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    Just Outa Jail, Now It’s DEATH Threats? 

    Remember this fellow, with the unusual name (for an Indonesian!) whom we have discussed before?.

     “Unjust people, I will look for you one by one. I will kill you, no matter how many you are, for betraying Habib Rizieq, I will kill and I will destroy.. “



    Rizieq the Fanatic

    ..I will kill them one by one.”

    And if, like any sane person of any creed, you are appalled…

    …well, his audience was not!

     “Allahu Akbar,” cheered the participants, in a mosque for a ‘Prophet’s Birthday’ celebration, in Bekasi, just across the Jakarta city limits.

    Needless to say, this video has received much attention

    Smith the Fanatic’s lawyer has said his client’s fury dates from when his hero Rizieq returned from exile – self-exile, accurately- in Saudi Arabia…

    Rizieq the Fanatic


    …as if that excuses the blood-curdling rant.

    Most decent Indonesians probably take the view of Ruhut Sitimpul, a politician from the moderate PDIP party.

    Don’t feel that because you are already a prison alumnus you are a champion!”


    PS –

    It seems the video also featured an admiring Sobri Lubis.

    Remember HIM?

    Just watch the video-


    – which shows him issuing his call for his devout audience to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh (KILL KILL KILL!) Ahmadis, a peaceful, utterly inoffensive religious minority


    They seem to sing from the same song-sheet!

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    Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic! 

    After our report on the return of Rizieq…

    The Fanatic Returns! Indonesian “Scholar” Offers Warm Welcome!


    • FPI ‘grand imam, Habib Rizieq, who condemned Jakarta’s then-Governor Ahok for unacceptably quoting some Koranic verse –.
    • We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq
    •  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/ 
    • ……

    ….we will have to be careful about which fanatic we’re referring to, because there are quite a few of them in Indonesia!

    At the airport to meet the ‘Grand Imam,’ a number of these fanatics were assembled, and it’s worth mentioning their names, as they may not be familiar to our newer readers.

    Munarman, for one, deserves mention…

    ….he who infamously called for people to “hunt down ‘liberals’ in their neighborhoods, to beat on their doors and expel them.”Jakarta Globe 15/3/12 

    • ——
    • …invited onto TVOne to discuss FPI’s hoodlum behaviour, Munarman lost the argument and then totally lost his infantile temper, hurling a glassful of water over the mild-mannered academic who’d bested him.
    • ……

    ….as does Sobri Lubis…

    Remember him?

    …or more precisely, his infamous rant?

     Just watch the video-


    – which shows him issuing his monstrous call for his devout audience to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh’ (KILL KILL KILL!) Ahmadis, a peaceful, utterly inoffensive religious minority.


    But one not so familiar has been making a name for himself, as we report below!


    Reuni 212, Habib Hanif Ajak Kibarkan Jutaan Bendera Tauhid dan Merah Putih

    Habib Muhammad Hanif Al-Athos

     “Never mind, I don’t care. The virtual world says the young person was a  terrorist, I don’t care what they say, Brother….we are Muslims, the young person is a hero, Brother. Allahu akbar, that’s right,” shouted Habib Hanif.


    That link translates as ‘Habib Rizieq’s Son-in-law Says Beheader in France Is a Hero’

    His bloodthirsty message was conveyed at the PA 212 and friends’ demonstration which criticized French President Emmanuel Macron at the French Embassy, ​​Central Jakarta…

    And who the Hell is Habib Hanif, you ask in horror, wondering what sort of man could bring himself to talk in such a barbaric manner?

    He’s the son-in-law of Rizieq, that ‘grand imam’ who in fact has been talking in similarly barbaric terms.

    …”don’t blame Muslims if tomorrow the insulter’s head is found on the street..”

    Rizieq, unlike his son-in-law, has often featured in our blog, and you can look for him via that little ‘Search’ box over to the right.

    He has spent time in prison here in Indonesia…


    Indonesian Muslim leader gets jail for inciting violence | Reuters
    Oct 29, 2008 —Reuters

    ….and was in Saudi Arabia for quite a long time, though it wasn’t ‘exile’ – nobody forced him to go there. 

    Police question Habib Rizieq in Saudi Arabia https://m.republika.co.id/berita/en/national-politics/17/08/18/ouvp16414-police-question-habib-rizieq-in-saudi-arabia


    Rizieq’s son-in-law – he who hails a vile savage as a ‘hero’ – is prominent in a number of organisations, not least that sectarian band who gave themselves the grand title of ‘alumni’ – the PA 212 Alumni – whom we have mentioned more than once…

    …so he is far from insignificant.



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      Not many people outside Indonesia understand what kind of people are in charge of the FPI so you are doing something useful by telling them.
      Even new expats here (not many new now) but many of them have no idea of the FPI’s character.
      Keep it up.


