can One Brave Man Slay The Hydra? 

    Others are much worse than that!


    But Indonesia has a way to go before that kind of progress is conceivable. Having prayers in Bahasa Indonesia? Or Bahasa Jawa or Bahasa Sunda? Read about the police investigation into Muhammad Yusman Roy for conducting Islamic ritual prayers (shalat) in two languages, Arabic and Indonesian.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2005/08/12/mui-fatwa-negates-freedom-religion-human-rights.html


    Let’s just be glad for now that the Javanese rhythm is getting support.

    But not from some geezer called Saiful Islam Mubarak, who runs – yes, you guessed! – the Pesantren Tinggi Maqdis.



    He reckons this step challenges the character of the Koran. 

    Lukman’s response is mild.

    “That’s understandable because this is something new and gives rise to diverse views…This is purely my own proposal… something positive with positive goals…,” said Lukman.

    BUT there’s no show without Punch!

    Lukman’s opinion enflamed the FPI!


    • habib-fpi-rizieq Rizieq
    • ————————————
    • Their frantic fanatic fuhrer, Habib Rizieq, modestly demanded that “the President and the Minister repent and ask forgiveness before God, and apologize to all Muslims.

    ALL Muslims?

    Since when did this outlandish gang-leader speak for ALL Muslims?

    Jokowi’s a Muslim, Lukman’s a Muslim, and Lukman consulted various ulama (‘scholars’) prior to the recital.  

    But Rizieq’s having none of that archaic (and Javanese-style!) rubbish about respecting other’s views.

    “If not, they must be processed with the blasphemy law and ousted from office because of insulting the Koran. Legally, insulting the Koran is apostasy. An apostate cannot lead Muslims!” 



    apocalypse-30 The end of the world…

    No more comment required!

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