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    Indonesia’s New Moral Movement? Who Yelled ‘Kill, Kill, Kill?’ 

    As a moral movement, everything we do is based on moral values and justice… to uphold honesty and public welfare,” Din said during the announcement of KAMI’s formation on Tuesday as quoted by kompas.com.

    A total of 150 national figures are part of the coalition so far…

    So since I care very much about the country I have lived in for more than two decades…



    …I took a look at who’s involved in KAMI – Koalisi Aksi Menyelamatkan Indonesia (KAMI) (Coalition for Action to Save Indonesia)

    • and you can too, using the JP link..


    ….but one name leapt out from the page.

    …including Islam Defenders Front (FPI) chairman Sobri Lubis…

    Remember him?


    …or more precisely, his infamous rant?

     Just watch the video-


    – which shows him issuing his monstrous call for his devout audience to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh (KILL KILL KILL!) Ahmadis, a peaceful, utterly inoffensive religious minority, whom our UK readers may have noticed..



    ….incitement for which Sobri Lubis was never prosecuted, BTW! Nor, as far as I know, has he even apologised!

    As for his ‘Islam Defenders Front,’ the FPI…just look!


    Note – this picture on the left was taken long before masks were decreed as a virus precaution!

    Din Syamsuddin, quoted at the top of the page, is the former head of Muhammadiyah, a ‘moderate’ Islamic mass movement here.


    Din, of Muhammadiyah


    He is well-informed, and certainly knows all about the FPI, whose Sobri Lubis he appears happy to welcome as a supporter of his moral movement…based on moral values and justice…

    Why, you may ask, are such things happening, and part of the answer must lie in the eighth ‘demand’ which the Jakarta Post helpfully lists.

    …The coalition also conveyed eight of its demands to the government:

    1. State administrators must enforce the state administration and management to be in accordance with the spirit and values of the 1945 Constitution and state ideology Pancasila.

    2. The government must seriously tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by allocating adequate budgets and directly help the poor who are economically affected.

    3. The government must overcome the economic recession for the interest of small businesses and domestic and informal workers, rather than large and foreign entrepreneurs.

    4. The government must stop chaotic and discriminatory law enforcement, eradicate “law mafias”, stop the criminalization of political opponents, arrest and severely punish looters of state assets.

    5. State administrators must stop practices of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) as well as the system and practices of oligarchy, kleptocracy, political dynasty and power abuse.

    So far so good!?

    Many Indonesians probably agree with much of the above, but…

    …a moral movement, everything we do is based on moral values and justice…

    Here’s Number Six!

    6. State administrators must not give opportunities for the rise of communism and other anti-Pancasila ideologies, including separatism; must stop the stigmatization of religious groups with issues of intolerance, radicalism and extremism that divide the society.

    The government should not bow to certain countries to enforce economic and foreign policies


    …stigmatization of religious groups with issues of intolerance, radicalism and extremism…

    Well, God forbid anyone would ‘stigmatize’ Sobri Lubis or his “Islam Defenders Front” with issues of extremism!

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      Good questions come from this but I do not hope for good answers from KAMI


    • Kezia 12:03 on August 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      My friend just sent me your blog today.
      We in Indonesia all know all about this but I am happy that you will get more people in other countries to understand about this man and this movement.
      You once wrote very many very good reports about FPI so please start to do that again.


    • Purwanti 14:27 on August 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      People forget bad words.
      Important you make them remember.
      Thanks you so much.


    • Tedi S 15:22 on August 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I am confused that Din will mix these fanatic into his movement.
      We can criticize the goverment but why be alliance with violent gangs.


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    Jokowi Faces New Fanatic Threat : ‘Civil Disobedience!’ 

    Recently I have focused much of my bloggery on the outrageous behaviour of Red China.

    The Beijing Bully Xi deserves every condemnation we here and many other voices all over the world have issued.

    In no way are such fulminations anti-Chinese, in the sense of hostility towards Chinese people, either those held in subjection by the Communists dictatorship on the mainland…

    ….or anywhere else.

    That’s self-evident!

    Our repeated expressions of solidarity with the brave young resistance in Hong Kong…

    ….and with Free China aka Taiwan…

    …and with the decent Chinese-ethnic Canadians and Australians…

    If Chinese Folks Come To Free Countries To Seek Freedom, WELCOME! Otherwise…? 


    Image result for pro-beijing sydney

    Communist vermin in Australia, confronting decent Chinese, just as happened in Canada!

    “This is Canada! Go back to China!”

    …make it plain we are NOT blaming Chinese people for the evil done by Chinese Communist despots.

    If, on the other hand, we, or anyone else, began ranting how nobody should be..


    “…opening the door to foreign workers, especially  Chinese…”


    …then we would be seen, rightly, as pandering to prejudice against Chinese people per se.

    That quote above comes from a collection of Indonesian Islamist fanatics, who have issued a declaration, in response to the detention of a notorious extremist, which would be laughable were it not, during the virus crisis…


    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    …so menacing.

     “We urge that the parties and officials who are carrying out an anti-Islam agenda immediately return the status of Habib Bahar bin Smith to the original condition of assimilation status…” 

    Asimilasi here refers to the prisoner virus amnesty.

    Skip the absurd accusation that the Muslim President Jokowi…



    …his overwhelmingly Muslim cabinet, and the more or less entirely Muslim high command of the security forces are even remotely contemplating an ‘Anti-Islam agenda!

    Skip too the notion that there are loads of ‘Foreign Workers’ (Chinese or otherwise) pouring into Jakarta.

    Smith, with fans

    We have noted that fanatic H bin Smith already…  

    Virus Amnesty – Indonesian Fanatic Released! 

    …and been appalled by the threat of a disorderly demo…

    Indonesia’s Islamists Threaten Mob Mayhem! 

    …but now the extremists are upping the ante, not just a one-off outburst of mayhem, but wholesale obstruction of the already shaky anti-virus effort.

    If these demands are not met, they invite all Muslims to undertake civil disobedience to the entire government


    The declaration of disruptive intent is reportedly published by a variety of individuals and outfits, the link above mentioning both the FPI and the MUI.

    The latter is the state-sponsored official council of ‘scholars…’

    and there are no doubt wayward members thereof…

    Islamist ‘Scholar’ in Racist Rant -“Ahok Anggap Jakarta Ini Sebuah Kota di Cina…” 

    We’re Not Racist, Just Bigots – So…About That ‘Chinese City?’ 

    …as we have recorded when we wrote often on that organisation.

    But it would be surprising, alarming, if the MUI as a body sided with the jailed fanatic against the government.

    However, the FPI is a different matter.



    The self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’ is not shy about espousing violence against other ethnic or religious groups, as can be seen from that photo.

    And when we read that the ‘declaration’ has the name of FPI’s Sobri Lubis appended thereto…



    …we need to recall his infamous rant. Just watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –which shows him issuing his monstrous call for his rabble audience to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh (KILL KILL KILL!) innocent Ahmadis.

    ….incitement for which he was never prosecuted, BTW!

    And when we note also that the PA 212 is involved, whose extremely short ‘Long March’ we wrote about a few days ago…

    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/14/thousands-hard-liners-march-against-ahok.htm

    Beware! Very Short Fanatic ‘Long March,’ Jakarta, This Friday! 

    Time for the good people of Jakarta to reach for their safety belts!

    • Kezia 15:52 on May 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Many big malls will open next week.
      If the lockdown stops like we hear it will, what can they march against?


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    Nothing to Do This Jakarta Sunday? Karnaval! 

    I am not in the habit of offering my Indonesian readers a fun day out with fanatical Islamists, but having seen this huge billboard at Slipi last week, it seemed churlish not to share with you the opportunity to savour the delights of a ‘Karnaval!’

    ——.Hasil gambar untuk fpi spanduk 2018 slipi


    I was crossing the footbridge at the Halte Busway at Slipi Pertamburan, when I spotted the huge ad, so I paused my stately stride to study the smiling faces, several of whom I recognised, not least that of the ‘Grand Imam’ of the FPI, the ‘Islam Defender Front,’ Habib Rizieq, whom we have featured so many times in our writings…

    • ===
    • ==
    •  Habib Rizieq, who famously suggested the Christian Governor Ahok be slain for unacceptably quoting some Koranic verse –.“We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq. 
    •  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/ 
    • 000000000000000000000

    …and there too, second from the left, was his longtime henchman, Sobri Lubis…



    Sobri Lubis, infamous for his exhortation to a mob of rabid savages to ‘kill, kill, kill’ the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority. See him on the video!


    …another figure well-known to our readers.

    Who could resist a chance to see these luminaries up close?

    But it’s the ‘Karnaval’ that tickled my fancy.

    Image result for carnival



    Halfway down the list of attractions, you can see it…

    ‘Karnaval Laskar Pembela Islam.’

    That’s the ‘Islam Defence FIGHTERS,’ who are presumably even more militant than the rest of the FPI…


    ….and we know how militant most of them are!



    So if you have nowt better to do tomorrow, off you go and see what constitutes a ‘carnival’ for such people!

    No need to be scared by their ‘militancy.’

    fpi skulk in mosque

    IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

    But if you are female, remember your place!

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    • Jim In Jakarta 11:20 on August 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Very low key by your standards, Ross, but you make the point clearly enough.
      I think we all need to kee p a low profile in this new Indonesia we are watching develop.


    • Kezia 14:10 on August 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I think I wll not go there because the FPI think we as women are limited and do not like us as equal people.
      There are many better fun things to do on Sunday, like sleeping late and eating nice brunches.


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    Bravo, Borneo – Cops Order ‘Kill-Kill’ Cleric, ‘Get Outa Here!’ 

    A little fatigued this morning, after two good nights out in a row, but I am buoyed by black coffee..


    …AND by exhilirating news from that huge island known to English-speakers as Borneo, where armed security forces blocked the intrusion of infamous hate-preacher Sobri Lubis into West Kalimantan Province.


    Sobri Lubis told he’s not welcome – now watch and listen – this video was made a few years ago, when he shrieked his monstrous call for a jihadist mob to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh’ (KILL KILL KILL!)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  – 


    Lubis arrived with another Islamist fanatic, Bachtiar Nasir, Chairman of the National Movement for the Defense of the Indonesian Ulema Council (GNPF-MUI)…


    Gambar terkait

    Bachtiar belly-aching beside Islamist flag in Jakarta


    ….that’s the bunch who have orchestrated the fanatic campaign against Jakarta’s Christian Governor Ahok over the bizarre ‘blasphemy’ allegations.

    Kalimantan has lots of very sensible people. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from them.

    Bravo Dayaks – Mass Airport Rally to Block IslamoNazis 

    ..and this ..

    Lubis, of the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders’ Front,’ (FPI) has long been notorious throughout Indonesia, since his revolting harangue before a mob of savages…


    Hasil gambar untuk sobri kalimantan


    …when he screamed at them to ‘KILL, KILL, KILL’ members of the Ahmadi religious minority.  No charges were ever brought against him for this blatant incitement to murder innocent people.

    So it was incredibly refreshing to see him forced to turn tail and scuttle back to Jakarta, after he and his equally intolerant companion were confronted by ‘hundreds’ of police and army personnel at the local Supadio airport.

    The deployment of so many was required because not only were there two nasties flying in but a large IslamoNazi mob were organising a convoy towards Supadio to welcome them. That rabble too was successfully prevented from any such sectarian display.

    In a related issue of Pojoksatu, we learn that the bigots (I won’t use the word in the original report – ‘scholars!’) had planned their trip to to join in the inauguration of a new FPI branch.

    But I give pride of place to this one sentence –

    Finally Ustaz Sobri Lubis and his entourage were forced to leave the airport and fly back to Jakarta at 20:02 pm

    http://pojoksatu.id/news/berita-nasional/2017/05/06/mencekam-ketua-umum-fpi-dihadang-di-bandara-supadio-lihat-videonya/ .

    What a joy, to see how responsible law enforcement can make a difference!

    And what a difference between the police in West Kalimantan, who recognise sectarian menace when they see it, and Indonesia’s National Police Chief, Tito Karnavian, the man entrusted with nationwide prevention of malignant thuggery.

    “… I have long talked with FPI friends  and had many conversations with their high imam (Rizieq).” said Karnavian….

    —-Oh, yes, THAT Rizieq…

    Rizieq, with his rabid hero, Ba’asyir, who’s currently doing time for terror-links


    Habib Rizieq, FPI ‘high imam’ who thinks our nice Jakarta Governor deserves to be KILLED for quoting a Koranic verse?

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/


    “He was very tolerant actually… FPI is an Islamic organization so very tolerant of other religions,” he added. Video Viral, Tito Karnavian: FPI Ormas Islam yang Sangat Toleran

    It was so depressing when we read those words of his, regarding the notorious vigilante gang as a –


    Hasil gambar untuk tito karnavian

    National Police Chief Tito Karnavian


    Many of you won’t have the Indonesian language skills to follow what the country’s senior policeman says on the video, so here are a few more – 

    Tito Karnavian declared that FPI is a community organization that is tolerant.

    According to Tito, their activities like that he attended will get rid of the ugly stigma of the FPI as “radical and militant synonymous with violence and intolerance.”

    Karnavian added that this stigma is maybe applied as a label by the mass media and then influences the public….

    Yeah, right.



    Indonesia’s Top Cop Calls IslamoNazi Gang ‘Very Tolerant!’ 

    Look back at our January post in which we first covered Tito’s comments and be reminded of the true nature of the FPI.


    http://pojoksatu.id/news/berita-nasional/2017/05/06/mencekam-ketua-umum-fpi-dihadang-di-bandara-supadio-lihat-videonya/ .

     uas II.



    • Kezia 13:34 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish all our provinces could be so wise.


    • Santi 18:05 on May 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, the Kalimantan police do well against the FPI .
      Today I pray Pak Tito will wake up and tell all police to make Indonesia clean again.


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    Indonesia’s Top Cop Calls IslamoNazi Gang ‘Very Tolerant!’ 

    Today, 23rd January, and tomorrow, the 24th, are the respective anniversaries of my departure from the Old Country and my arrival here in Jakarta, a major change in my not uneventful life.




    Happy for most of the many years spent here, I have come to love Indonesia, and so news like that below saddens me – but even so, it needs to be widely reported.


    Remember these fellows!


    fpi kill busddhist


    Eager to take the lives of Myanmarese Buddhists for the ‘offence’ of being Myanmarese Buddhists?




    Violently attacking innocent food-vendors for the’offence’ of selling food to non-fasters during the fasting month?

    Remember this fellow?

    Rizieq, with his rabid hero, Ba’asyir, who’s currently doing time for terror-links


    Habib Rizieq, FPI ‘high imam’ who thinks our nice Jakarta Governor deserves to be KILLED for quoting a Koranic verse?

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/


    Well, we have often wondered why Indonesia’s Police don’t crack down on the sectarian thugs.

    But now we know!

    Indonesia’s TOP COP, General Tito Karnavian, regards this notorious vigilante gang as a


    Hasil gambar untuk tito karnavian

    National Police Chief Tito Karnavian


    This fascinating analysis of an infamous hoodlum outfit comes courtesy of Fajar.co.id.

    I add below some of their report since many of you won’t have the Indonesian language skills to follow what the country’s senior policeman says on the video which has indeed become viral here.

    Tito Karnavian declared that FPI is a community organization that is tolerant.

    According to Tito, their activities like that he attended will get rid of the ugly stigma of the FPI as “radical and militant synonymous with violence and intolerance.”

    Karnavian added that this stigma is maybe applied as a label by the mass media and then influences the public….


    • fpikkkdemo-fpi-hi-foto-reuter-566-ok-500x272Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).


    There are a lot of criticisms can be made of the media here -esp the leftist English-language Jakarta Post whose parent company, Gramedia, has notoriously collaborated with the most intolerant Islamists in Indonesia.


    Other local media often display bigoted bias perhaps almost unaware of it.

    They use the grotesque word ‘tobat’ when some innocent religious dissenter knuckles under and ‘converts’ to Islam.

    Indonesian Media – Islamist Bias Still Shining Through! 

    ‘Tobat’ means ‘repent’ so the fat-head journos who use it are creating the impression among their readers that, by abandoning their beliefs, these poor folks are giving up sin!


    Air Mata Kobane? No Bleeding Heart Dirge for Kurds On TVOne

    And I’ve noted the crass anti-Israel slant in TVOne elsewhere.


    But with the FPI, the media don’t really need to write very much.

    The crude cowardly bullying, the vicious violence, their mean malignance


    ….all you need to show are photos like those above.

    Although there have been plenty of factual accounts which you may easily locate by checking out the quotes in our hundreds of posts on the IslamoNazis.

    Just put FPI in our search box over to the right.


    But first let’s continue to listen to the man entrusted with nationwide prevention of malignant thuggery.

    “But in reality, I understand, because I have long talked with FPI friends  and had many conversations with their high imam (Rizieq).” said Karnavian….




    “He was very tolerant actually… FPI is an Islamic organization so very tolerant of other religions, “he added.

    Video Viral, Tito Karnavian: FPI Ormas Islam yang Sangat Toleran

    I’ll close with that other link I like to spread around, of the leading FPI office-bearer, Sobri Lubis…



    Sobri Lubis

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –

    …issuing his monstrous call for his rabble audience to ‘Bunuh, Bunuh, Bunuh’ (KILL KILL KILL!) innocent members of the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority.

    And leave it to you to ponder how foul a sectarian gang would have to be before Police General Karnavian might consider them INTOLERANT!

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    Islamist Ordeal For Jakarta Commuters, Police Investigation For Governor! 

    The headline says it all –

    FPI Long March, Terrible Traffic Jam At Monas

    Massa FPI Longmarch, Arus Lalu Lintas Monas Macet Parah

    Exactly as we predicted…

    Besok Macet2 Lagi? IslamoNazi ‘Long March?’ Gimme A Break!

    …and as another measure of the fundamentally anti-social character of the capital’s rabid Islamists, we read also that the area in front of the City Hall was left in a foul mess because the ‘hard-liners’ (that’s how the Jakarta Post likes to describe jihadist extremists) wouldn’t take their trash home

    They evidently preferred to pollute the streets with their garbage in much the same way as they polluted the atmosphere with their hateful rants against the Christian Governor of Jakara, Ahok.



    I have often described the IslamoNazi FPI as louts, with good reason…




    …but how about litter-louts?  http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/10/14/338/1514897/demo-ahok-bubar-sampah-berserakan-di-depan-balai-kota

    To put readers more fully in the picture, all this brou-ha-ha arose after Ahok, who is up for re-election next year, made reference to a Koranic verse.

    What does the verse say? Let’s be fair and allow the state-sponsored MUI (‘Indonesian Council of Scholars’) to tell us. 

    The MUI said that the aforementioned verse explicitly told Muslims not to take Jews or Christians as their allies or leaders.

    • MUI-Indonesia

    • The council believes that Ahok had insulted both the Quran and ulemas when he urged the Thousand Island residents not to be deceived by people using the verse to deter them from choosing a non-Muslim leader in the upcoming regional elections.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/12/mui-accuses-ahok-of-religious-defamation.html

    • Ahok reportedly told people in Thousand Island regency not to be “deceived” by those who try to tackle him by citing Quranic verse Surah al-Maidah: 51.

    • But note how the accusation from these fanatic ‘scholars’ doesn’t merely include the insult to the Koran but also to ‘ulemas’ – which means ‘scholars’ – i.e. their own kind!

    • ————-

    • These people have no small opinion of themselves, though given their record of outlandish assertions, I can’t imagine why!! 


    • ma'arruf amin  Ma’aruf

    • ———-

    It was MUI’s Deputy Chair Ma’aruf, who kindly advised everyone that FGM is a ‘human right!’  


    And here’s another of their ‘scholars’ talking. 


    Syamsul Maarif,  General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta

    “If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.


    Who on EARTH would feel any urge to insult such wise men as those ‘scholars?’

    Or  indeed Friday’s marchers! 

    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, 

    “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”

    “Indonesia is a country based on the rule of law. We want the state to show presence in this case, because the law has regulations on this [religious defamation],” Ja’far Shodiq, vice secretary general of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), said at Istiqlal Mosque on Friday. 

    Ja’far asked the protesters to carry out “peace action”. He also reminded the demonstrators to not be racist.

    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/10/14/thousands-hard-liners-march-against-ahok.htmlthat they should not e  

    Oh Yeah? The FPI disapproves of racist marchers?

    Next they’ll be telling us they don’t approve of sectarian incitement by their marching men.

    fpi kill busddhist

    Like these?

    ‘We want to kill Myanmar’s Buddhists?’

    Well, that’s hardly racist or sectarian, is it?

    Any more than –

    “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!” and “Kafir!”


    A lot of shocking headlines around town these days.

    But maybe none more than this.

    Police promise to immediately investigate Ahok

    That’s also from the Jakarta Post. And today we read that the cops are doing just that,

    While the investigators are waiting for the National Police’s analysis of the video recording of Ahok’s speech, they also seek explanations from experts about the speech – general crime director Brig. Gen. Agus Andrianto.


    I guess that UK offence, ‘wasting police time’ is not on the statute book here. 

    But while we’re on the subject of police action, may we ask, since we know there were hundreds of police on duty at the extremely short ‘Long March,’ how many of the bigots who yelled ‘Burn Ahok‘ were arrested for incitement?


    alubis FPI’s Sobri Lubis

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –

    Or will their repulsive ululations go unpunished, as was the FPI’s Sobri Lubis after he told a rabid rabble to ‘KILL, KILL, KILL‘ innocent members of the Ahmadiyah minority.

    • Frans 23:22 on October 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The haters must be arrested just the same like you say. The Police better not to waste time to bother Ahok when so many bad jihadi on the street yelling to burn him.


  • ross1948 14:35 on August 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , eva kusuma sundari, , , , , , , , , Sobri Lubis, , temples desecrated, vihara   

    Tanjung Balai ‘Congregants’ Promote Islamophobia! 

    I got back after a pleasant morning walkabout in the sun yesterday, then opted to sit out front and soak up some more of those lovely solar rays.

    But a glance at the Jakarta Post’s coverage of the mayhem in Tanjung Balai ( I covered the incident a few days ago  –Tanjung Balai’s Burning Temples – A History of Bigotry!  ) made me pause, struck by the odd phraseology.

    As reported, a pack of pig-ignorant savages from a local mosque ran amok and desecrated various Buddhist houses of worship.


    • Savages-poster
    • ———————
    • No fatalities,’says the JP .
    • One is tempted to speculate whether, had the cops used their guns on the rabble, Indonesia might be more wholesome today.

    But the damage done by arson and the mob’s other wanton wickednesses resulted in billions of rupiah in losses. 


    It seems some poor woman was driven to distraction by the cacaphonous din from that mosque and went to complain, as she had every right to do.  

    But it can be dodgy speaking up against the way some mosques disrespect their neighbours. 

    Aceh – Muslim Seeks Quieter Mosques, Bullied Into Silence, after ‘Death Threats!’ 

    Mosque-din’s an all too common problem here, not least because local government lacks the guts to fulfil its legal obligations, do its duty and deal with miscreants.     https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/mosques-above-the-law-too-sensitive-to-enforce-noise-control-and-criticism-an-outrage/.

    jusuf-kalla4 VP Kalla


    Even Vice-President Kalla, a serious Muslim, has spoken up.

    Turn It Down! Ex VP Urges Volume Control for Noisy Indonesian Mosques 

    So I tend to suspect poor Melania’s Friday night visit was met with an arrogant refusal to cut the cacaphony, because next thing, as the JP has it, the mosque’s congregation members visited her house following her complaint.


    That conjures up an image of families in Sunday-best, shaking hands with the preacher as they leave, pondering the message in the sermon, going home to dwell on the goodness of God.

    Different story in Tanjung Balai.

    The pig-ignoramuses ended up  forcing Tanjung Balai Police officers to safeguard Meliana and her husband at the police station. Angry mobs continued to flock to Meliana’s house, however. Some had even attempted to burn down the house…

    What a pack of anti-social undesirable swine!

    That’s how normal people would describe them. Instead, the JP uses these bizarre words –

    People who had been seized by emotion…


    Tantrum brats, regardless of age, I’d say. 

    .. “The mob attempted to set ablaze the vihara but the police managed to prevent them. They could only pelt the house of worship with projectiles, damaging it. This was the start of the anarchic acts.

    The sectarian scum damaged and burned down several vihara and Chinese temples or pagoda….




    Who is it that’s to blame for ‘Islamophobia?’

    Trump? Wilders?


    It’s vile, blasphemous brutes, like those who destroyed prayer equipment, Buddha statues, tables, chairs, lamps, and several cars and motorbikes.

    If  decreasing ‘Islamophobia’ is a desirable goal, those French Muslims have set a good example by refusing burial to that ISIS plague-dog.


    And whoever runs the mosques in Tanjung Balai should follow that example, by making it clear that none of those sacrilegious curs who ran riot will be allowed to set foot on mosque premises ever again.

    They have tainted the reputation of their faith.


    But let’s not imagine only sectarian motives were involved.

    There was base theft too!

    Seven people were taken into custody for allegedly plundering the houses of worship when the attacks occurred.

    Nothing wrong with such creatures that a firing squad wouldn’t fix.

    Trouble is, deliberate promotion of sectarian hatred can be publicly flaunted with impunity here.

    fpi kill busddhist

    You may recall those IslamoNazi FPI louts strutting through Jakarta with their hate-banner. No arrests.

    And there’s also the infamous example of Lubis, a leader of that same FPI…



    •  FPI’s Sobri Lubis who shrilled ‘Kill, kill,kill!’

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4  –

    … whose ferocious call to ‘kill, kill, kill‘ members of the Ahmadiyah minority was ignored by the authorities here.

    Mind you, incitement pales into insignificance compared to actual blood-letting, which occurred at Cikeusik…



    Filthy Islamist cowards at Cikeusik



    ….when three innocent Ahmadis were brutally martyred by squalid Islamist thugs.

    To this day, despite video evidence of the whole horrible event, nobody has been charged with murder. 

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 

     Watch that video..

    Good to see that some eminent Indonesian MPs, notably Eva Kusuma Sundari, are urging proper investigation, and that the police ate pursuing evil-doers.

    • Eva-Kusuma-Sundari1



    But better still if President Jokowi were to order a re-opening of the Ciikeusik case, getting his new Police Chief to go out and detain the cowards still skulking up there in Banten Province, and drag them to justice.

    It’s not only drug traffickers who should be facing death sentences.

    • And all those found guilty of participation in the Tanjung Balai outrage this past weekend should get YEARS behind bars. 


    • Jan DeVeer 20:22 on August 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What you say is badly needing to be said, but by the so-called ‘moderate Muslims’ who have been letting Islamist thugs wander through Indonesian cities and villages bullying, assaulting and as you rightly remind us all, even bloody murdering innocent people.
      The people who wrecked the temples in Tanjung Balai should be locked up and not allowed out again until the billions in damages have been paid.off.


  • ross1948 21:41 on February 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anak Macan, , drunk-drivers, , , , , , , , , , , , Sobri Lubis, Tiger Cubs   

    Kali Jodo – Think Again, Ahok! Why Delight IslamoNazis? 

    I’ve posted on Kali Jodo before, more than once. 



    Aduh! Adieu Kali Jodo

    It’s a relatively short stretch of waterside road in Northwest Jakarta, which – as you can see from the night-time photo – is visually impressive.

    From a distance! At night! By day, not so impressive, but it has potential, and has always struck me as slightly reminiscent of the promenade in Nice!.

    Its demise has been declared imminent for more than a year, so nice to know it’s still there. But maybe not for long, and this acceleration towards destruction has been ‘justified’ in a most illogical manner.



    Kali Jodo,Northwest Jakarta

    Hasil gambar untuk promenade nice france night

    Nice, South of France


    According to Rancah Post, Jakarta’s Governor Ahok has chosen to use a fatal accident on nearby Daan Mogot, a main road down which I passed only yesterday, as his excuse to speed up plans to ‘crack down.’


    ahok Ahok


    The driver is said to have been ‘downing beers in Kali Jodo.

    That may be true, but are the bars, never mind the entertainment areas, where someone has consumed too many drinks, instantly targetted for total devastation, every time a drunk causes a fat-acc?



    Were that so, there’d be precious few taverns in the town, any town anywhere.

    Ahok is usually a cornucopia of common sense, a good governor, but this time I can’t go along with his reasoning. Alas, Kali Jodo’s reputation as an area of ​​gambling and prostitution means that few folk will spring to its defence.  
    The report describes the small area as having at least 60 buildings used as a karaoke home to about 15 to 20 prostitutes in each of the cafes.

    Again, to declare war on bars that have 15 to 20 hookers hanging about would logically mean shutting down quite a lot of the five-star hotels in Jakarta. 


    I once took a girl-friend to a very posh hotel to celebrate my birthday. We got there at around 7pm, ordered a couple of very expensive drinks in an almost empty bar, and were mildly amazed when, shortly after 8pm, it was suddenly inundated by about a hundred kupu2 malam – night butterflies, as the euphemism here goes!




    The thing is, those ladies were hoping to cater to rich people, affluent tourists or local businessmen. Kalijodo’s little watering-holes are patronised by humble folk, off-duty ojeks, the motor-bike-cabbies, or equally off-duty satpams, the ubiquitous security guards, working men for whom the prices are kept sane, a bottle of Bintang costing not mucn more than you pay in a supermarket.

    Knock those little cafes down, you’ll not stop prostitution, just shift it, and you’ll deprive the poorest section of Jakarta’s working population of bars they can afford to drink in. And there aren’t very many of those.

    Among the many who will not speak up for the putative dispossessed are Jakarta’s IslamoNazis, the FPI (Islamic Defenders Front)

    Far from it!

     …according to Chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front, Ahmad Shobri Lubis. “As community members we are ready to support the government. As long it’s for a good cause, we have no problem if asked to help the police and the military.”


    alubis Lubis


    ITMA again!

    Lubis’ idea of a good cause was exemplified when he exhorted a rabid pack of primitive fanatics to ‘kill, kill, kill’ members of the peaceful Ahmadiyah minority. Watch the brute’s hate-rant here- . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4

    And the brutal Lubis’s gangster group have made violent threats against Kali Jodo in the past. 

    Jakarta’s IslamoNazis Threaten More Thuggery 

     However, back to the report. 

    But it seems the effort to police Kalijodo will not run smoothly – thugs and the people in the vicinity are rumored to be against Ahok’s plan to curb the place.

    Funny that the report only uses the word thugs once they have already finished covering the FPI aspect.



    Thugs perfectly sums up the FPI!

    But let not the IslamoNazis get away with telling the media they are motivated by ‘good causes.’

    There’s at least some element of revenge in there too. The report offers insight into why they won’t try one of their all-too-frequent amok-runs against fellow-citizens…

    IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck

    FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’ 

    …not without a powerful police escort.  

    According to the Commissioner Krishna Murti in his book entitled ‘Geger Kalijodo’, Kalijodo is guarded by thugs known as Tiger Cubs, whose duty is to maintain and supervise the practice of gambling and prostitution in Kalijodo.

    Chaps not to antagonise, clearly. But sit back and enjoy the next extract, which is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL!

    The toughness of this group was previously tested when they repulsed an FPI invasion… At that time, the FPI plunged headlong onto the motorway after being overwhelmed by forces armed with sharp weapons.


    fpi_noble life martyr deatht ‘FPI. Noble Life or Martyr’s Death’ – or scuttle across the road, sharpish!


    That episode deserves to be immortalised, not just in the Commissioner’s book but in a movie.

    It would be watched avidly and repeatedly in many communities across the archipelago which have been the scene of white-shirt thug depradations.


    Hasil gambar untuk tiger cubs playing

    Another report adds to the yummy yarn. 

    It didn’t stop there, according to Krishna, the  Cubs had infiltrated their men in among the FPI to monitor their movements….

    So these guys are not just muscle. According to Krishna, the Tiger Cubs have a neat organizational structure..  http://wartakota.tribunnews.com/2016/02/12/geng-anak-macan-bikin-fpi-terbirit-birit-dari-kalijodo

    Givn the FPI’s record of cowardice, notably in Sukorejo or Purwakarta, you can see why they haven’t been back to Kali Jodo, and won’t, unless they go skulking along in the shadow of a major police operation.

    • Doni from Depok. 12:13 on February 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I do not think that the prostitution may be allowed anywhere. It is always not moral and harms the society and the women too. You do not maybe care enough about that.
      I do think you are right about the hypocracy. I have been reading your blog before making this my comment and I see it was in a 5 star hotel in Jakarta where the man took the student girl.
      Yes was it the same PKS man who was giving another girl much expensive gift and said to her
      ‘Dont thank me thank Allah.’
      He insults religion.
      There is too many hypocracites about prostitution. Ahok is a governor who is doing much good for Jakarta but he must show us he will not chase prostitution from Kali Jodoh while lets them make much money in the big hotels on Jalan Sudirman. .


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